Beleaguered Microsoft pulls Windows RT 8.1 update; crashes Surface tablets

“Microsoft has pulled a Windows update from its website after it caused some customers’ devices to crash,” The Associated Press reports. “The company said it removed the RT 8.1 update from the Windows Store during the weekend.”

AP reports, “In place of the update, Microsoft posted an apology for the problem and said it’s trying to resolve the situation quickly. The company says it will give updates as soon as possible.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: All three Surface RT users would likely be consulting tattoo removal services already by now – except they’re all Ballmer boys, so those hideous Microsoft tattoos were a gift from daddy when each of them were newborns. And, crashes are so expected by Windows sufferers, how do they even know there’s a problem?

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Paulo R.” for the heads up.]

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  1. As a “normal” tech consumer, the amazing thing to me is that the folks at Microsoft have two things going for them as far as making money: Windows and Office. They don’t do the needed bug checks on a major Windows upgrade (which damages the brand name enormously), and they don’t put Office on the best-selling tablet (which leaves them out of a big market and gives room to others to enter). I really don’t get it.

        1. Hearing rumor on the street that Ballmer’s replacement is going to be Alan Mullsly, the current CEO of Ford. He turned Ford around at 67 years of age. Pretty impressive resume, graduated MIT. Ballmer would look like a nitwit compared to this guy.

  2. I walked past a Microsoft Store in the Somerset Mall in Troy MI on Saturday – 10 customers (3 playing Xboxes, 1 apparently receiving some form of counseling (or possibly training), the other 7 just milling around). 13 MS employees – 3 more employees than customers.

    Went downstairs to the Apple Store – the store is about 50% larger than the MS Store and was PACKED! I couldn’t even count the number of people in there, but it was obvious that customers outweighed employees by a good portion!

    1. I am hearing a fair amount of negative comments about IOS7, and it reminds me that Apple is a “ruthless” tech company which does not try to please, and I mean that to be a compliment.

      I thought that Apple was wrong/crazy to eliminate the 3.5″ disk from the iMac ( was wrong), I thought that Apple was wrong/crazy to create a laptop without a CD/DVD drive (I was wrong), and I was not happy with OSX version that eliminated Rosetta support–I lost the ability to use a fair amount of software (I was wrong to want to keep it going).

      There is a theme here, and it is that Apple moves forward.

      1. iOS 7 is moving forward? Please forgive me when I say you’ve been drinking too much of the Apple Kool-Aid.

        Have a look at the Windows Mobile 6.5 flat icons and tell me if iOS 7 isn’t moving towards the look and feel of an obsolete, discredited OS that went defunct at about the same time the iPhone was introduced.

        1. I was being quite serious in my comment when I talked about times in the past when I thought that Apple was wrong/crazy, and it turned out that the company was moving forward, and I was trying to stay in one place (3.5″ disk, CD/DVD drive on a laptop, Rosetta support).

          My point is that if you want Apple to keep things status quo (looks like icons and the overall “look” are a big deal to you), then you will be disappointed.

          1. I’m not saying that all modifications are necessarily bad. Doing away with the floppy disk drive and Rosetta were moves made to force hardware and software developers to develop for a modern platform by abandoning support for legacy devices and software. This has the overall effect of moving the entire platform forward, painful though it might be for the participants involved.

            But iOS 7 is in no way, shape or form an improvement or upgrade over iOS 6. If anything, iOS 7 downgrades usability and the ability to usefully navigate the OS with large visual cues. All that navigational usefulness in iOS 6 has been swept away for a re-modelled OS that consists of flat icons that harkens back to the olden days of mobile computing when GPUs struggled to draw hyper-realistic objects on the screen.

            1. You say, “iOS 7 is in no way, shape or form an improvement or upgrade over iOS 6,” which is nothing more than your personal opinion. Not only do I wholeheartedly disagree, most of the press, reviews, and user accounts I’ve read also disagree.

              You then go on to suggest that “iOS 7 downgrades usability”, suggesting that “large visual cues” and that “navigational usefulness in iOS 6 has been swept away”. Not a word of that is factual; again, it’s all subjective opinion.

              The reality is that you don’t like the look and feel of iOS 7. Instead of just saying you don’t like it, you’re attempting to concoct an argument to support your position. The problem is, your argument has no basis in reality.

              Just give your opinion and move on.

