Mac users: 10 new OS X Mavericks features to watch out for

“As well as new iPads, Apple is expected to release the latest update to its OS X operating system at its 22 October event in San Francisco,” Sophie Curtis reports for The Telegraph. “The Telegraph takes a look at some of its most exciting features.”

10 new OS X Mavericks features to watch out for:
1. iBooks
2. Apple Maps
3. Shared Links
4. AirPlay Display
5. Finder tabs
6. Tags
7. iCloud Keychain
8. Enhanced dictation
9. Interactive Notifications
10. App Auto Updating

Each of the 10 items above discussed in the full article here.


            1. Candy gram for Mongo. Candy gram for Mongo. And, yes, I do remember Blazing Saddles. Blazing Saddles is one of the best comedies ever made. I wish Mel Brooks made more films.

      1. I suppose, but I’ve been running the first GM for a couple weeks on a non-mission-critical MacBook Pro and am mostly struck by how little difference there is between ML and Mav. I’d hope that Apple prices 10.9 at $9.99.

    1. Apple should charge enough to make a profit on the cost of its development plus ~5-10% profit margin within the next OS development cycle. This would be easy for Apple to calculate based on past sales volumes.

      To those who propose that Apple charge less than the price of a decent dinner: why??? You know you’re going to pay whatever Apple asks for it anyway. Don’t attempt to tell us you spent >$1k on a Mac some months or years ago and now can’t possibly cough up more than one lousy ATM food stamp.

  1. To me all these changes are esoteric and unimportant. Why not add more functionality to copy and paste…often you cannot copy text on the web or you have to copy an entire page. This has not been updated since OS8! How about adding color and font selections in Addressbook. How about giving back the “bounce” feature in Apple Mail. I would bet that everyone who gets this update will find that their printer, scanner will no longer work.

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