Who needs an iPad mini when you have the iPad Air?

“I can now say I’m the proud owner of a brand new iPad Air,” Brandon K. writes for iSource. “Now that I’ve used the Air extensively since launch day, I can say with 100 percent certainty that I made the right decision.”

“The iPad Air is the latest – and definitely greatest – iPad offering from Apple,” K. writes. “I read an iPad Air review that said the size and weight difference between a 4th gen model and the Air was akin to seeing a retina iPhone for the first time. That is, you’re blown away and find it difficult to go back to the old way. That’s a great analogy, and although the retina vs. non-retina difference is a hands-down winner for me, the iPad Air does make it difficult, if not impossible to go back to the bigger iPad.”

“The iPad Air just feels right,” K. writes. “It doesn’t feel too bulky or cumbersome to hold. It rests much more comfortably in one hand. Typing in portrait orientation is much easier, even for someone like me with smaller hands. And, bonus, the screen size didn’t shrink. Simply put, this is by far the best iPad Apple has ever released.”

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    1. It turns out that both iPad Air and even more so iPad mini have some room for upgrade in the next year:

      1) iPad Air will have touch layer merged with the screen itself, which will eradicate space-between-layers issue that affects readability under sun light — too many reflections, as of now;

      2) iPad mini with Retina displays is manufactured on the same technology process as iPhone 4/4S screens: 326 dpi with 70% of sRGB colour gamut, with is undersaturation, unlike displays for iPhone 5/5s/5c and iPad Air.

      That said, #1 issue will never affect you if you do not use iPad under sun, and #2 issue is not normally noticable — just like people using iPhone 4/4S never really understood that their screens were undersaturated.

  1. “Who needs an iPad Mini when you have the Air?”
    Those who find the iPad mini dimensions, weight and/or price better for them.
    All these differences are for a reason. The iPad Air is not the best solution for everybody.
    It’s a good article with a bad title.

  2. Both are fantastic. I went with the Air. Congratulations to those lucky enough to get the new mini.

    Both are like magic. I recall when there were rumors that the PPC might hit 400MHz. There concepts of future computers showin thin displays and tiny CPU cases. We have exceeded those dreams.

  3. That’s why Apple wisely released the iPad mini — different people have different uses, and the two sizes are far enough apart that they really are different, unlike Samsung’s plethora of phones, phablets, small tablets, tablets, TVs, and Microsoft’s Big Ass Low-Res Tablet-thingy.

    1. Comparing mini to the air is like comparing compact car to full size car they both have there purpose and buyers, I prefer the air. I play a lot of games and a mini won’t due, I would like them to come out with 11 inch iPad.

  4. I bought the original iPad, then the iPad Retina. Each was a delight and received a lot of use. The iPad Air is even more delightful, retaining the full screen size in a smaller and lighter form, with more speed (yes, the speed is evident in use) and power. Kudos to Apple. The original iPad was an iconic device. The iPad Air takes the tablet concept to a new level not approached by any competitor.

    I also ordered the Smart Case. It’s attractive, provides more protection than the cover alone, fits well and doesn’t add much weight.

  5. Don’t need either. Not excited at all now with Apple’s iPad launches. iOS 7 has quite spoiled my experience with iOS devices so I won’t be buying any until they get that right again, like iOS 6 did. Didn’t go for the iPhone 5S either. Too small screen and no innovation that I can use. Don’t want to fork over money to Apple for a sub-optimal experience on the software side.

    1. No, the question is why buy a mini when its only $100 more to get the full experience ? The only reason I once wanted a mini was because its light, and my new Air fulfils that while maintaining “full” size – until 11″ comes out 🙂

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