Google Nexus 5 phone, Nexus 7 tablet suffering from major quality issues: Creaky buttons, letters falling off, more

“Nexus 5 is suffering from major quality issues, after complaints about low ringtone volume, creaky buttons we now have reports of the letters falling off,” Android News reports.

“As you can see in the image the ‘e’ from the ‘Nexus’ has come off,” Android News reports. “These letters are supposed to be ceramic but apparently they are not, poking your nails will make the letters fall off.”

Read more in the full article here.

Daniel Bean reports for Yahoo News, “Some owners of Google’s Nexus 5 smartphone and Nexus 7 tablet devices are complaining of losing the shiny plastic NEXUS letters from the backs of their phones and tablets (like the two Nexus 5s shown below), according to tech sites and forum posts from around the Web. In most of these instances, the glue that holds the letters in place has seemingly given out.”

Google Nexus 5 phones with the plastic letters falling off
Google Nexus 5 phones with the plastic letters falling off

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s all very copacetic when the quality of the Android device matches the quality of the Android customer.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “elder norm” for the heads up.]

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  1. Why Google has been able to get away with copying iOS for so long still baffles me. At least Google and other Android makers can’t overtake Apple in hardware build fit and finish, materials, design, iOS integration and best ecosystem there is.

      1. Apple did not take them to court because Android is not sold for money. Meanwhile they have taken a bunch of manufacturers to court and and won pretty much every case. So did Microsoft. The fees the licensers have to pay have cut severely into their profits.

        1. Oracle took GOOG to court on using copyrighted Java APIs in Android. Jury ruled for ORACLE, but judge overrode the decsion and said APIs not copyrightable. Appeal is in court this week. Early indication is that the judge will be overruled. If Oracle prevails, GOOG has to pay big bucks -or perhaps rewrite Android. Apple likely go after the lesser manufacturers because low market potential gains would not cover court costs. Once the Samedung decisions are upheld on appeal, I would expect apple to go after the crumbs using the various court decisions. More info on Oracle case on Foss Patents site.

  2. Wait wait wait… Wasn’t this supposed to be the smartphone that would have killed the iPhone? Which apple should have been worried of? The super technological product that would have left the iPhone years behind…? I remember an old post on MDN: apple better do something… Apple needs to come up with something as good as this…

  3. Eric T. Mole must have mixed in some of the software code papers for Apple’s Keynote software that enables the falling letters effect we’ve seen during many of Steve’s keynotes when Eric snuck away with the iPhone plans after one fateful Apple Board of Directors meeting!

  4. It always amazes me when the fandroid bois claim that iPhones cost more because Apple is mean and charges more for nothing. But I learned a long, long time ago that the cheapest product is almost never the best. I point out that the rule You-get-what-you-pay-for applies to computers and phones, but no. They will say people only buy Apple because of their awesome advertising. There are times when stupidity humors me, but more often than not it’s just sad.

  5. My First iPhone 5S had a squeaky home button; my second iPhone 5S rattled; my third iPhone 5S is acceptable. However, I shouldn’t of had to take two iPhones back to be satisfied. Apple needs to watch its strp or the next iPhone release will be accompanied by these kinds of articles.

  6. Obviously you idiots are MAC lovers, and i wouldn’t expect you to write anything good about GOOGLE, but you have to accept, APPLE IS NOTHING WITHOUT GOOGLE! Look at Apple’s Maps app. it cannot find a goddarn location. It sits there for hours finding your own damnnn location. Apple’s texting app cannot be integrated into other apps, Apple’s Calender app cannot be configured to any other device but iOS. Hence google’s calender can! I’ve a list of plenty other. Apple sued Samsung, but it’s own processor comes from SAMSUNG! All in all, APPLE cannot last a minute without these companies. 85% of Apple users, choose Google+! I’m not trolling here, just stating the cold hard facts, that you guys never think about.

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