To read between the lines of Tuesday’s iPad event, look at the past

“Apple may be notoriously tight-lipped about what it’s working on, but that’s never stopped it from having just a little bit of fun with teasing what’s to come,” Jacob Kastrenakes reports for The Verge.

“From subtle wordplay to carefully chosen imagery, Apple has a history of dropping hints and hiding details about its next announcement right on the invitations it sends out for each event,” Kastrenakes reports. “We’ve collected most of Apple’s invitations over the last decade to see just how those hints were hidden, where Apple left no hints at all, and just what it all might mean for the company’s next event.”

Kastrenakes reports, “Apple uses bright colors so often that it’s hard to put too much stock into expecting something colorful, but perhaps there could be some innovation in the iPad covers.”

Apple's October 22, 2013 special media event invitation
Apple’s October 22, 2013 special media event invitation

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  1. Wow. Thanks for the memories. Motorola ROKR, anyone? Anyone? Just a reminder that not all of Apple’s decisions are landmark or amazing.

    And while the article is speculating on the word ‘cover’ in the tagline, I’d suggest that it’s a fairly straightforward double entendre reference to their portable products – namely the MacBook line updates and new iPads which are likely to dominate the announcements.

    1. Although speaking of the ROKR, it was a great bait-and-switch for all of the other phone-makers to follow (or ignore) while Apple prepared its masterstroke. Perhaps like the watch and TV rumors (neither of which we’ll see tomorrow).

  2. One can only look at the past if one has Time Capsule or Time Machine! ergo To resad between the lines of Tuesday’s iPad event, you will need a MacBook (Air/Pro), iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro or an iMac.

    So here is to looking to the past 🙂

  3. Looking back at past Apple events, Steve would stand on stage to announce:

    – iMac
    – Mac OS X Cheetah
    – iPod
    – iPod nano
    – iPhone
    – iOS
    – MacBook Air
    – iPod touch
    – iPad

    All exciting stuff. Everything Steve did was exciting.

    Contrast that with Cook. He launched:

    – Thinner harder to read iOS 7 fonts
    – pastel colored iPhones

    Errrr…that’s it folks. Cook the embalmer is in charge now. Goodnight. Will the last one out of Apple Corps turn out the lights.

    1. @ Looking back.
      What is Apple corps?
      Have you just stumbled on this site and then felt so inspired to elucidate us with your limited knowledge?
      You can now widen your knowledge by visiting the fore mentioned site below.
      Next time, shit in private so as to avoid embarrassment and ridicule of which I have refrained from pilling on you.

      1. Apple Corps, under Steve Jobs, was the equivalent of the United States Marine Corps of the tech world. Hard men (and women) sent on death defying missions to protect and change the world. Something you left wing liberals or foreign aliens will never understand.

        1. @ USMC.
          Having just read my reply to Looking back, you have gone and revealed to all and sundry that your face resembles a baboon’s anus. It is the only logical reason that could explain your breath taking arrogance in thinking that your comment is the in the slightest bit amusing.
          Once again, just be clear.
          Apple inc. bought the sole rights to the name of Apple Corps and all other trade marks incorporated to that name and put it permanently on ICE so that the Beatles and anyone associated with them no longer have the rights and images of Apple corp.
          With that purchase by Apple inc. Apple corps ceased to trade.

          1. At ease shitbird. All you foreigners haven’t got a lick of sense in you except eat turd and die in the mountains of Afghanistan. When I wrote Apple Corps, I was fully aware that Apple Corps wasn’t the company that Steve Jobs ran, but the Corps was used in the context of Marine Corps, you stupid jerk wad, not within the context of a company name.

            1. @ USMC alias At ease, shitbird.
              Understand the English language and command it well before trolling.
              When was Apple corps under Steve Jobs?
              What has the USMC as you like to infer got to do with Tuesday’s event?
              Has Steve Jobs or Apple inc. ever sent anyone on a death defying mission to change or protect the world?
              What & who is a left wing liberal or an alien for that matter?
              Would they be anyone who does not agree with you?
              If your intention is to vent about “The Corps” i.e. USMC, then that is what you should have said and not proceeded to twine Steve Jobs name into your blathering hyper ventilation on all things not USMC related. Ps DO NOT USE THE NAME OF THE USMC IN VAIN! You Baboon’s Anus!!

    2. You might be dumb enough to get a job writing about tech for Forbes. You do realize that Steve Jobs was CEO from 1997-2011. Tim Cook has only been doing this for 2 years… 1/7th of the time. If you’re really stupid enough to believe what you wrote, PLEASE apply for a job writing at Forbes – they need the worst and dullest.

  4. A “lot to cover” is about sports coverage. Here’s the hint: What appears to be leaves on the publicity banner are actually pastel-colored footballs.

    Apple will change sports coverage forever by embedding FaceTime cameras into athletic equipment, beginning with the American football. Powered by pigskin-textured photovoltaics — the first of its kind in the industry — Apple’s patented technology will tap continuous gyroscope readings to provide rapid video auto-correction that accounts for spin and wobble. Audiences around the world will get a fresh view of the sport from the perspective of the ball itself.

    1. They’re clearly double convex, or converging, lens shapes, thus heralding a startling advance in their cameras, surely married to a shrewd new pattern-detection algorithm for facial recognition and reconstitution. No more need for Photoshop — every woman now a Cover girl! (And every man a Rambo!)

  5. I think the “We have a lot to cover” banner suggests that Apple has finally signed deals with the major networks and will deliver television to all their devices. Buh-bye Comcast.

  6. I’m going to read the tea (apple) leaves and guess “Transparent or Translucent covers for iPad”. Maybe not the whole cover.

    Oh well, I always try to guess and have never gotten it right.

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