MacDailyNews presents live coverage of Apple’s ‘Lot More to Cover’ special event

Apple CEO Tim Cook and a team of Apple executives will be holding their much-anticipated “We still have a lot more to cover” special media event today, October 22nd, at 10am PDT/ 1pm EDT.

The special event will take place at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, California.

It is widely expected that the 5th generation iPad and 2nd generation iPad mini (with Retina display) will be unveiled today, possibly accompanied by the announcement of a release date for OS X Mavericks and the all-new Mac Pro, and more!

MacDailyNews will offer live notes during Tim Cook and company’s special media event presentation right here on this page. So, just bookmark this page and we’ll see you here!

Apple's October 22, 2013 special media event invitation
Apple’s October 22, 2013 special media event invitation

• End of event.

• Cook: Thank you for joining us.
• Cook: Other companies would be proud to have just one of these products. Apple brings you all of them in time for the holidays.
• Cook: These amazing products are amazing examples that only Apple could deliver

• New iPad Air television ad… device flat on tables hidden behind a #2 yellow pencil
• Cook recaps today’s announcements
• AAPL: $521.40 up 0.04 (0.01%) @ 2:20PM EDT
• Tim Cook retakes stage

• New iPad Air and iPad mini cases
• iPad mini starts at $399. (Previous gen iPad mini starts at $299.)
• iPad mini comes in “Silver & White” and “Space Gray & Black”
• iPad mini with Retina display offers 10 hour battery life
• iPad mini – 64-bit A7 processor
• iPad mini gets 7.9 Retina display

• iPad Air comes with all iLife and iWork apps for free
• iPad Air is built tough – meant to be used everywhere
• iPad Air video… (Jony Ive)
• 64-bit iPad Air: $499 to start – ships on November 1 (32-bit iPad 2 stays on market starting at $399)
• iPad Air: “Silver & White” and “Space Gray & Black”
• iPad Air: 5mp iSight, 1080p video, FaceTime HD with larger pixels, dual microphones, over 10 hours battery life
• iPad Air: 64-bit Apple A7, M7 motion co-processor (2x faster, 2X faster graphics vs. previous gen.)
• As with many Apple products, pictures do not do it justice – you have to hold it in your hands
• iPad Air is the lightest full-sized tablet in the world
• 7.5mm thin, 1.0 pound (vs. 1.4 pound for previous generation)
• iPad Air: 9.7-inch Retina display, thinner side bezel, 43% thinner bezel than previous generation iPad
• iPad Air
• Thinner, lighter, more powerful than ever before
• The biggest step yet in delivering the vision that is iPad
• Phil Schiller takes stage to discuss next-gen iPads

• Cook: We want to help our customers create even more amazing stories.

• iPad video…
• Over 475,000 apps designed for iPad. Not stretched out phone apps like the iPad also-rans offer
• iPad is rated #1 in customer satisfaction since the inception of the ratings
• iPad usage 81%. iPad wannabes 19%.
• iPad passed 170 million units sold as of earlier this month

• Microsoft is even more doomed. – MDN Ed.

• Cook: Everything is free because we want our customers to have the latest, best software
• Cook: “I can’t wait to hear the new album.”

• iWork is free with new Macs and iOS devices
• Cue: “You can even colloborate with a friend who’s stuck on a PC”
• Multiple users can edit the same document at the same time – it just iWorks! (They’re making an album cover for Eddy Cue’s “new album”)
• iWork for iCloud introduces collaboration
• iWork demo…
• iWork: Pages, Numbers, Keynote – all documents interchangeable between iOS devices and Macs
• Contextual menus – change depending on what you’re doing
• Full file compatibility between iOS and OS X
• iWork completely rewritten for OS X – 64-bit

• iLife is free with the purchase of any new Mac or iOS device – available today
• Hundreds of new feature in iLife

• GarageBand new Drummer feature samples played by world’s top studio musicians
• GarageBand on OS X demo…
• GarageBand on Mac offers improved sound library
• GarageBand gets all-new look on iOS 7. Up to 32 tracks of music on 64-bit iOS devices
• iMovie on Mac offers iMovie Theater – iMovies available on all of your Apple devices
• iMovie offers ton of new features – desktop class effects to iPad and iPhone
• iPhoto has a brand new look in iOS – photobooks come to iPad (iOS 7)
• iLife: Brand new versions of iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand for iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks (all integrated with iCloud)
• Eddy Cue takes stage…

