Man wearing Google Glass ejected from Ohio theater, questioned by Feds

“A moviegoer wearing Google Glass was removed from an AMC Theater in Columbus, Ohio, and questioned for an hour by federal authorities before being released after they determined he wasn’t recording ‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit,'” INFORUM reports.

“AMC responded on Tuesday, in a statement to TheWrap. ‘Movie theft is something we take very seriously, and our theater managers contact the Motion Picture Association of America anytime it’s suspected that someone may be illegally recording content on screen,’ a spokesman for the theater chain said. ‘While we’re huge fans of technology and innovation, wearing a device that has the capability to record video is not appropriate at the movie theatre. At AMC Easton 30 last weekend, a guest was questioned for possible movie theft after he was identified wearing a recording device during a film. The presence of this recording device prompted an investigation by the MPAA, which was on site. The MPAA then contacted Homeland Security, which oversees movie theft. The investigation determined the guest was not recording content.’ The interrogation went on for more than an hour, said the patron,” INFORUM reports.

“He said they gave him four free passes to another movie at AMC for his trouble. But he didn’t get an apology, and that made him mad,” INFORUM reports. “‘All he said was AMC called him, and he called the FBI. I would have been fine with ‘I’m sorry this happened, please accept our apologies.’ Four free passes just infuriated me.'”

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    1. But they rewarded him with free tickets! Sounds like they are encouraging the behavior. All anyone has to do to get free tickets these days is hold up a phone toward the screen but not really record anything.

      1. Why is the DHS in charge of copyright infringement in movie theatres [because he wasn’t arrested/questioned for trying to get into the projection room and actually steal the film, which is actual theft].

        1. I had the exact same thought! I find the appearance of DHS to be out-of-line and not something they should be concerning themselves with. If he was doing it, it is just theft and should be treated by local or, possibly, state authorities. Why is this a “national security” issue? And why does the MPAA, a non-profit organization, have so much power as to have a citizen detained by federal authorities? I find this very disturbing!

          1. The MPAA IS THE BIGGEST LOBBYING POWER IN WASHINGTON DC, THATS WHY. Senator Frank Dodd is their new rep. talk about conflict of interest. This is why MPAA got SOPA to the floor so fast and why they used NSA ON KIM DOT COM illegal raid and stealing all his assets , closing his company and the millions of personal files of customers. All without a proper warrant in New Zealand where he lives and all without a trial. THIS IS ALL OUTRAGEOUS because Homeland Security and the NSA is for combating terrorism. Thie man wearing Glass even if he was capturing the movie and Kim Dot Com a software company and storage provider likve dropbox, icloud, box etc is not terrorism. Oh yeah but they lie and perjure themselves while we give up every shred of privacy because they say its for our safety. Safe from Google Glass? see the new vice documentary about MPAA and NSA style raids.

    2. The glasses have prescription lenses. This sounds more like a case of “guilty until tediously proven innocent” to me. Jackbooted treatment and questions.

      Seriously, they had to call the Feds in? And the agents couldn’t have quietly pulled him aside after the movie?

  1. Common thread among these “Glassholes”. They see themselves as digital pioneers and freedom fighters when in fact they are Google Bots wearing the tools of privacy invasion. Then they get their diapers in a wad and outraged when they are called out for privacy invasion when they are in fact wearing tools of privacy invasion.

    1. Resistance is futile! Now that you’ve made me think on it, glassholes do look a little Borg-like. Their pioneering identity is about being on the vanguard of forfeiting identity in the not so distant future – and to the Google Collective, no less, which I don’t think really qualifies as an authentic grass roots social movement so much as a kind corporate ideological enslavement. Remember the Gargoyles in Snow Crash? If the glassholes object to being compared to the Borg, then a gargoyle is really the only other comparison warranted.

    2. Oh please. Everyone holding a cell phone could be shooting pics or video. People are far too paranoid about this, assuming everyone wearing these are shooting video/pics etc.

  2. In other news…. Man is detained for an hour and questioned, because he wore a holstered and loaded gun to a bar, in San Francisco. Later quoted, that’s so infuriating. “They didn’t say they were sorry, they just gave me a free bottle of whiskey and warned me that even with a permit to cary, it’s not appropriate to take it inside. What a-holes.”

