Apple partner GT Advanced recruiting for Jobs at Arizona sapphire plant

“GT Advanced, Apple’s manufacturing partner for its new sapphire glass plant in Mesa, Arizona, has sent a postcard to local residents advertising for open positions at its new facility,” Jordan Golson reports for MacRumors. “A MacRumors reader who lives in Mesa sent us the postcard he received. The new facility is reported to have some 700 employees between both Apple and GT.”

“The positions are separate from the job openings that Apple posted last week and they are likely for lower-level jobs than the more supervisory Apple roles,” Golson reports. “Jobs mentioned include Manufacturing Operators and Technicians, Process Engineering Manager, Metrology Manager and more.”

Read more, and see the postcard, in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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    1. Metrology manager? In Mesa Arizona? Does the weather ever change in Mesa Arizona?
      Here is some advice before you employ anyone as the metrology manager Apple inc. Mesa Arizona,

      Mesa, AZ (85202) Weather Facts
      On average, the warmest month is July.
      The highest recorded temperature was 119°F in 1907.
      On average, the coolest month is December.
      The lowest recorded temperature was 15°F in 1950.
      The most precipitation on average occurs in March.

      Courtesy of

      But you could employ a Rain Dancer! or even a native American to that post as a nod to Arizona’s historical past! That would actually be pretty cool!

      1. It would be interesting to understand the point of such a job. For all I know, he predicts extremes in environmental temperature, air pressure and humidity in order to allow the factory respond, keeping ‘weather’ sensitive processes within their tolerances. I know that food cooking times are going to alter with air pressure. So maybe ‘cooking’ glass is also pressure sensitive? Just guessing.

  1. Highly unlikely to be used as iPhone or iPad screens due to cost and low production run not to mention that Gorilla Glass 3 is pretty resilient and cheaper to mass produce due to Corning’s speciality in glass making. Also sandwiching dielectric sensors for multitouch sensing is proven technology.

    Practical applications for sapphire glass:
    – fingerprint reader cover
    – camera cover
    – iWatch screen – smaller surface area and need for more resiliency against scratches

    Probably start with small production batches.

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