Apple vs. Microsoft: Significance of the October 22 showdown

“On October 22, Nokia will be hosting a media event in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, where it is expected to announce new smartphones,” J. M. Manness writes for Seeking Alpha. “ater that day, Apple (AAPL), which last month launched it’s the new iPhone 5s, will also hold a media event in San Francisco to announce the new line of iPads, and various other products. Meanwhile, in September, Microsoft (MSFT) announced their new line of surface tablets.”

“Clearly, any new devices introduced on the 22nd [by Nokia] will be Windows mobile. Most notably, a new Lumia 1520 is expected. The phone is reported to have a 6 inch screen, one of the largest in the industry, and will include a high-end camera, which has been a trademark of the series,” Manness writes. “Since Microsoft is due to purchase the division, this should be viewed as a Microsoft event. Unfortunately for them, their announcements will probably be overshadowed by Apple’s big iPad event.”

“The Apple event will be a spectacle – as always,” Manness writes. “Let’s look at the really important changes that are coming – two items that are at once the most significant and the most certain: Touch ID sensor [and the] Apple A7x processor. These two are important since they are both: ground breaking, unique, part of an overall plan towards greater security, aimed at the enterprise, and beyond. Actually, the two are tied together in a way that not many people appreciate, and this gives iOS, and Apple, a real advantage that will be hard for others to match.”

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  1. If I wanted coverage of my new tablet to be completely buried in the tech press, id schedule the launch in Abu Dhabi on the same day Apple was launching a new iPad.

  2. the only thing i am interested about microshit is the bashing they going to get in the market place against apple, now that is a saga to watch and enjoy. On saturday i played with a Microsoft surface pro, and it was a horrible device physically, big, heavy and too much thick, i ipad 3 retina with smart cover is thinner then the microsoft without any cover.

  3. Obviously, Nokia’s whatever will be crushed into a footnote for the day.

    But why is Nokia announcing anything in Abu Dhabi? Techno/future-phobic arab-somewhere has an interest in Nokia anything? That’s the interesting question IMHO.

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