Apple’s Mac not dead yet, not by a long shot

“The rise of tablets and smartphones may be contributing to the decline of the PC market as a whole,” Ian Paul reports for Macworld.

“But for years now, Apple’s Mac lineup has continued to flourish,” Paul reports. “If you look at the long-term trends of Apple’s quarterly numbers, unit sales of the company’s desktops and laptops grew steadily year by year over the past decade—every year, that is, until the end of 2012. The most recent numbers indicate that the Mac, like other PCs, is finally feeling the impact of the so-called tablet revolution.”

Paul reports, “But Macs are still doing better than the PC market generally… [and] even with diminishing prominence, MacBooks and iMacs still have an important role to play in Apple’s overall business.”

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      1. Indeed. I LOVE this thing. Truly solid & FAST. An integrated marvel of tech. My first Mac was a Mac LC with 4 mb of memory & an 80mb hard drive. Since that time there are too many Macs to list. This is replacing my White desktop iMac running Snow Leopard. My new Gold iPhone 5s and this MacBook Pro is now my new office. Still use my original iPad & battery is still going strong. Thanks for asking. Cheers! AAPL Long.

      1. I suspect Mac numbers will increase again YOY due to some pent-up demand for the Mac Pro and other factors. I bet they sell a lot more Mac Pro’s than anyone thinks. Virtually anyone who has one essentially has one that’s at least 2-3 years old. I have two, but torn between a new portable (haven’t had a new one since 2004) and the new Mac Pro, but the MP will be MUCH more expensive. Maybe both? That’s like $8-10,000!

    1. There will be no “convergence” of OS X and iOS. We might see more shared features, but the interface paradigms will always remain different. Steve Jobs and Tim Cook were both emphatic about keeping these products separate.

      What is more than likely to happen, is that Apple releases a new line of “consumer” computers; a laptop and an all-in-one desktop that run an enhanced version of iOS and allow the use of other input methods (non-touch screen) and hardwire peripheral connections (ports: USB, Lightning, Thunderbolt, etc).

  1. I hope with the recent advances in MacBooks Apple will develop a charger with a replaceable cord. Apple (especially Apple’s environmental loon, Al Gore) profess corporate respect for the planet yet Apple refuses the simple, elegant, and responsible alternative to the throw-away recharger. Apple doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Gaia, only consumers forking over $80 every 12 to 18 months to replace chargers with frayed cords. Hey, Jony, ever think of putting your mythological talents to some useful purpose?

      1. Stupid argument. There is a simple solution to a flawed design and Apple refuses to correct it. There is an environmentally conscientious solution to minimize waste and Apple won’t modify a product. However, Apple will charge you $80 bucks for a replacement. But you seem quite willing to do this anytime, even though a $9 detachable cord is all that is needed. I guess you have more money than sense and environmental responsibility.

      2. I’ve replaced Mac power cords that died with no obvious external damage and no more abuse than huffing the thing around in a courier bag. Apple cords, without question, are designed with more emphasis on being thin and white rather than making them more durable and in some color that doesn’t turn ugly dirty gray in the first week of use.

        Apple is NOT perfect, and our personal anecdotal experiences are no more insightful than anybody elses’. For all the effort Apple expends on making its laptop chassis robust, it’s disappointing to hold a wimpy charger wire. Function should trump useless fashion.

      3. Come one, guys. MacFreek is an asshole, in my opinion, but those plugs (especially the end that goes into the notebook itself) were not as durable as they could be. The newer barrel models are a LOT better. Why do you think Apple changed to them? People were breaking the old ones a lot. I’ve mostly taken good care of mine, but people are going to be packing and unpacking those things and potentially damaging them if they do something crazy like _take_their_laptops_places_.

          1. MacFreek is THE asshole, butt he is a master baiter. For those not sharp enough to figure it out, he’s having a blast at your expense.

            Unlike his little brother Mike. The all knowing babbler of all things “anecdotal”. A hoot I say!!

            Christ, icons then fonts, then cords. Where is the outrage regarding finger prints on touch screens. Oh the humanity.

    1. What the heck are you talking about? I’ve owned a Mac laptop of one sort or another since 2001. I’ve owned an iPhone since it came out. I’ve never once had to replace a chord or charger. What the hell are you doing with your cords, playing jump rope?

      1. I think it’s simple, some people that want their things to last take care of them, I too have not had to replace any of my own cords, however, I have had to replace my wife and kids more frequently than I’d want to admit, all for only one reason; They Do Not Take Care Of Them! Pinched, knotted, yanked, stepped on, etc… ***Sigh.

    2. I don’t know what you are doing with your cords- I’ve NEVER had to replace ANY charger cord to ANY electronic device, Apple or not.

      Can I suggest taping each end of the cord and charger when they are new? Also, maybe leaving some slack when you “wrap the cord up”. How about buying an after market product to keep the cords neat?

  2. I prefer to use a desktop computer, especially with a two monitor setup. I have an iPad that I carry with me and occasionally use it for portfolio presentation but I mostly use it for watching movies or reading while in bed. I can’t imagine the iPad replacing my two monitor desktop but I can use my Powerbook as a desktop if I connect that to a monitor. I still prefer a dedicated desktop computer but I can see that changing as mobile devices get more powerful and the ease of docking improves.

  3. I have a 2013, iMac 27” i7 w/24GB of RAM, a 23” LED monitor on the left, and a 42” LED HD TV on the right (great for using Maps or watching Netflix and Internet movies . And yes, I have an 11” MacBook Air, an iPhone 5s, an iPad mini, and I will probably purchase an iPad Air. The point is that computing nirvana really means HAVING THE COMPLETE APPLE ECOSYSTEM. I use each and everyone of my Apple devices daily, and I would never rid of them unless I upgrade them.

    Now is it necesary to have every Apple tool? Well no, but having it al? why, that’s the life!

  4. Today I picked up a new 27″ iMac for my business. This thing is close to maxed-out and should scream once I finish getting my data transferred over from my old 27″ iMac.

  5. OK, so I have an iMac and an iPad that are both getting long in the tooth. Only enough on the old credit card for one Christmas present for myself.

    New mac … New pad …

    iPad Air it is. The Mac will just have to soldier on for another year.

    It’s really quite simple. The iPad Air is FIVE TIMES faster than my iPad 2. The latest iMac is not five times faster than my 2011 model. Prettier, but not that much better. It has already received the traditional midlife RAM upgrade. And Mavericks gave it a new lease on life in any case.

    No doubt tablet development will hit a plateau somewhere down the line, but for now, it is where the smart money goes.

    1. Really? You consider your 2011 iMac old? I still have an old G5 that my kids use, I’d say that machine is “getting long in the tooth”. It still serves it’s purpose though, I even get on it here and there to play some old Raven Shield.

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