• Mac Pro video…
• Mac Pro is assembled in the U.S.A.
• Up to 70% less energy consumption vs previous Mac Pro
New Mac Pro will start at $2999 (3.7GHz quad-core Xeon, 12GB DRAM) – available in December
• Logic with Mac Pro – the perfect computer for the recording studio
• Aperture with Mac Pro – cuts editing time exponentially
• Final Cut Pro X with Mac Pro – makes realtime 4K video editing a reality
• Mac Pro is built for expansion
• The I/O ports illuminate when the Mac Pro is moved (via motion sensor)
• HDMI 1.4 supports 4K video (up to 2 displays)
• Thunderbolt 2
• All PCIe-based Flash storage, up to 1TB of internal Flash storage
• Dual-workstation GPUs: AMD FirePro graphics
• 1866MHz DDR3 ECC memory
• Intel Xeon E5, 4,-, 6-, 8-, or 12-core designs
• Mac Pro: 1/8th the volume of the previous Mac Pro

• 15-inch MacBook Pro starts at just $1999 – ships today
• 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display (Intel quad-core i7 processor, up to 8 hours battery life, PCIe-based flash, 802.11ac, Thunderbolt 2)
• 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display starts at just $1299 (2.4GHz dula core i5) – ships today
• New MacBook Pro – 13-inch (3.46 lbs., 0.71″ thin, Haswell, Intel Iris Graphics up to 90% faster than previous generation, up to 9 hours of battery life, PCIe-based flash, 802.11ac, Thunderbolt 2)
• Recaps latest MacBook Air models and reviews
• Phil Schiller takes stage.

• OS X Mavericks is FREE for OS X Snow Leopard and higher.
• Apple makes OS X Mavericks FREE via Mac App Store today.
• Mavericks is a fantastic release. It renews your Mac.

• New Calendar app – completely location aware – how long to travel to event, Maps integration
• Safari demo
• MLB Notification: Red Sox to the World Series!
• Federighi’s wife is “Hair Force Two.”
• OS X Mavericks demo…

• Maps and iBooks apps come to the Mac with OS X Mavericks

• Mavericks offers myriad features and improvements: Federighi covers new features

• Mavericks can adjust video memory on the fly – offers high performance no matter what you’re doing
• Mavericks’ Compressed Memory maximizes your RAM
• Mavericks gives you up to an hour longer web browsing, up to 1.5 hour longer watching iTunes videos
• OS X Mavericks offers deep and broad improvements in Power Efficiency
• OS X Mavericks: Craig Federighi takes stage

• Cook: We’ve been really hard at work on the Mac…
• Cook: Our competition is different. They’re confused. [But] we have a very clear direction.
• Mac: Incredible hardware and beautiful design coupled with OS X
• App Store: 60 billion apps downloaded; over $13 billion to developers

• iTunes Radio: Over 30 million listeners. Number continues to grow. Over 1 billion songs listened to already (U.S.-only).

• 64% of iOS devices now running iOS 7
• Tim Cook: Over 200 million devices running iOS 7 after just 5 days; today nearly 2/3rds of devices now running iOS 7
• Tim Cook: iOS 7 reviews have been tremendous
• Tim Cook: “It makes all the hard work worthwhile.”
• Video of iPhone launch day

• Tim Cook: iPhone sold 9 million iPhone by end of launch weekend. The biggest iPhone launch ever.
• “It reflects the unique way that Apple creates what we believe are the very best products in the world.”
• “I really love that video.”

• Apple CEO Tim Cook takes the stage at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. (applause)

• Apple video – mission statement

• Live stream link:

• AAPL: $516.79, down $4.57 (0.88%) @ 12:58PM EDT

• “Please take this moment to switch all electronic devices to silent mode.”

• Event starts at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT

• AAPL: $524.77, up $3.41 (0.65%) @ 9:43AM EDT


  1. Because Tim Cook is speaking today, Apple’s share price will drop again. The longer he talks the further Apple’s share price will drop. I hate it. Why can’t Apple hire some actor like Ashton Kutcher to imitate Steve Jobs?

