Apple’s iBeacon and the future of retail store shopping

“Mobile, mobile, mobile. It’s like the Marcia Brady of the retail industry,” Laura Heller reports for Forbes. “Everyone is talking about it and wants to cozy up next to its success, often at the expense of some of the more practical blocking and tackling that needs to be done in order to really capitalize on rising mobile use.”

“Practical things like making it possible to actually use our mobile phones inside stores,” Heller reports. “In this analogy, in-store connectivity is the Jan Brady to mobile’s much sexier Marcia.”

“iBeacon mobile shopping went live in early January 2014, in more than 150 U.S.Giant Eagle and Safeway supermarkets,” Heller reports. “Expect additional retailers and markets to launch soon, even as third party providers develop products on the iBeacon platform.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote back on December 7th:

Apple’s Next Big Thing™ arrived in stealth mode right under everyones’ noses.

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  1. At frist I didn’t like the idea of “tracking” me in a store. Now I like it. Put the list of items wanted, walk into a store and let the phone direct me to the spot. I hate having to walk all over a store looking for an item.

    At least, I hope this is one of the things it will do. Most of the time, when I go shopping, I don’t shop by browing to see what they have, but rather intentionally go for specific items.

  2. “The tech industry specifically, Amazon and Google GOOG +0.53% would love us all to think that shoppers are using phones in stores in big numbers,” says Donald Chesnut, chief experience officer.”

    How could there be when there is no support for smartphone usage in the stores. When was the last time you went into an Amazon or Google store?

    US Giant Eagle and Safeway have deployed iBeacon in more than 150 stores already. So let’s revisit this issue in a year.

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