Apple’s ‘Find my Mac’ helps police arrest two murder suspects

“The first big break in the case came in the form of a single keystroke,” Elisha Anderson and L.L. Brasier report for The Detroit Free Press. “It had been more than two months since a popular University of Michigan medical student was shot to death, and police seemingly had few leads.”

“But on Oct. 3 — 45 miles from where student Paul DeWolf was killed in his Ann Arbor fraternity — a man in Detroit attempted to log onto a computer he’d just purchased through Craigslist. The man didn’t know it, but the Mac laptop had been stolen from DeWolf’s next-door neighbor around the time he was killed,” Anderson and Brasier report. “That computer had an app that would lead police directly to it, and to the two suspects now charged in DeWolf’s killing.”

“In a court hearing earlier this month, Ann Arbor Police Detective Katie Nucci detailed for 15th District Judge Joseph Burke how investigators used the laptop to build their case against Shaquille Jones, 21, and Joei Jordan, 20,” Anderson and Brasier report. “On Oct. 3, Apple was alerted that the stolen Apple Air [sic] [recte MacBook Air] computer was turned on, and its contents were erased. Police traced the computer to a home on Glynn Court in Detroit, and a man there said he got the computer from an Ypsilanti man through Craigslist.”

 Murder victim Paul DeWolf (left), murder suspects Joei Jordan (middle) and Shaquille Jones (right)

Murder victim Paul DeWolf (left), murder suspects Joei Jordan (middle) and Shaquille Jones (right)

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        1. If you think Ralphy has a right to express his thought, then CitizenX has an absolutely equal right to express his. So what can you possibly be objecting to?

          Unless you think “freedom” only applies to those who think and look like you?

        2. Really again? So I’m just feeling smug and liberal and enlightened and shouldn’t be offended in this day an age when I see “veiled” racism? And really it’s no so veiled. What I would expect and have heard from nazi fucks usually hiding behind their buddies in a group. Acting all enlightened about how the mud races this, the mud races that.

          I’ll be the first to say “two dumb fucks” who happen to be black but I am not going to get all “smug, racist and enlightened” and make a veiled comment about their race if they happened to be white.

          I want to thank you greg for setting my smug, liberal and enlightened ass straight with your pathetic attempt at defending free speech. That is what you were trying to do. Is that right? To defend the right to free speech?

          I guess a coward always needs something to hide behind. What better way to practice free speech than to do it anonmously.

    1. @Ape
      If ONLY the country were filled exclusively by such fine and beautiful people such as yourself. What a wonderful place it would be! Love, prosperity and butterflies, from coast to coast.

    2. Wow. That many positive votes? I doubt MDN commenters are that racist, which strongly implies someone is so pathetic they are gaming the comment-ratings to push a racist agenda.
      You folks are really small-minded, evil little entities.

  1. The police theory is that those gentlemen were stealing and killing and doing so with their cell phone’s pinging away the entire time they were allegedly committing those crimes. I am just amazed how how seemingly harmless looking people can do heinous things and do it all with apparently zero planning.

  2. Well, you must admit that if two moron-looking white guys killed a black guy medical student, Al Sharpton would be making a world of noise through a megaphone at whatever venue provided him the best photo-op.

  3. This is so sad. Why can’t criminals stick to killing other criminals? The pictures seem so stereotypical. Promising young innocent student killed by a couple of lowlife thugs. I’m willing to bet these guys had a past record, and people like that need to stay locked up. Sometimes I hate this world.

  4. This doesn’t make a lot of sense. Legally, they might be able to prove theft or burglary that happened in one house, but not murder in another. Unless they have more evidence, they might as well be pissing in the wind…

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