Apple sends convicted patent infringer Samsung into full crisis mode

“Apple continued to climb in trading today, closing at $545.96 and reaching a market cap of $491.22 billion as its chief rival Samsung plans for ‘Crisis Awareness’ meeting involving 600 management staff members,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider.

“According to a report by ZDNet Korea, ‘the main topic of the upcoming meeting is ‘Crisis Awareness.’ As many people are foretelling that downfall of Samsung is coming, they are trying their best to prevent such crisis from happening,'” Dilger reports. “Part of Samsung’s plans for keeping pace with Apple have been an ‘aggressive marketing and promotion splurge,’ as noted in a report by Reuters. Samsung is expected to spend $14 billion on ads and promotion this year, more than Google spent to acquire Motorola Mobility. That heavy spending “doesn’t always bring the desired result,” however, as ‘blatant product placement’ in TV shows and film events have turned off audiences while having little impact on tarnishing Apple’s image.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The tide has turned.

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    1. Apple’s iPhone took 76% of the sales in Japan. Maybe a group of informed buyers understands the difference between a 64-bit and a 32-bit chip and OS.

      So, what happened to the other 24%? Maybe they were counting feature phones in the total smart phone market again.

  1. I work I marketing and I can tell you big budgets very rarely mean big returns.

    Instead d throwing $14 billion they should be focussing on better targeting of ads.

    For example we did a small ad campaign for a client that cost $2000 and generated over $50,000 of revenue.

      1. re “All the advertising in the world won’t help when the product is crap.”

        It might feel nice to take a shot, but the statement is simply not true. People by stupid and/or crappy products all the time. Vast successful business sell crap they convince/fool people into buying.

  2. Without an inside man to steal Apple’s IP, Samsung’s ineptitude is finally coming into view by the vast majority. You would thing that 14 billion might be better off being spent on R&D instead of bad mouthing their competition. Without someone spoon feeding them the innovations of other companies, they’ve shown themselves to be a bunch of empty suits.

    I will never purchase anything from them again for I long as I live and will encourage people in my circle to do the same. They are a company without honor, their thieving ways are going to come back to bite them.

    1. “You would think that $14B might be better off spent on R&D…”

      We’ll, Google spent $12B squiring Motorola Mobility (not exactly R&D to be sure) and got little for it.

  3. I don’t understand why Samsung doesn’t understand the following: Apple’s success isn’t chance. It isn’t because Apple made one great product. It is because Apple has made every part of the experience a great product. Sure, some features may be lacking and there is the occasional road bump during roll out, but within 3 months nearly every kink is ironed out
    Where Samsung is failing is that they believe one round of R D is all that is needed. In reality, Apple took nearly a decade to announce the iPad.

    1. SJ said on several occasions – (paraphrasing) great products are usually not judged by what is in it, but what is NOT needed. This is a major factor in Apple’s R&D and final product development.

      Whereas, Samsung and others try to throw as much as they can into theirs to out tech the others. They do not understand that less IS usually better in great products. “Less” does not compute to most “techie” mindsets and companies.

    2. I genuinely believe that Samsung is at a fundamental disadvantage because their main hiring pool come from a culture where independent thinking is less encouraged and education emphasizes testing and student competition. As a result, you have a Samsung workforce that doesn’t have too many original ideas and that will do anything to get ahead, including copying.

  4. I noticed that Amazon’s “lighting deal” for Galaxy tablets still hasn’t reached 100% despite days of availability. Since most deals run out in minutes, either Shamesung has millions of inventory available or no one wants them. The “lighting deals” for iPad and iPhone accessories are always gone in seconds.

  5. KEEP UP THE BOYCOTT! They are starting to feel it, along with people finally getting a clue that their smartphones are very unintuitive and frustrating to use.

  6. According to the PC apologists, Apple is only successful because of their clever advertising. Well I guess this means that Samsung’s 14 billion $ ad campaign will crush Apple into nothingness, that is if the claim that advertising alone creates a better product is true.


  7. Rather than spend all the money on adverts, Scamdung should pre- load its tablets with porn. Thank of all the free publicity and the market among dirty old men.

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