    I really can’t stand to watch events anymore because I already know the results. Every product Apple introduces is said to be stale or boring by the tech industry pundits. They can’t stand any product Apple shows because it isn’t some miracle product that changes computing history. These tech-heads have become so jaded it’s unnerving. All these Apple events do is give reasons for Wall Street to further drive down Apple’s share price.

    Whenever Jeff Bezos talks at an Amazon event their share price rises, but with Tim Cook speaking, it’s just another unpleasant crying time for Apple shareholders.

    It’s so funny when the tech people grumble and say that Apple’s iPad is only a minor upgrade. Exactly what could Apple put in or on the iPad that would make it an earth-shattering breakthrough? Equip it wish a trans-dimensional portal switch? Seriously, I just don’t get it. Any improvement should be a great thing. I’ve always liked improved products. Why should it provoke a hate reaction saying that Apple has jumped the shark and is on its way to irrelevance? It’s just so stupid the way the tech news media talks about Apple considering how many consumers still like their products.

    Oh, well. Another down day for Apple. I guess I’ll check to see if Netflix or Google is up another $15. At least I’ll know some shareholders are having a good day.

    1. Its always been like that, I cant actually remember when it was different. Every launch and/or event is/was met with supposed disappointment then a year later talked about what a genius SJ was in devising it. Only problem now is the latter isn’t open to them, not a lot we can do about that unless and until another ‘showman’ evolves. But then will that make the inevitable SJ comparison poor old Cook even gets better or worse?

      1. Expecting Cook to rival Jobs in style or effect is not only unrealistic, but in large part undesirable. Cook already looks too much like a pale knock-off of Jobs–jeans and black shirt, different only in shape; the stage-pacing delivery with pressed fingertips; and pregnant lead-up pauses to “big” moments.

        Let Cook be what he is, in a natural and comfortable manner that fits who he is–think of his congressional testimony–and, as he has increasingly done, leave the heavy pitch work to associates (without the expectation of a Jobsian Reality Distortion Field at every announcement).

        The one thing someone could do for Cook–and most of the Apple management team–is give him a series of diction classes where the words “amazing” and “incredible” are banned from use. As is, their ceaseless repetition has a dull thud effect and not the Batman “WOW!” “BAM! hyperbole that they seek to produce.

    1. I like my iPod Classic. Very, very much. As does my wife like hers. They’re fantastic for long road trips. So hush – there will always be a place for them, if you actually listen to music.

  2. Apple doesn’t have to kiss Wall Street’s ass.

    Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung, and Google need favorable press from Wall Street, who can make or break a product roll-out by any of these companies, especially if the products are uninspired and cribbed.

    1. Wall Street has a huge stick-up-the-butthole over Apple specifically because the company WILL NOT CONFORM to the mediocrity and outright customer abuse that is the standard in today’s POS biznizz bozoid world. Nothing would please Wall Street more than to have Apple listen to them, bend over backwards and get shtupped by them. Not gonna happen.

      Jam that stick up there HARDER Apple! It’s wonderful to watch the Wall Street parasites sputter and spew in protest and pain. 😀

    2. iPad Air.

      It has a name and now, so too should its OS.

      iOS should follow X with a Name. Birds are the place to start; not necessarily predatory birds but graceful elegant birds whose color palettes could be used throughout the System.

        1. The Air Pad.

          You know! where it’s going…. a Fruit Roll-up!

          I’ve been talking for a while now about fabrics enmeshed with circuits and as goes layered silicon goes I can’t wait for some chick to finally bite the bullet and get the back done as well; give my hands something to do while she talks!

          But anyway, Apple Apparel™ technology licensed to Macy’s & Marshall’s will propagate a race into a world wherein we dress in computers.

          I’ve been sequestering my gadgets into pockets, pillows, and panties for twenty-years now and I hated every minute of it. These days, anything with a power cord is DOA.

          It’s Winter and I need a suit!

          I’d have thought that when Apple introduced the world to a Jetsons™ reality we’d have been living in Space by now and I’d have a room with a view.

          I am living the legacy that is Steve Jobs; minimalist razor-sharp focus nagging nature for everything hoping she doesn’t fry my ass. I’m no trust-fund baby but I know what I want.

          I can dream can’t eye?

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