Everyone hates Huawei: CEO says company is giving up on U.S. market

“Okay, haters, you win: Huawei is nixing its growth plans in the US,” Ricardo Bilton reports for VentureBeat.

“For years, officials in the US and elsewhere have accused the tech company of being a proxy for the Chinese government,” Bilton reports. “And while Huawei has long denied the claims, it seems like it’s just too tired to do it any longer.”

“In a recent interview with French media, Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei said the company will stop looking for new business in the US, where fears over its alleged spying are the highest,” Bilton reports. “‘It’s not worth it,’ he said, according to a transcript of the interview.”

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    1. Because you have the unique and uncanny ability to see truth and have the unparalleled ability see past the (clearly false and totally unfounded) belief that asian countries are notorious copiers of western. Got it.

      1. Copying has been a necessary hallmark of business from the beginning. American companies are notorious for copying American companies too.

        New centers of innovation almost always start out as centers of copying, but are rarely successful if they don’t progress from there. Lots of great things are coming out of China now. Increasingly they are producing new technology and science from which everyone can benefit in high tech and medical fields.

        In the meantime, copying will continue to be done by every company (Apple included) all over the world. Courts are there to settle when copying has crossed over into IP violation.

        I, for one, welcome China’s ascent toward original contributions and original research, such as their independent space program. They learned a lot from the Russians, and to a lesser degree the US, (again copying only makes sense) but they are now on track to surpass everyone in getting back to the moon. Go China!

        None of this is anti-US or anti-“Western”, its just good that there are more people competing to create the tech we all use. It lets progress happen that much faster, and means more people are fulfilling their potential and taking risks. Not all enterprises will succeed (Huawei) but we still benefit when they try.

        1. There is a vast difference between copying a general concept and doing a cut and paste version of another’s IP.

          Once the model A / T set the standard for mass produced automobiles, pretty much everyone made a 4 wheel, gas powered vehicle. But they designed their own engines, transmissions, body shapes, etc. Or bought them from someone else.

          Is a VW a copy of a Formula 1 racer??? Well, ah yes and ah NO. The idea is copied but the implementation is totally different.

          Hope this makes some sense.

        2. “There is a vast difference between copying a general concept and doing a cut and paste version of another’s IP.”

          I agree. Apple is right to protect its IP in court. Copying unprotected ideas = ok. Copying protected IP = not ok.

          That might be too moderate of a viewpoint for many people here, but most improvements any company makes are not original. We all learn from each other.

        3. As expected with any repressive SOCIALIST government, the Chinese government destroys citizen incentive. China can’t create much of anything. Thus it’s consistent reputation for ripping off everything within reach then calling it their own. Thus China’s blocking out of all new and different thoughts and ideas through the Internet, something of which they claim they are proud and jubilant.

          China and train students with superior math and science scores, except there is zero incentive to do any research, innovation, creativity, on and on.

          That’s today’s China.

          There won’t be any ‘ascent’ of China in any realm of creativity UNTIL it boots out its COMMUNIST government.

          No go read some history and wake the hell up to the dire detriment of socialism upon all human cultures throughout history. Also read up on TOTALITARIANISM which is what all socialist governments rapidly become specifically because they offer NO INCENTIVE.

          Die Communist Chinese Government. Die!

          Then you’ll have a creative future, China.

        4. Typo Alert: ‘China CAN train students…’

          But the person who scored well on an SAT will not necessarily be the best doctor or the best lawyer or the best businessman. These tests do not measure character, leadership, creativity, perseverance.
          – William Julius Wilson

        5. Students in China are taught to respect and defer to their professors and elders.

          As one US educated Chinese PHd was quoted ‘I did scientific work with the newest equipment and software at the top of my field and came back to China to advance that work here in China only to find myself washing beakers for an old professore who knew little of what I had been trained in.

        6. China is not socialist- it is a totalitarian state with an increasingly capitalist economy that is transitioning from a closed, command economy.

          Denmark, Germany and other countries with mixed economies are far closer to a socialist model than China or any of the old Soviet modeled dictatorships. By the way- the countries with a mixed economy have longer lifespans, healthier populations, less income inequality, higher social mobility, a more educated populace, safer streets, better public education options, increasingly better civil liberties than the growing police state in the US, better housing, better child care, better elder care, more secure retirement and better consumer protections than the United States.

