After earnings today, Apple’s next catalyst: Santa Claus

“Apple’s earnings are set for after the closing bell Monday, and with the iPhone and iPad refreshes out of the way the next catalyst for Apple is the holiday shopping season,” Chris Ciaccia reports for TheStreet.

“Apple increasingly has become a one-quarter company, generating nearly 35% of its fiscal 2013 earnings in its fiscal first quarter, which is the holiday shopping quarter,” Ciaccia reports. “When Apple reports fourth-quarter earnings, analysts will be looking to see how far off their estimates for the upcoming quarter are, given the tremendous demand seen for the new iPhones and with reviews of the new iPads coming in glowingly.”

“Analysts surveyed by Thomson Reuters are looking for Apple to generate $13.81 a share in earnings on $55.7 billion in revenue for its fiscal first quarter [Q114],” Ciaccia reports. “Analysts surveyed by Thomson Reuters are looking for Apple to earn $7.96 a share on $36.93 billion in revenue for the fourth quarter [Apple’s fiscal Q413 results are due after market close today].”

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  1. Man there is another hit piece in the San Jose Mercury again today. Full of Apple failing, losing market share. How Icahn is going to force Cook out and get a new board. I hate how Apple’s home town paper is so negative on Apple. Nary a bad word about the other Valley outfits, Google and Facebook. The Tech doofus Woverton is constantly reviewing and touting everything not Apple, their business guys critcise everything from market share to the new spaceship building. They do not have a comments section, you have to tweet the writer if you want to complain. Damn they make me mad. It is like rooting against the 49ers for christ sakes.

  2. Hey, no comment section just shows that its a HIT piece. They do not care about what people think. Just hit the article, see the advertising, go away.

    Just a thought.

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