Yet another longtime Windows sufferer switches to Mac, finds ‘the most reliable system I’ve owned, by far’

“These are words I never thought I’d be writing,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes writes for ZDNet. “After more than two decades of being a dedicated Windows power user, someone who over that time has installed and supported countless systems running versions of Windows spanning from 3.0 to 8.1, I’ve now all but given up on the platform.”

“It might sound odd, but writing these words actually makes me sad. I devoted my 10,000 hours to mastering the platform, plus thousands more, and got the point where there wasn’t a file, registry entry, or command line trick that I wasn’t familiar with,” Kingsley-Hughes writes. “I knew how to make Windows work.”

“But now, other than for test systems and virtual machines, I carry out my day-to-day work on a variety of OS X, iOS and Android systems. I barely giving my Windows PC systems a second glance,” Kingsley-Hughes writes. “My primary work system is a MacBook Pro, and in the ten months I’ve had it it’s flawlessly done everything I’ve asked of it, from run Microsoft Word to render 4K video. I’ve lost count of the number of notebooks I’ve owned over the years, but this MacBook Pro is, by far, the most reliable system I’ve owned, and I put part of that down to the fact that it doesn’t run Windows.”

Microsoft Windows sucks

“Sure, I’ve downloaded and installed Windows 8.1 onto a number of systems for testing, and I’ve put an awful lot of hours into getting to know this latest release of Windows, but I see nothing in this new version that excites me sufficiently to tempt me back into the Microsoft ecosystem,” Kingsley-Hughes writes. “If anything, the effect has been the exact opposite, confirming my belief that parting ways with Windows was the right thing to do.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Welcome into the light, Adrian!

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    1. Adrian has been advocating for Microsoft for a long, long time. He knows his audience and their emotional touch points, their tribal pride and prejudice, their entitlement complexes, their disdain for unrealistic simpletons of a different religion; he knows because he shares these traits. But people do change. He had to know a backlash would come, but he had the honesty and courage to say it all anyway.

      The responses were many but varied. Almost surprisingly, plenty of commenters crossed the line in the sand and agreed with his negative assessment of Windows.

      There were of course vociferous defenders of the realm there to discredit Adrian. I for one learnt the most from those insistent posts. They are variants of the last cries of a mortally wounded beast, and they will echo for years to come, until the computing landscape settles into a new state of equilibrium. Let’s all hope the insufferable bluster will be gone by then.

      1. I went from Apple ][ to Atari ST, mainly looking at harware per price… then I tested a Mac emulator on Atari ST and was shocked by the Mac software quality. So then I went Mac, never owned PC either. (but I had to use PCs at work, so I always knew the difference…)

  1. I have noticed that the most enthusiastic Apple fanboys are the ones that have come from Windows to Mac. I am one. When you discover that you don’t have to live with all the frustration, you want to shout about it from the mountain tops.

    1. After you have been with Apple and the Mac for a long time and become used to the generally worry-free experience of OS X and quality hardware, your memories of the painful sting of Windows tend to diminish. That makes it easy to lose perspective between the problems that we faced on Windows and the problems that we now complain about with respect to OS X and iOS. Everything is relative.

  2. Same with me. I still use windows for gaming and hate it since it takes so long to load compared to osx on the same machine. Microsoft doesn’t know what efficient means or how to program.

    1. Osx loads and is ready to use instantly while windows takes about ten minutes and is still slow to load programs and games. I spend hours a week cleaning and fixing windows for seconds of performance gain

  3. Switched 8 years ago, and not ever switching back. Thanks to the so called Apple Tax, I’ve saved £’s on not having to buy security software, inflated pricing for OS upgrades, stupid pricing for productivity software and I’ve edited many movies with iMovie, with many professional effects.

    And I sold a 5 year old iBook G4 for 75% of its purchase price!!

    My MacBook Pro battery did require replacement last year but as Apple’s diagnostics pointed to a fault rather than simply being end of life, it was done free of charge.

    Compare to my Lenovo which I have to use at work, for which I waste 4 hours per week rebooting and trying to solve network connectivity issues, and I see no advantages of the windows platform. By company is moving to BYOD, so my current MacBook Pro will become my work machine and I’ll buy a new retina.

    1. I switched my desktop system to Apple back in January 2010. Now, everything is Apple from desktop to mobile. I bought into the Apple ecosystem and haven’t looked back. The Mac Pro is my next purchase. The only major issue I have is that I should have switched much, much earlier.

