Chief Architect arrives on Mac; fully native, built from the ground-up for OS X

“One of the most popular CAD products in the construction market has finally come to the Mac OS X platform in a full native ground-up version,” Anthony Frausto-Robledo reports for Architosh.

“Chief Architect Software this week announced its professional design software family for the Apple Mac platform,” Frausto-Robledo reports. “This new release, Chief Architect X6, now supports both the Windows and Mac platforms natively. Select customers have been using the new product in a beta form for months but the new product is scheduled for release in early 2014.”

Frausto-Robledo reports, “Chief Architect X6 Premier sells for US$2,695 and the Lite and Interiors versions sell for $1,995. The software includes one year of support, upgrades and training videos, plus catalog content downloads. A free trial version of Chief Architect is available at:”

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      1. Maybe not but every time one of these massively expensive CAD-category apps becomes OS X native, it’s a win for Apple and for Mac users. CAD applications and medical software (chiefly EMR’s) seem to be the last bastion of Winblows.

  1. I wish Adobe would build InDesign for OSX from ground-up. So much annoying things, shortcuts which are totally different from OSX standards, ridiculous behavior, and so on. No doubt there is no better professional layout software than InDesign on the market (forget about Quark XPress!), but InDesign still lacks a lot of OSX-features.

  2. I’m not an architect, just a home-owner who played with SketchUp while working with an architect during some remodeling work. SketchUp helped a great deal when it came time to communicate my thoughts to the architect. I’m wondering if anyone on MDN has any thoughts on which is the better package, or if they’re too different to be compared.

  3. Not an architect, but I can tell you that sketchup is an extended massing study application. Chief architect is a “real” design & drafting application from the ground up.
    Chief Architect is literally in a different league. It is kind of like comparing a car to a truck. Your needs (and budget) should dictate which is better for you.
    Sketchup pro is a great app, small easy to learn and cheap (in comparison) and is primarily aimed at consumers and small architects. Chief architect is a do all workhorse aimed at architecture firms, contractors and developers.

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