Beleaguered BlackBerry sues company co-founded by Ryan Seacrest over iPhone-compatible physical keyboard

“Canadian smartphone-maker BlackBerry Ltd. said Friday it has filed a patent-infringement lawsuit against a company co-founded by television personality Ryan Seacrest over a keyboard accessory designed to work with Apple Inc.’s iPhone,” Judy McKinnon reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“BlackBerry is alleging a keyboard case from startup Typo Products LLC, designed to clip on to phones made by rival Apple, copies the BlackBerry keyboard,” McKinnon reports. “The Typo Keyboard is available for preorder on the company’s website for $99 and shipping is to start this month.”

McKinnon reports, “Mr. Seacrest and co-founder Laurence Hallier invested more than $1 million in the company, people familiar with the matter told The Wall Street Journal’s AllThingsD in early December.”

The Typo Keyboard for Apple iPhone
The Typo Keyboard for Apple iPhone

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MacDailyNews Take: Ahh, the smell of desperation wafting out of Waterloo in the afternoon!

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  1. You gotta be kidding me. A patent infringement for a keyboard attachment? Oh yeah only RIM/Blackberry coulda thought up a keyboard. They invented keyboards now for portable devices? Smell of desperation indeed.

    1. Depends. Is the keyboard an exact replica of the Blackberry keyboard (they have a case, if they bothered to IP their design) or does it resemble a Blackberry keyboard from a distance?

    2. Actually, it’s about their predictive typing built into their (RIM) keyboard when you type that they are suing about. And yes, they did get a patent in ’12 for it.

      Since it relates to a physical keyboard, RIM believes it’s different from Apple’s suggest a word keyboard

      1. Interesting…as if it makes any difference whether the input is from a virtual or physical keyboard. Besides, this patent thing is getting way out of hand. You are supposed to be able to patent something specific, not just an idea. I have no problem with BB protecting the actual manner in which they perform this function – the code. But not the general idea of “predictive typing.”

      1. And since this is a Bluetooth keyboard, and iOS doesn’t correct spelling when you type with a Bluetooth keyboard, you will actually make more typos with this than you would with your thumbs. Thus the name. It’s accurate and frankly brilliant.

  2. Like this device will make the remaining clueless go to iPhones in droves – not likely! If this lawsuit gets any grip, while the lawsuit addressing the blatant rip off that Samsung has done of Apple continues to lag, my case that there is no justice or fairness will once again be substantiated.

  3. Truly deluded, Blackberry wrote off $4.4B last quarter, an epic feat given that it exceeds their market cap and they’re worried about this?

    Go home Blackberry you’re drunk.

    1. Well, yes it does cover the Home button… but a quick trip to their FAQs would have given you this as the very first question in the list: “Does the Typo cover the Apple home button?” Yes, however, we have a dedicated button on the lower right corner of the keyboard that is the home button. It works the same as the Apple home button, press once for the home screen, press twice to open applications and hold for Siri.

      You can even see the person using the key in their introductory video. Seems to work well.


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