Dark horse 13-inch iPad may be a game changer for Apple tomorrow

“Apple has scheduled a product-announcement event for tomorrow. My expectations are that the products announced will be mostly evolutionary, but there is a dark horse that can change the game for tablet computing,” Nigam Arora writes for MarketWatch.

“The dark horse is a 13-inch iPad that is a replacement for full-fledged laptops,” Arora writes. “If this dark horse appears, the technical setup in Apple stock is such that the stock can easily rocket to $600 and beyond.”

Arora writes, “Such a device would be a game changer because it would be the first tablet from Apple that would be a full-fledged laptop replacement. This would open up a totally new segment that Apple could lead until the competition catches up. There would be big demand for such a device among corporate customers. The introduction of such a device would also calm critics who are fearful that Apple has stopped innovating.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Three points:

1. MaxiPad.™

2. The competition hasn’t caught up, yet, so what makes you think they ever will, 13-inch iPad or not.

3. The naysayers would immediately say that there is no innovation in simply making a bigger iPad (ignoring 64-bitness, M7, Touch ID, and any Apple apps designed specifically for optimal performance on a larger iPad).


      1. Never say never, particularly when it comes to Apple. Having said that… 0% chance of it happening tomorrow.
        I’ve been using mine more and more as a second screen, mostly with my laptop. All of my midi apps, Logic in particular, FCP, Photoshop all have apps that connect to my computer in some way. When I need documentation I go to the iPad so I can read while I’m still in the application. When I have a powerpoint or word doc with changes I need to implement in AE or C4D I go to my iPad. A bigger screen would be welcome here. If there was pen support, all the better – I’d get rid of PS in a second if I could. As processors and batteries get better and lighter, this may be a true laptop replacement.

      2. Agreed, no 13″ iPad. That’s ridiculous, and no, a 13″ iPad could NOT replace a laptop — they do different things.

        iOS 7 cannot run OS X apps. There are simply some things which are better done on a phone/tablet, and some that are better done on a laptop/desktop.

        1. For now that may be true. As processors get faster a lot of the tasks I currently perform on my laptop will be moved to my iPad. I never said I wanted to run OS X apps on an iPad. But as more apps get written for iPad correctly, they will replace desktop apps I do use – it’s happening already. Right now my iPad augments OS X. I can see using an iPad as a main device in the not too distant future. Not in a gross Microsoft frankenstein way, but in a holistic Apple way. For my work I will always need the raw power of the mac pro, but will I always need a laptop? I’m not so sure.

        2. And yet, all of you were stating that Apple was NEVER going to release a iPad mini! I wish you people would just say you would not buy a iPad maxi and let the consumer marketplace decide for theirselves. I personally would welcome a larger iPad for home & I would like for Apple to offer a telephony radio chip in the iPads so I can take my iPhone sim out & stick it in any of my iPads and use the unlimited data as I see fit. But Apple probably won’t, so I will take what they offer. But I would not say NEVER,

  1. I suspect the 13″ iPad will sell as well as Tiger Woods’ used underwear. Well, if you’re laptop dancer, it’ll sell crazy well, but otherwise…crickets… 🙂

  2. Really? A 13″ iPad would not be innovative. If taking an existing product and slapping a bigger screen on it is innovation, then we live in sad times.

    This analyst needs to learn what true innovation is.

    1. I could see Apple building a larger version iPad in conjunction with one of two things:

      1. They have incorporated some sort of stylus support (for artists etc)

      2. The screen was capable of scanning documents

      I have read that Apple has played around with these ideas (applied for patents etc) and imagine that the stylus will eventually happen. But the point is that Apple won’t introduce that size unless it actually solves some sort of problem.

        1. I’m actually looking to buy my son a full sized iPad for Christmas for school and to draw on. I found exactly what your wanting. INTUOS Creative Stylus made by Wacom, ago makes Bamboo.
          I’m not an artist, but looks like it should work good for him avd maybe you too. It’s $99

  3. Nope no 13″ but defonitly an 11″ pad is on its way… Not sure if it will tomorrow. Maybe next year.
    The new lighter smaller form factor with 64bit processor and fingerprint detector is enough of a change for this upgrade

  4. If any of these fantasies is missing tomorrow, AAPL will drop $50 and of course Apple is doomed or something. I can hardly wait until the pundits return to say that Apple can’t innovate anymore.

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