      1. It’s not about google glass or a gun. It’s about the person. It’s a bit absurd to bring in a video camera to a movie theater in as much as it’s absurd to bring a gun into a bar. No camera’s don’t kill people. Hey don’t they say guns don’t kill people too?

        In other logic. In a police state, a camera is just as deadly as a gun. If you are spotted carrying a sign, or hanging out at the wrong place, like a church, or with the wrong people, like philosophers, you could, up and vanish without a trace. Naw cameras are nice little capture kodak moment devices, never harming anyone.

        Now, the part that struck me, was the whole free tickets for your time thing.

        All I am doing is trying to be funny. But now you made me explain that this isn’t funny at all and we have some real issues to deal with, guns and cameras.

  3. Here’s a Google response to Glass backlash. Google Shoe. Screen and Camera on the shoes that project and shoot upwards. I’m sure the geniuses in Mountain View couldn’t see anything wrong with that.

  4. He should be the one apologising, what possible purpose would he need to wear that thing in a cinema. He is lucky to get off without a charge though I suspect he was likely a media whore looking for publicity, be it on his part or at the behest of others presently unknown.This is the first of all sorts of problems that are going to crop up with these things and likely a lot more serious scenarios than this.

      1. actually it IS the theater’s business, if he could potentially be recording a movie using a video camera–which so happens to be wearable–in violation of the law.

        here, let me strap a camcorder sans batteries to my forehead while at the movies, and then scream about how it wasn’t turned on when they drag me out. that should go down well with the feds.

    1. Since when is it “OK” to bring a loaded gun into a theater? Except for those with a license to carry, it is against the law to do so. Do some break the law? Yes, and they are lawbreakers and troublemakers, and sometime murderers. Most people in America do not own guns, and 99.9% of those that do would never think of bringing one into a movie theater.

      1. Actually, you don’t need a permit to carry a firearm into a movie theater in most cities and states. However, you are required to have a permit to carry a concealed firearm in most cities and states. (I said “most.” NYC, DC, and I’m sure some other govt entities have more restrictive laws.)

      2. See this kind of mis information is what starts problems.

        NOWHERE is a theater illegal to bring in a firearm. Name 1 law (federal or state) that any person is breaking by carrying a firearm into a theater.
        *BUT* the ***THEATER*** can say no.. they do have that right.

        “Most people in America do not own guns, and 99.9% of those that do would never think of bringing one into a movie theater.”

        Stats show that 30-40% of homes (legally) own at least 1 firearm.. and you’d be surprised to actually know how many people actually do carry around you, that you do not see…

        Here’s something to chew on Spark.. there is only a handful of places where a firearm is actually illegal (actual laws) to carry.. concealed or open. 😉
        Most places that people *think* it’s illegal.. isn’t.

        biggest misconception… Banks. 100% LEGAL to carry a firearm inside. (I do)
        Legal to take a firearm onto SCHOOL grounds. As long as you do not go inside the building.. and you have actual business on school grounds. (like picking up a child etc)

        I obviously have a Concealed permit, the only theater I “frequent” (like once a year..) has a no firearms policy. I have never been inside unarmed… The *only* thing they can do is ask me to leave. Period.
        I am breaking NO law. I am simply ignoring their CORPORATE policy. Same as Costco, malls, Toy’r’us, etc.

        If they decide to call LE instead of asking me to leave.. guess who gets fined? them. Can’t call LE to enforce company policy. 😉

        at least 44 states have Open Carry laws, meaning you can legally open carry a pistol on your person. Now *some* of those states do require a concealed carry permit though..

        I really wish people would actually do research before posting pure ignorance as “fact”

        As for the article.. The guy was mad he didn’t get an apology? LMAO.. he should be apologizing and thanking LE that he didn’t go to jail.

        Rick Deckard:
        “What does this guy want? An apology? For being kicked out because he was wearing a camera on his head in a movie theater?”


            1. I don’t need your protection either. In fact I think it’s more than fair
              to suggest that my right to live is as important or more important than your right to carry.

