How to use Activity Monitor’s Energy tab in Apple’s OS X 10.9 Mavericks

“Apple made battery life and energy efficiency a key component of the OS X Mavericks upgrade, and the company provided a number of tools that users and troubleshooters can utilize to monitor energy usage,” Jim Tanous reports for TekRevue.

“But included in these tools are a lot of new terminology and concepts that may be unfamiliar to even longtime Mac users,” Tanous reports. “Here’s an overview of the new Energy tab in Activity Monitor, and how you can use it to help maximize your Mac’s battery life.”

Tanous reports, “To launch Activity Monitor, either search for it with Spotlight or navigate to /Applications/Utilities and find Activity Click on the Energy tab to view important information about your Mac’s energy usage. We’ll examine each portion of this window separately.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


  1. OMG Adobe! Creative cloud has a 35.5 energy impact! Holy shite! That is more than ALL the other services apple is running in the background COMBINED! What a stupid goddamn battery killer.

    1. Here is a sample:
      Creative Cloud: 33.2
      Activity Monitor: 1.5
      iPhoto: 0.9
      LogMeIn Menubar: 0.2
      Spotlight: 0.1
      Dropbox: 0.1
      LMIGUIAgent: 0.1
      NETserver: 0.0
      Finder: 0.0
      Safari: 0.0
      Seagate Storage Gauge: 0.0
      Mail: 0.0
      LOGINserver: 0.0
      USBserver: 0.0
      iCloud Photos: 0.0
      Messages: 0.0
      Terminal: 0.0
      Flash Player (Safari Internet plug-in): 0.0

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