Pure poetry: CEO Tim Cook sails Apple marketing on a familiar course

“In 11 days, Apple’s Macintosh computer will turn 30 years old. That machine was introduced with a 60-second TV ad that is among the most iconic commercials of all time,” Mark Rogowsky writes for Forbes. “Yesterday, the company debuted a new spot for its flagship tablet, the iPad Air.”

“The ad isn’t as out there as the famous ‘1984’ one, but it continues a strategic ‘reorienting’ Apple began executing last June: The company wants to show off why people love and use its products,” Rogowsky writes. “They may be metal, glass and silicon, but what you’re buying is experience. It couldn’t be more removed from most everything the competition is doing.”

“A commercial for a new tablet using dialog from a 25-year-old movie, delivered by a 62-year-old actor, quoting from a 114-year-old poem? Are they crazy?” Rogowsky writes. “Apple would likely take that as a compliment… The spirit of Jobs’ Apple remains alive and well under the leadership of CEO Tim Cook, who came to the company a year after Apple told the world to start thinking different. While it occasionally loses the spirit of that message, highlighting things like the colorful plastic or metallic gold of its new iPhones, there clearly has been a return to that kind of marketing since at least last June. That month, at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference, it unveiled ‘Designed by Apple in California’ [Designed By Apple – Intention].”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote about the new iPad Air spot yesterday, “As with Whitman’s work, so goes Apple’s: Passionate, intuitive, affecting, and lasting.”

Here’s “Designed By Apple – Intention” for reference:

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  1. The interesting fact is that this exact speech from ” The Dead Poets Society” was one of those considered for the “Think Different” campaign. And then they invented “Here’s to the crazy ones”. Couldn’t match that, huh?
    Oh well, nobody noticed anyway.

  2. “Designed By Apple – Intention” is great.
    The new iPad air ad is very good but not as easy to understand, for many people I have spoken with, as the narrative in the “Think Different” campaign.

    1. Two different demographics. iPad Air commercial is to generate positive feelings in Apple fans and give others who wonder why there are Apple fans the reasons.

      Intention is for Android (specifically Samsung) buyers or potential buyers talking about why Samsung products suck (they’re copies and Samsung just throws shit on the wall to see what sticks) where Apple products are designed carefully and joyfully to enhance people’s lives.

  3. “Designed by Apple in California” has to eat at Rick Perry’s craw as a state where the roads are being allowed to return to gravel in the name of low corporate taxes is a state that will never change the world the way California has, does or will.


    The Mac Pro HTPC may be slapped together in Texas, but it will never be designed there unless they do something about the morons ruining the state.

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