              PS – iOS 7 looks NOTHING like Windows Mobile 6.5. Give me a break.

        2. Flat icons doesn’t address:

          – the bugs
          – lack of innovation
          – inferior hardware/ software
          – lack of developer support
          – lack of vision
          – lack of taste
          – performance issue
          – shit brown color in anything

          Please do tell me how any of these have to do with an interface that apple invented in “widgets” back in their desktop operating system BEFORE iPhone or any mobile phone implemented it?

          Do tell me please? Troll

          1. Unlike the competition, Apple fixes things and makes updates available to upgrade their iDevices. Try updating the OS on your Android or whatever flavor of the month smart phone you’re using. Apple is the only company that proactively updates, patches, adds features, and fixes for their phones and tablets. So a lot of the griping refers to the current state of iOS.

            Also, a lot of issues are also due to third party apps which either need to be updated and fixed themselves. All of this will come to pass. Six months from now when we’re all running iOS 7.0.4 and all our apps are upgraded to iOS 7 full compatibility and 64 bit, all this kvetching will be old news.

            Well, old news for us Apple users. The others will still be stuck using whatever they got when they bought their non-Apple devices.

            I like their strategy, I like it a lot.

        3. “One step forward, four steps back”, that’s actually pretty funny! (You did post your whole note and video as a joke, right? We’re not missing something here, are we?)

          I like how in the video you posted, the guy tells us about the things that still aren’t working and how the look is messy and hard to scan in submenus, can’t configure some screens and that it’s “annoying”, and we can see ourselves, how much lag there is with his Windows phone.


        4. What point were you trying to make with your video link?

          All you did was make me ill, as well as praise the fact that I am coherent enough to know I’m never using Microsoft crap again.

          This had WHAT to do with iOS 7? Nothing from what I can see. Bullshit us some more please. 😆

      2. You know the thing about the dvd drive in the Macs? Well, I switched over to an iMac in Dec 2012. I bought a apple DVD drive- I’ve used it twice: 1) once to rip a CD to see if the drive worked and 2) to install Win 7 under parallels. I also have a company windows laptop new in Jan 2013- I’ve used the DVD drive once to copy a few gigs of a friend’s music collection (which the iMac recognized and automatically put into iTunes). I still have a stack of blank CDs and DVDs purchased before 2008. I’ll never spend money on blank CDs or DVDs agian, I have a lifetime supply. The laptop should have a 2nd battery instead of the dvd drive.

    2. Buggy = Internal code name for anything Windows. Proof is in the story.

      Haha, troll.
      Pulling an update. How’s all that productivity working out?

      Btw, Apple has a gift for you tomorrow, but you have to trade in your Surface tablet today with a $200 in store Apple credit. Oh wait, only Microsoft is that desperate to buy back superior products for their inverted laptop bug traps.

    3. 1. I fear for Apple…
      2. Steve is rolling over in his grave…
      3. I have used Apple since 19.. and this is the worst…
      4. I stood in line for the first iPhone, but with iOS 7 I will now switch to …
      5. Without Forstall, Apple is doomed…
      6. With the massive drop in 5c orders it is clear Apple has lost its way…
      7. Jony Ive …
      8. Coke must go…

      Etc. , etc.

  3. I flat out cannot understand the complaints of iOS 7. For me the upgrade on my 4s went smoothly and worked well and the battery length was about a half hour longer.

    On my new 5s, it works well and is much easier to use especially with “one finger”. I don’t particularly like the look of a few icons (like the music app), but so what? iOS 7 is more intuitive and easier to use. A lot of important things are improved like the camera app and the way it handles multiple wifi signals in different locations. Another one is “face time audio” – excellent!

    Any complaints about it are due to subjective appearance preferences and are probably from individuals who haven’t used it for very long. Don’t be fooled: the iPhone 5s and iOS 7 are just fantastic products to use.

    1. It’s just the FUDdites trying their best (which is pretty bad and always clumsily obvious) to badmouth Apple as self-appointed Apple Haters and arbiters of tech worthiness for everyone else. But these people masochistically pick Android and Windows so… case closed.

    2. @rp: We have ONE particular troll who has been caught multi-posting the same thing in several threads AND has been caught using a wide variety of faked nicks.

      IOW: Worthless, self-destructive berzerker.

      Either ignore, or play cat-and-mouse. Today, I’m in cat-and-mouse mode. They fall for it every time. 😆

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