iPhone app shames user into losing weight

“If you started the new year with all good intentions to lose weight, but have started flagging, let your smartphone shame you into shedding the pounds,” Victoria Woollaston reports for The Daily Mail. iOS-only “CARROT Fit [US$$1.99] is the latest ‘sadistic’ app from Pennsylvania developer Brian Mueller designed to ‘threaten, intimidate and ridicule’ users into losing weight.”

“Users input their weight on a daily basis, and receive judgement from the ‘Carrot overlord’, yet equally, if they lose weight, Carrot will offer encouragement,” Woollaston reports. “As well as encouragement, people who lose weight will also be given rewards such as workout tips and advice.”

Woollaston reports, “According to the app description: ‘Carrot is a sadistic AI construct with one simple goal: to transform your flabby carcass into a Grade A specimen of the human race. She will do whatever it takes – including threatening, inspiring, ridiculing, and bribing you – to make this happen. You will lose weight – or else.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’re not saying this guy is using this app, but he’s certainly shed more than a few pounds this winter:


  1. You want to lose weight? Exercise, drink plenty of water, eat right, and eat less (usually far less, especially if you’re an American due to the USA’s fscked up giant portions).

    Oh right, sorry, that’s not politically correct: It’s a “condition.” Just like Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s “condition” caused a needle full of poison to randomly get stuck in his arm, those Ring Dings just fell into your mouth while you wallowed on the sofa instead of getting your fat fscking ass on the treadmill.

    1. The TruthTeller gives bad advice.
      Exercise won’t make you lose weight. It’s a myth. Exercise will burn calories but it will also make you hungry. Exercise is healthy and I recommend it but, as a weight loss tool, it has no value.

      You need to cut the carbs from your diet. It’s the only way to get your insulin levels down. Insulin blocks your body from burning fat. Insulin tells your body to store calories in fat cells.

      What’s the use of burning calories if you can’t burn those calories in your fat cells?

      1. Actually, when I power walk for my half hour lunch up and down the hill here, I find I snack less in the afternoon than when the weather is bad and I don’t go out and I sit in the office. For me exercise makes me less hungry not more right after it. And muscle does burn more calories than fat so you will speed up your weight loss if your body has more muscle on it.
        It is not a myth:

    2. No one called Phillip Seymour Hoffman a damn junkie who was better off dead. He was simply considered an innocent but tortured genius who was killed by some evil demon who gave him bad drugs.

    3. People who don’t have to lose weight, or never have lost weight, just love to tell us who have and KNOW how to do it how to do it. . . and love to tell us what we are doing wrong, without ever living in our bodies. I’ve lost 140 pounds and kept it off and it was not gained because of what you claimed, nor did I get rid of it by following your regimen. I know how to lose. . . and can show others how to safely reach their proper weight and keep it off. It has very little to do with caloric intake but a lot to do with what kind of food make up those calories. I assure you I did not put in even ten minutes on a treadmill. The simplest way to say it to just get rid of the carbohydrates from your diet. Keep carbs under 60 grams per day. . . it is possible to do and eat a heathy diet, enjoying great tasting food you make yourself, including deserts. . . and not be hungry.

        1. Have you lost weight? If not, quit telling us who have successfully done so AND KEPT IT OFF how to do it. We get tired of theoretical twaddle from people who have put people on yo yo diets.

            1. Oh, an athlete. Great. Have YOU lost 140 pounds like I have? No. You’ve lost a few pounds and feed yourself carbohydrates to drive your athletic activities. That is not the kind of major weight loss that is difficult to overcome. . . you don’t know. There IS a qualitative difference from what you are talking about. I know. Been there, done that. Lived it. I know what I am talking about.

          1. And I do believe in portion control. All my favorite foods are carbs, pasta, cereals, fruit. and its very difficult for me to cut back on those, but I have and I exercise which is key because muscle burns more calories than fat. I power walk at lunch, do some aerobic work for at least a half hour at night and most important: stop myself from going back for seconds at dinner. If it’s something I really, really, love to eat—like PASTA, I take a small 1st portion so I can go back for small seconds, so I get the mental feedback of taking seconds but the whole thing only equals what I’d have put on the first plate to begin with. am certainly not in a spot where I need to lose mega amounts of weight, but I still must lose some extra pounds for this sport and it’s not easy to lose ANYTHING if you are past 50. Progress is slow, but they say the slow progress lasts and the quick diets don’t so I’m focusing on long term results.

            1. There we can agree. But you are describing yourself as a carbohydrate addict. The human body was never intended to eat so much carbohydrates. I live on fewer than 60 grams of carbs a day and have never been healthier. My girlfriend lost 243 pounds and has kept it off for nine years, lives on fewer than 40 grams of carbs a day. . . and looks like a Hollywood star of the fifties. She was a diabetic taking 27 pills a day for various medical issues and to control the diabetes. She is now non-diabetic and has a BP of 90 over 60 with a resting pulse rate of 45 at age 55. . . and takes no medication at all. She is writing a cookbook of low carb recipes concentrating on desserts that look, taste, and have the mouth feel of their high caloric, high carb ancestors that everyone like you desires and misses on a low carb regimen. We eat these . . . But that have one tenth the carb load of a normal dessert and far fewer calories but taste the same. Her late husband was a world class pastry chef and she’s a registered nurse certified case manager, with a lot of experience in nutrition, so she knows what she’s doing.

            2. I’m sincerely happy for both of you being so focused and getting healthy whatever way works for you. I admitted I didn’t lose mega pounds. I don’t want to eat a lot of meat, and I’d rather have small portions of whole grains and occasional pasta (am 1/2 Italian, can’t help it) and do the extra work out to get rid of the carbs. I can’t imagine giving up my cereal in the morning. Though I mix 2/3 rice puffs or Special K, with 1/3 granola in a coffee mug. The coffee mug is portion control, can’t overfill it like you can a bowl. 🙂 And post the book title for us here when she’s done.

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