Marissa Mayer’s secret initiatives aim to get Yahoo back into homegrown search

“According to numerous sources inside Yahoo, CEO Marissa Mayer has ordered up two under-the-radar initiatives — well, not to me and now you! — that could potentially get the company back into algorithmic search as well as search advertising,” Kara Swisher reports for Re/code. “The internal code names for the efforts — which are not actually being done together, though they are in tandem — are borrowed from sports. In this case, basketball and baseball: Projects Fast Break and Curveball, respectively.”

“Sources said the plan is being done as part of a contemplation of how Yahoo can accelerate the end of — or actually end — its longterm search and advertising partnership with Microsoft. Currently, Yahoo only has control over the search experience, but Mayer clearly wants more purview over the business,” Swisher reports. “Sources said Mayer has put a priority on the projects — a three- to four-month time frame — which could eventually result in a full search engine, possibly more oriented to mobile than the desktop, where Yahoo once played big.”

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer (photo by Brigitte Lacombe)
Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer (photo by Brigitte Lacombe)
“Former CEO Carol Bartz got Yahoo out of the search technology business in 2009, in favor of the Microsoft deal that was called the Yahoo & Microsoft Search Alliance. Under the 10-year agreement, Microsoft’s Bing search engine provides the search technology on Yahoo, as well as the search-advertising technology,” Swisher reports. “That puts Yahoo in a vulnerable position in terms of controlling its destiny, and it has been an issue with Mayer for a while, who has tried various legal means to exit some of its search commitments with Microsoft.”

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  1. Mayer, sitya Satya
    on a chair,
    as ballmer left
    him no chair,
    let him signa
    new dealer to
    let you owner
    softies crown jewellers!
    Sorry guys, twas the best I could do!

      1. Dear Higo, I hope you find this other poem no good either! 🙂

        you care about chairs, enough to beware
        they aren’t chinaware but Ballmer’s software
        that works like stoneware has left the incoming forebear
        with no chair for his soft derriere!
        Like Gates in the past, Melissa should recast
        Satya like Sculley
        and get him to sign over smartly
        the algorithims to reshape sleekly
        and set Satya swiftly spryly
        on a chair that cannot be compared.

  2. No tech CEO should be above the age of 50 right now – they just don’t F)($*ing get the interactive tech. space – poor Marissa having to clean up after Carol Bartz. Who does a 10 year search engine deal and why when the space is so fluid?

  3. What puzzles me is why Apple hasn’t put the slammer to Google and done a search engine themselves, make it the default for at least mobile, then the default for desktop Safari. The only requirement would be to come up with a name that can be used as a verb, that rolls off the tongue.

  4. I like Marissa, she has balls, (okay, that was only kind of a pun)
    and that’s exactly what Yahoo needs. That, and management under 60 that understands how today’s tech customers think.

  5. Marrissa, Marrissa, on the ball,
    I hope you stay there
    And do not fall.
    Go with Apple,
    Not Micro$oft,
    You’ll fly high,
    High as the loft.
    We will help you
    Stay on the ball.
    So dear Marrissa,
    You do not fall.

    I’m done.

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