Apple’s iPad Air could be off to a terrific start

“Fiksu provides an SDK that is used by a wide range of companies including 7 Eleven, Coca-Cola, Disney, Samsung and Zynga that helps them grow their user base,” Chuck Jones writes for Forbes. “It measures each iPad only once even if it is running multiple apps with its SDK so it can provide some insight into how well the various iPad models are doing.”

“Fiksu has been monitoring the usage of its SDK on the iPads that have it installed since the initial availability of the iPad 4, iPad Mini, iPad Air and will be following the Retina iPad Mini,” Jones writes. “Twelve days after they became available a year ago: iPad 4’s represented 0.31% of the iPad’s that were using Fiksu’s SDK [and] iPad Mini’s represented 0.33% of the iPad’s that were using its SDK.”

“Now 12 days after launch: iPad Air’s represent 1.56% of the iPad’s that are using Fiksu’s SDK. Note that as of 10:15 am ET the percentage was 1.77% but since it is updated during the day it tends to fluctuate,” Jones writes. “It appears from the numbers that the Air is having much greater traction in the first two weeks after it became available than the iPad 4 and Mini a year ago. However, there are a number of assumptions that need to be taken into account to develop an estimate for how the iPad Air’s are selling vs. the 4’s and Mini’s a year ago.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. I’m loving my new iPad Air. My old iPad 3 feels like a brick now in comparison. Screen appears the same, transitions are smoother because of the A7, battery life now 10 hours vs. 8. I also like the new protective case. My old iPad has a very nice leather case, but it adds a lot of bulk.

    1. Ditto, bud. Once I got used to my Air, I’d think, “Well it’s still not THAT light.” Then I’d pick up my 3 and “My God, this thing’s a brick: I tried to hold this in one hand?!”

      Same thing with the 5S. I’d get used to it, spoiled even, than pick up the old 4S and realize I went from a brick to a wafer.

      “These are the days of miracle and wonder.”
      (Typed, like most of my mail, on my trusty Air)

    2. Couldn’t agree more. I was going to get a Mini because I felt the full sized iPad was way too heavy for tasks like reading books. I couldn’t believe it when Apple was able to shave .4 lbs. off the weight. Right then and there I new I wanted the Air. I’m currently writing this post on my 64GB WIFI iPad Air. What an incredible device. Loving the extra screen size, much easier on these old eyes.

  2. It’s amazing to me that Xmas 2013 is going to be yet-another day of gift-victims moaning that what they really wanted was an iPad, not an anything-else tablet. Competition with Apple in the tablet market continues to be horrendous crap. It’s a one product market, still, years after the release of the first iPad.

    Another busy Boxing Day at the returns counter… 😯

    1. Who’s goal is to surprise and delight their customers? HTC? Dell? HP? Samedung? Sony? Asus? No, no, no, no, no, and no. Apple. The only company designing and manufacturing CE with the stated purpose of surprise and delight. Not market share. Not to pad the pockets of the stock holders. Solely to surprise and delight. Is it any wonder that we are where we are today?

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