“Corning has begun a pre-emptive strike against a competitor to Gorilla Glass, its product widely used in the displays of many smartphones,” John P. Mello Jr. reports for TechHive. “The company has posted an article to the Web previewing the next generation of its product, as well as a stress-test video [see below].”

“In its article, Corning maintained that Gorilla Glass has a number of benefits over sapphire as the cover glass for mobile devices, such as smartphones. It asserts that Gorilla Glass is lighter than sapphire; consumes less energy and costs less to produce; is brighter; is thinner so it can be curved and more responsive to touch; and is stronger,” Mello Jr. reports. “While Corning’s test suggests that Gorilla Glass may be more resistant to sheer pressure, the claims don’t address a major draw for sapphire screens. One of the applications for sapphire has been in high-end watches because it’s immune to scratching. Only diamond or other sapphire can scratch sapphire.”

Mello Jr. reports, “Sapphire’s immunity to scratching is also the reason Apple uses it to protect the iPhone 5’s camera lens, and may use it to protect the rumored fingerprint reader in the next version of its smartphone… The barrier to sapphire being used as a smartphone cover isn’t strength, but cost, noted Jeff Nestel-Patt, director of marketing for GT Advanced Technology, a maker of sapphire.”

Direct link to video here.

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