          There is a wide gap between what socialism as a US political label is and the reality of what countries with a mixed economy provide citizens. A person working at McDonald’s in Germany can afford an apartment, has quality healthcare and can buy their own food while an American working for the same company can afford to rent a trailer, has no healthcare and probably is getting SNAP and/or WIC. Which system is evil?

        7. Well said that man though I doubt that many will tolerate that enlightened truth.

          As for china right again, even though no one will mention it it’s a society these days more akin to that found in nazi Germany in the 30s without the posturing clown than anything Marx envisaged. The Chinese were capitalists a 1000 years before us and know full well how to play the game to their advantage now that they have removed the political barriers. Indeed with the sort of control they exercise over their capitalist lackeys they can look forward to a future rather more stable than that relying upon bankers and investors re inventing the lottery at every turn to dictate our future.

        8. It’s a complicated subject. I’m actually a fan of William Morris, the 19th century artist, writer and proponent of socialism. He may well have had the greatest affect on moving GB toward a socialist government. But socialism is extremely dependent upon the personalities of those involved. It requires people who are self-motivated and collaborative, versus what most people are: Competitive. Even those statements are superficial.

          Communism is indeed socialism, at least in theory. There is no escaping that fact. However, it is what I call ‘dire socialism’ and does not, like most political systems, fit on the idiotic 1 dimensional political scale typically used, even today. Never has communism actually worked. Never. Instead it immediately becomes totalitarian, as I say, specifically because it offers its citizens zero incentive. Therefore, it immediately is forced to become authoritarian, shoving everyone around using the thoroughly fake term of ‘socialism’, which at that point it is obviously NOT. It’s just more of the same old totalitarianism bullshit.

          ‘Capitalism’ is an abused term as well where blatant greed and parasitism are allowed to fit within the category. People call the current rendition of ‘Republicans’ as pro-capitalism. Maybe some of them are. The problem is that the party is now associated with the greed and parasitic end of ‘capitalism’, like it or not.

          I’ll shut up now. But I entirely understand where you’re coming from and like your points in general.

        9. Wow theres unbounded optimism for you, China the benevolent saviour of the World with all our best interests at the heart of its decision making. If thats the case I suggest the US stops flying B52s over disputed islands and like you take the line ‘let us be the first to welcome our new Lords and Masters…’ as if you are a cartoon character from Futurama.

    2. There’s nothing ‘paranoid’ or ‘racist’ about keeping surveillance criminals OUT of your organization, or out of the USA for that matter.

      The problem has NEVER been the Chinese people. The problem continues to be China’s criminal government and it’s criminal behavior toward the rest of the world. Catch up on the news laddie! This week China is demanding sovereignty over Japanese islands and international airspace. That’s criminal. That’s the Chinese government.

      Get the difference? If not, give up.

        1. Yup, just like Mexico has a case over California.

          From what I’ve read, Taiwan might have a case. This is exactly why it’s silly to have any country borders.

  1. “It’s not worth it” is a translation. The actual wording in Chinese was “You caught us. Moreover, our bullshit proclamations of innocence were getting no traction—not even with CNN.”

  2. Perhaps hate is too strong a term.

    How about, “You cheaters. cheaters never win. (Well, they do. But let’s pretend otherwise).

    You make me so mad, I am tempted to ring your doorbell and run away.

        1. What? I knew about the NSA in 2005 during the W. Bush administration! It was public knowledge that warrantless surveillance of US citizens on US soil was going on. I heard W. Bush deny it in public and even have a recording of him doing so. But he lied and he knew it. It was all part of the Neo-Conservative agenda, was publicly debated and for whatever reason was kept out of the news services as much was possible. Possibly it was because people wanted to believe W. Bush wasn’t a liar and puppet of the Neo-Cons. If so, oops.

          I’d very much like to see data showing the NSA spied before the W. Bush administration. But there is none available. Please please show it to me! I’m no fan of the Clinton era. But I do know that at least in public discourse, Ronald Reagan clearly stated that it would not occur during his administration, and I believe him (about that anyway). Please show me otherwise. I’m always open for more facts! I think that’s obvious.

