Apple’s iPhone 5c: The perfect Christmas present for Android settlers yearning to upgrade

“Apple’s iPhone 5C may not have been the low-cost phone many had predicted, but the new device casts its own special magic: it has become THE iPhone for Android switchers,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“You see, according to Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, almost half of those purchasing an iPhone 5C are switching from other platforms, principally Samsung and LG,” Evans writes. “In other words, Apple’s iPhone 5C hits the sweet spot for millions of unhappy Android users seeking high-end device features at a reasonable price. As do iPads.”

“These customers were promised experiences that matched an iPhone, but the sales pitch didn’t match the reality. The price was right, but the experience failed to meet the aspirations of these people,” Evans writes. “Now they’ve used Android and are ready to upgrade they are happy to choose an iPhone 5C because it’s a completely new phone (a much improved iPhone 5) that’s available at a price that competes with high-end Androids: You can pick up an iPhone 5C free with contract on some carriers.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s already skimmed off all of the cream; thee’s no reason not to start siphoning off the half-and-half.

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  1. There are soooo many people that just don’t give a rat’s ass. I am not at all surprised that Samsung has sold the number of phones that they have. I am pretty sure that it’s the carriers that are responsible. I was at a friend’s house over the weekend and her daughters and their friends were over. Some of them had iPads, or iPhones, but most had Samsung phones. I told them why I would never buy a phone from Samsung (or anything branded by them) and they were mostly unimpressed. Mostly young adults. Cheating and stealing is not looked down upon by the current generation as it is by some of my generation. What’s important to most is the out-of-pocket, up-front cost. They didn’t really want to hear about honor, or ethics. Unimportant. One of them said that they didn’t want an iPhone because they didn’t want all the apps they buy for their iPad to download to their iPhone. I wonder which brilliant salesman fed them that line. Sad to say, but critical thinking is a little lacking in most of the people in this world. (Does that sound arrogant?)

      1. I know you say that tongue in cheek, but this was not at a trailer park. It was in the middle of a tract of middle-class homes. Kids had 2 parents mostly. Straight up. It would be interesting to see if the situation is different in the middle of a trailer park, wouldn’t it? I don’t think personal integrity is something that necessarily comes from money.

        1. Well said! There certainly are many who comment in this forum who lack integrity. Many are obviously pompous asses with altitude issues. The one moron who often refers to the “hee-haw” demographic. What an ass. Android smartphones are available at many different price points, which is one of the key reasons they control over 80% of the world’s smartphone market, and their share will continue to increase.

    1. That is true in Australia. You only end up with an iPhone from a carrier if you specify that you want an iPhone, several times. They always try to talk you into buying android. I guess they get a higher cut and are aware that the phones are so terrible to use that you won’t come anywhere near using the data allowance on the new plan.

    2. Save your moralising for somewho who gives a shit. I’m an Apple user and I couldn’t give a shit. If someone wants to use Samsung, more power to him. If enough people use Samsung, Apple would be motivated not to release shit software like iOS 7.

        1. Yeah, yeah, crap on, who’s listening to your tripe. In one ear, out the other. No one gives a shit ok. Stolen tech or not, money speaks loudest. And screen size. And an OS that doesn’t suck like iOS 7. I couldn’t give a flying f*** if Samsung stole the technology or not, all I know is if Samsung gives me better value than Apple can, I’ll go Samsung.

          I’m presently an iPhone user but really if I saw someone using Samsung, I’d think to myself – sure there are a myriad reasons why he’s with Samsung, possibly Apple couldn’t give him the screen size he wanted. Whose fault is that? Blame it on Cook. He’s clueless when it comes to serving what people want.

          1. So, if a low life offers you a Rolex watch that you know is stolen you will buy it from the thief because his price gives YOU better value than buying it from the real owner?

            Now we know the status of your ethics, honesty and morals. You obvious are a “blame the victim” idiot who thinks that just because he worked hard to earn his property, it was unfair of him to not share. BAH!

      1. Do you steal your food, too, and squat in other people’s housing? If morality is BS, there’s nothing to stop anyone from ripping you off. My guess is that you would object to being a burglary or robbery victim. Why, if morality is BS?

        1. If Samsung uses stolen technology, then the proper remedies are obtained in court. As a consumer, as long as I’m making a legitimate purchase, why the hell should I care. There are other topmost values that I care about: bigger screen size, non sucky iOS 7, cheaper cost.

          Unless Apple proves Samsung stole their technology, it’s all conjecture at this point.

          1. So the verdicts for hundreds of millions of dollars aren’t enough proof for you? Stands to reason that somebody who is just fine with receiving stolen intellectual property would ignore the courts, too.

          2. Hey, dumb fuck- Apple already HAS proven Shamdung uses stolen technology, SEVERAL times in fact, in a court of law, and that it owes Apple almost a BILLION $$ in damages.
            Or did you just crawl out from under that [troll] bridge you have been hiding under for several years?
            Please just ESAD already, and get off of our forum, whatever name you are going by this week…

    3. I think the problem is one of quiet desperation.
      Kids (at least in the UK) have no jobs, no hope of jobs, no hope of good jobs and even less hope of spending their life achieving what they believe in. The cards are so stacked against them.
      Meanwhile they see their political masters, the elite, getting away with wars and murder and heinous cuts to people’s living conditions.
      These children look to parents for examples of how to live, but their parents aren’t their if they are working because modern working is a 24/7 occupation,
      Bereft of good role models they just focus on survival. When you are focused on survival it’s ever so difficult to maintain your moral compass.
      Thing is it’s us — the older generation — who need to take responsibility here. We may have been disempowered, but we allowed that to happen.
      We are the example our children will remember and this is our chance.
      Samsung is not an example for our children, unless we all agree that to cheat and steal is the way forward for this race we are part of which — some say –struggled out the primordial slime in order to evolve to what we are today; or, as others say, we who are the children of god, cast in the image of divinity.
      In either case, it’s not solely the failure of the people you are talking about, it’s a wider systemic failure in which we seem to be teetering on the brink of an amoral state. Because we (we are told) can’t afford principles. Yet, without them, what do we become?

    4. My wife and I just picked up new iPhone 5s’s at the AT&T store. As far as I could tell, EVERY salesperson was a gadget geek who looked down on iPhone buyers as ignorant and unsophisticated. I was told that Apple’s new 5s had “no real improvements” and that the lightning connector was “a major mistake.”

      Phone is great, btw.

  2. To correct mdn’s take
    Apple hasn’t swept all the top cream. Assuming this “top cream” represents premium customers then you must consider the Android devices that have similar or higher price tags than the iPhone 5s and have done relatively well in the smartphone market

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