              People are dying every week from gun violence, when it’s so easily preventable. As Phil S might say, “Protection, my ass.”

            2. More people are killed by FISTS and KNIVES than guns..
              I’ll reiterate that people should do research before posting ignorance.

              I’ll make sure and ask for screen names on a web site prior to helping someone.

              And BTW.. did the thought cross your mind that as part of my profession I carry daily… and just carry off the job as well. Might have something to do with the fact I know no laws are being broken.. 😉

            3. Like that retired police captain who *shot and killed* another theater patron because that person was texting his daughter during the previews. And yes, I grant the retired police captain was arrested but, geez, the victim is dead.

            4. Fact your seven. more times likely ( innocent people that is, not criminals in progess) to be killed by a cop in USA then from a Terrorist…. Just Saying

        1. Why should I or anyone feel safe knowing you are carrying a loaded gun? You’re a total goddamn stranger. Literally the only thing I know about you, your urge to carry a loaded gun, deeply disturbs me. It’s so unnecessarily dangerous and brutal that I have no way of relating to your mentality. My god, what would happen if you actually used that thing you carry on someone else?

          1. Every LEO is a “total goddamn stranger” are they not? But because they display a badge.. you are programmed to “trust” them.. wasn’t it a LEO that killed a guy in a theater recently for talking on a cell phone?.. and LEO’s that put an 84 year old man in the hospital for jaywalking?..

            I can paralyze and cause you to be in a vegetative state, with a single blow from an ASP. Quiet, effective, and legal for many to carry. Yet where’s your outrage for someone carrying that?

            I bet you are the type of person that believes what Kalifornia State Senator DeLeon said about “30 caliber magazines” etc, right?
            Even though every word he said was completely ignorant of any truth.

            Total ignorance in control… sad. and even worse, people “trust” them more than people who actually DO know what they are talking about.

            1. – Dafuck is LEO?

              – I don’t live on the California and never heard of the senator in the video. Obviously, he doesn’t sound like a gun expert. Why should I care what this random politician has to say?

              – Badges don’t make me trust anyone. The only thing showing a badge “programs” me to do is be quite or extra polite, so the badged asshole hopefully doesn’t shoot me or write me a ticket. Do you have any clue what “trust” means, or what it usually takes to earn trust? Shoving a badge and gun into someone’s face is a shitty way to build trust, in my opinion.

              – I am outraged about ASP’s and tasers. I’m still just as outraged about guns. Why would that possibly make me not as outraged about guns? I’m prioritizing my gun outrage because one class of weapon is significantly easier and more commonplace to end lives with than the other. I’ll get to lethal electric weapons when the lethal projectile ones are locked down.

            2. Research? That’s 3 letters. When I did research it, I found the astrological sign LEO, Local Exchange Officer, Labour Enforcement Officer, Law Enforcement Online (yeah), Leadership Experience Opportunity, Literacy Education Online, Low Earth Orbit, Leaders of East Orlando, and dozens other LEO’s.

              How’s the ambiguity of your acronym my fault?

              At least try using full words in complete sentences.

            3. Context… Nah that wouldn’t have anything to do with the acronym.

              You do realize you proved my point.. Twice.

              1 You want totalitarian dictatorship over everyone. I am pro gun, I could care less if you don’t like guns. I am not forcing you to own one, nor am I wanting to silence your opinion.

              You don’t want *anyone* to own a firearm and throw out attacks and misinfo on those that do not agree with your view.

              2. You prove that firearms are just a tool… You can take the gun away from someone wanting to cause harm.. But you can’t stop them from doing harm if they are intent to cause harm.
              Australia prime example. They banned firearms, gun crime went down! Great!
              Except home invasions, assault, rape, skyrocketed…

              If someone wants to harm another.. A law or a sign will not stop them. They will just use something else. Like a hammer.. Or a car.. Or fire… List goes on.