    1. Damn, you hit that nail on the head hard.

      In 2007 I was writing at my Mac-Security blog about China surveilling US citizens. Now I’m writing about the NSA surveilling US citizens. Things really SUCK when the enemy is your own government.


    1. Let’s face it, America is now becoming more paranoid than ever.

      It’s been the biggest dog on the block for several generations, but complacency set in and now the paranoid delusional wackos are setting policy. We see a media focused more on opinion than facts (hint: Twitter barfs are not “news”), we have armies of companies whose sole purposes are to track, analyze, spy, and advertise to an increasingly antisocial populace, we have NGOs advocating citizens increase their weapons buying and “take America back”, a government that has only increased its devotion to the military-industrial complex with useless TSA, NSA, DEA, FBI, CIA, and military over-reaches of endless war against undeclared enemies/tactics, and finally, we see MDN essentially urging (or at least cheering) Americans to “hate” the untrustworthy Chinese. Why? because FUD sells.

      Until people unite together across the world, the cracks will only grow. Corporatocracy and Walmartization dominating a land of increasing poverty and idiocracy that glorifies white trash culture can be stopped, but it requires the people to shut off the distractions and focus together on what’s really important.

      Can’t we learn to develop greater trust and true collaboration? Must Americans treat everything as an impersonal paid transaction, where companies don’t compete, they have “wars”, where legislative bodies blockade the very functioning of government, and most of the churches from coast to coast perpetuate further intolerance? Can we re-establish true communication rather than using antisocial corporate media, tattoos, jewelry, tasteless T-shirts and bumper stickers to advertise one’s narrow-mindedness and/or self-centeredness?

      Happy xmas to all, including America’s economic slaves in China who assemble all the junk that ungrateful brats in the USA take for granted every year.

      1. I wouldn’t say that America is paranoid less than America exists in a world where rising powers, such as China and India in particular, are on the rise.

        We no longer (for the most part) manufacture anything since short-term profit means that you go with the cheapest provider of whatever.

        So, we have to depend on protecting IP (intellectual property), but the US is no more paranoid than any other nation. We have always sought control of information, only now our efforts are more obvious.

  3. Well, in here, we all raise our voice when Samsung copies Apple. And it’s fair, since, well, stealing is wrong, and we all love Apple.

    But, I think, as a matter of principle, we should remember the first product Huawei launched to the market.

    It was a router. And that router was a blatant copy, chip by chip, of the Cisco equivalent. Even the case was the same. The only thing that was different was the label. Instead of a Cisco label, there was a Huawei label.

    What’s wrong with those people? Can’t they get a creative team and invent their own stuff?

    Good thing they’re out of the USA!

  4. I wish all American and others had the same fear of Samsung as they have for the Chinese phone maker, crying shame how samsung gets away with it, I mean I have seen and tried Huwaei phones in Westfields (Stratford London UK) and they are based on samsung phones (copies) and run android. Didn’t like them and the people in the booth promoting didn’t enjoy or believe in their job and the products. Secretly these Huwaie sellers envy the iPhones

      1. The us crested South Korea as it did Japan in its own image it finds it difficult to thus see danger as it feels it will be striking still its own success while failing to see the danger in an increasingly independent child. China of course is the spawn of others and thus rose tinted specs remain in the pocket.

  5. Buy American and be hard wired to the NSA, buy Chinese and be wired to the PLA equivalent.

    We now know that the NSA intentionally added back doors to industry standards that make a joke of many security standards and protocols used in software and on websites. There are doubtlessly similar things planted into hardware designs via CPUs and networking HW.

    The NSA has been charged with helping keep America safe by signals intelligence and the hardening of government communications. What they have done i sweeten everyone’s security so they can snoop where they have no business and yet we are no safer.

    Would I buy a Huawei phone? No way.
    Do I trust that the stuff we all have isn’t poisoned by backdoors from the NSA? Not on your life.

    Read about how most of the NSA Dragnet has had no benefit to antiterrorism.

    Here is a Flipboard mag on all the lovely spying going on and you can read it in your browser or on the Flipboard app on iOS.


  6. Sounds like a company that couldn’t figure out how to make money here.
    Of course they don’t want to admit that, so they’re blaming someone else.
    Yea, that’s it, it is someone else’s fault!

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