  4. The comments section on the real article’s webpage is the best part. The stories of denial are amazing. Their “my PC runs perfect” stories are not the ones I always hear from PC using friends.
    Told one of my friends to buy his kid a Mac before he went to college. He was going to then said, “Well, he’s more comfortable on the PC, he knows how to wipe it and start over when it gets too messed up.” Buy a clue……he wouldn’t have to keep wiping and restoring a Mac.

    1. Agree, I play games on a PC and love being able to play them with max settings and with a keyboard and mouse but I hate how horrible windows is. I can’t wait until Linux/SteamOS kills Microsoft

  5. I am a PC guy, running Windows VMs on 100% Mac hardware. I made the full switch in 2011. Its not to say I don’t still support Windows. As my job, I support it on a foundation of Mac OS. I have to say, it doesn’t really matter. Mac OS handles memory and storage, a league or two better than Windows. Mac OS, by far, handles sleep and hibernation, worlds better than Windows. I can’t tell you the last time I rebooted my MacBook. Windows, I swear you have to shut down every time. You can’t close the lid and expect it to have any battery life the next time you open it up. I even get nervous when I have a VM open on my MBP and closed the lid. Windows I fear, would suck all juice before I can get back to it.

  6. The fun thing to do when stories like this are written is to go read the comments section underneath them. Some of the dumbest things ever uttered by a human being will be found there. Windows doofuses whose teeth are set on edge by the mere favorable mention of Apple or the Mac Os.

    I don’t know whether they’re liars, or if they actually suffer from some sort of fantasy complex, but one way or the other, they uniformly dumb.

    Windows sucks so badly, and in so many ways, that to pretend otherwise disqualifies you from any serious discussion.

      1. Microsoft has a volunteer fire brigade that jumps into action whenever a big name person switches to a Mac and tells the truth about Windows.

        The hounds are released and the comment sections are flooded with well running Windows Fairy Tales.

        1. We have a similar effect here. The Microsoft troll-bots have abandoned blethering at MDN. But we have our pet generic anonymous coward Samsung paid troll to keep us entertained these days. Another fake nick ‘iOS 7 sucks’ comment coming any moment now… 😆

  7. I’ve had my mac for almost a year, nothing has gone wrong. It sits there asleep and a touch the keyboard and I’m back to work. It hasn’t been “shut down” since February when I went on vacation. The only time it has been rebooted is when the OS gets updated. (doesn’t Mavericks do this in the middle of the night by itself now? I don’t know and I don’t care. I just care about doing what I’m doing) The hardest thing about the Mac experience was the Microsoft license part of the windows7 install under Parallels. Considering what it is, the Parallels install went smoothly and then windows rebooted itself several times for “updates.”

    Contrast this with my windows laptop: this week it crapped out twice. Four times since January it did something screwy requiring a “call to support” and a re-installation of some piece of software. Let me be clearer: I call “support” about twice a month on the windows machine- 4 times it was major- requiring re installation of something.

    1. Twas ever thus.

      Many, many years ago I worked for a well-known oil company whose name begins with B and ends with P, when a large portion of the company (the Exploration [upstream] bit and the Corporate bit) were pretty much all Macintosh.

      At the Research centre in South-West London, there was a team of about six to care for around 1000 Windows (pre-Win95) users and one guy dedicated to caring for the 1000 MacOS (pre-OS X) users.

      Roll forward several years to project managing the Win95 to Win2K migration – by this time the entire estate was Win95 – and there was literally a whole room full of about 18 service desk analysts (first-line), plus two rooms each with around 12 second-line support staff (desktop and laptop only) and another room with about eight server support staff.

      Windows is a job-creation scheme for technical IT staff in the SME and Corporate sectors as well as the consulting and outsourcing firms. If 80% of users – the ones who don’t need access to Windows-only line-of-business applications that don’t run (or aren’t supported by the vendor) under virtualisation – were swapped over to Macs and secure cloud-based storage, you would wipe out literally hundreds of thousands of jobs and shut down a couple of hundred global ‘service desks’ in places like Singapore and India.

  8. “I devoted my 10,000 hours to mastering the platform, plus thousands more, and got the point where there wasn’t a file, registry entry, or command line trick that I wasn’t familiar with,”

    It’s tragic to think of how many lifetimes have been wasted on shit like this.


  9. I work on Windows all day at work so when I get home the last thing I want to do is mess with a windows problem.

    I love my macbook pro. Been the most solid, stable and trouble free computer I’ve ever owned.

    Sure you can make Windows work well – if you don’t mind babysitting it and becoming a freakin’ zen master at the ins and outs but that is the problem – it is WORK to keep it running smoothly.

    The only thing I still really like on Windows is Powershell. Awesome scripting language with unbelievable power. Hard to believe MS made it.

    Everything else besides powershell I’d much rather be doing on my mac.

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