Five key features of Apple’s new OS X Mavericks

“Big cats are out. Big waves are in,” Lauren Goode writes for AllThingsD. “I’m referring, of course, to Mavericks OS X, the new operating system for Mac computers. It’s Apple’s 10th OS X operating system and it’s the first one in many years without a large-feline moniker, named instead after famously formidable surfing waves off the coast of California.”

“Since the OS is a free upgrade, this column is not about whether the upgrade is ‘worth it,'” Goode writes. “Instead, I’ve focused on a handful of key features that consumers can expect with Mavericks.”

Goode writes, “To start, Apple says that Mavericks will only run on machines from 2009 and later, though it might work on some computers from as far back as 2007. You’ll also need at least two gigabytes of RAM, and two hours of your time to complete the Mavericks install process. In my experience, the installation on my 2012, 13-inch MacBook Pro took closer to two and a half hours.”

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  1. Runs beautifully on my MacBook Pro. It’s fast, much faster than Mountain Lion. Luckily they didn’t foul it up too much, unlike iOS 7, but then I suspect that’s because Ive didn’t have a free hand to redesign Mavericks. Otherwise, it’ll look like the dog’s breakfast that is iOS 7.

    Nevertheless, a few gripes.

    – Cannot edit metadata in iBooks. But the ability to read ePUB books is nice. I’ve been reading a couple of e-books on my MBP since upgrading.
    – Calendar looks like a pig’s breakfast. That’s because it got infected by the iOS 7 mutated gene.

    Overall, a very good effort. iCloud syncs everything effortlessly. I wish they’d open up iCloud to more file management possibilities and syncing folders between Macs (assuming that you’ve got more than one Mac), and iPads and iPhones, but there are other third party solutions out there. I use Copy, 15GB free, which is more generous than iCloud’s miserly 5GB free limit. I always knew Cook to be a tightfisted ham.

    1. “Calendar looks like a pig’s breakfast. That’s because it got infected by the iOS 7 mutated gene.”

      What, you like that cheesy wood grain calender in 10.8? THAT was a pig’s breakfast!

      And curious, have you used the calendar’s snooze function and if so, does it give you a number of different snooze times like you used to get in 10.6 or are we still stuck with 15 minutes?

  2. Went without a hitch on my 2011 Mac mini. Can’t beat the price either. So far, none of my applications have been broken. My primary stuff is Adobe CS6 Master Suite, MS Office 2011, Suitcase, and Quark. All working fine.

  3. Mavericks has breathed new life into my 2007 MacBook Pro. It’s so much better than it was under Lion that I’m planning to delay the purchase of a new laptop.

  4. On a 6 month old MacBook Air, 7:70am Mavericks download started, 8:00am download completed install begins, 8:30am restart, 8:39am prompted to login to Apple ID, 8:42 finished. Me – impressed!

  5. 2011 Mini- I like it, got it mostly for the Finder tabs and multiple monitor thing.

    Still no help on coming out of Sleep, usually has to be restarted if I let it go into Sleep so I rarely do that. But that issue goes back to the beginning of OSX and on 4 different computers, so I just work around it. I avoid Sleep like the plague.

    1. I’d hazard a guess that you have a device that’s been common to these issues or kept migrating a file (kernel extension, etc.) that’s pertinent to your sleep issue. I suggest looking at all your startup scripts, login items, launch agents, etc. as well as trying to determine if you’ve an external drive, USB device or the like that’s served you well but may have an associated (fixable?) problem.

  6. “2 hours of your time”? Sorry, but this just feels like a pretentious portion of a over privileged bitch fest.
    Those two hours of your previous time are not stuck at the computer. You click dowoad, get on with your life then come back when it’s ready to move on.

    Yeasshhhh. First world problems and an ungreatfull attitude over here.

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