            4. – I have no interest in banning guns in America. My view is that guns should be just as regulated as automobiles. I think deer hunters and some law enforcement should have access to firearms, but this access should be just as regulated and restricted as automobiles, for obvious safety reasons. Cars are just tools too, but you still need a license, registration, and insurance because cars are extremely dangerous tools in the wrong hands. Regulation cannot stop all automobile fatalities and injuries, but it stops enough preventable tragedies to make it worth doing, in my opinion.
              – I don’t like totalitarian dictatorships. (sigh). I think you know that, and are just making a disingenuous personal attack because you disagree with my opinions.
              – Based on context, it seemed just as likely that you were making astrological generalizations about Leos. It does seem obvious now, in hindsight.

            5. “I have no interest in banning guns in America. My view is that guns should be just as regulated as automobiles.”

              You mean exactly like Australia did…
              And BTW, owning a car.. you do not need a license to own a car, nor insurance, some state require insurance though when you drive them on public roads. Many cars are purchased and just sit in showrooms/warehouses or used on private property.. it’s only when they get on the road do they need to be registered/insured and have a license etc. (If you want to be legal)

              “Regulation cannot stop all automobile fatalities and injuries, but it stops enough preventable tragedies to make it worth doing, in my opinion”

              look at the path we have travelled with firearms.
              When my dad went to school.. there were gun clubs IN school, most trucks in the parking lot had a gun rack.. with guns in them. Kids brought guns INTO the school for class or after school activities. (granted they were locked up in admin office during school)
              How many random school shootings? none. most of the school shootings prior to about the late 80’s were *targeted* shootings.. a few kids/teachers/principles targeted for some reason or another.
              Scary to skim though all those listed.. but not all of them are kids killing kids/adults.. some are kids killed by teachers.. kid pulls knife and attacks teacher, teacher shoots kid.

              Now.. schools are “off limits” and we have signs posted to make criminals adhere to the law..
              school shootings? hmm..

              Look at every one of the mass shootings.. places that are deemed a “gun free zone”. Fort Hood isn’t even an exception either.. military personnel must store their personal firearms off base or in the armory.

              Granted there is a lot more in between.. but it shows that “gun laws” tend to do the exact opposite.

              Look at the Oregon mall shooting, stopped by a concealed carry private citizen. (research it.. watch the video, read the Sheriff’s report) no LEO stopped him, private citizen armed with a Glock did. (Without shooting the A-Hole either) The citizen did the correct thing, he assessed the situation and decided that pulling the trigger was too risky.

              (Hint, people that do these mass shootings.. always give up when ANYONE challenges them, they are cowards after all)

              “I don’t like totalitarian dictatorships.”

              You just want to make sure everyone *else* conforms to your view.. and punish those that think differently. (Gun control IS punishing everyone because of a handful of idiots)
              I have no problem with people not liking firearms, they truly are not for everyone..
              Take Biden’s advice to women for example “Get a Shotgun” lol. Search youtube as to why that’s bad advice..

              As for the LEO search..
              I use Bing cause I hate Google.. very first link lists 27 possible acronyms.
              First two are the same.. one with a hyphen, one not..
              4th listed.. Law Enforcement Officer. Then it lists all those you mentioned.

              I guess I just hang out at legal/firearm/outdoor/etc forums more often, and only pop into MDN/MacRumors from time to time.

              Long winded, probably filled with typo’s.. that I don’t care to proofread.
              Anyway, i’m done here. This is an article on Google glasses anyway.. 😉

  5. What does this guy want? An apology? For being kicked out because he was wearing a camera on his head in a movie theater?

    I sincerely hope this guy never produces any offspring. We don’t need any more of his type in the gene pool.

  6. Just between the uhs and ahs of the people in the theatre when he was being ushered out, he mumbled on his Samsung smart watch “Glass. Secure delete the last recorded video”.

    Now. He can ask for an apology.

  7. You can almost predict the future of this pos product. Everywhere he or she goes with this Glasshole, they will be constantly asked if that pos is on or off! Better yet, it better be turned off and your not recording right here right now. I predict many knuckle sandwiches delivered on a daily basis.

    1. I predict it just becomes another norm like everyone walking around with bluetooth headsets. All the paranoid people will get over themselves and realize people aren’t buying these to spy on them and take covert video of them.

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