Analyst: Apple event tomorrow will ‘put a bottom in the iPad sales cycle’; Gold iPads expected

“Tuesday, Apple is holding its iPad event to refresh the company’s second-largest driver of revenue, behind the iPhone,” Chris Ciaccia reports for TheStreet. “It could be the company’s most important iPad-centric event since the original iPad was announced, according to one analyst.”

“Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Brian White, who rates shares “buy” with a $777 price target, notes that the iPad update could help refresh iPad sales,” Ciaccia reports. “‘We believe this iPad launch will help put a bottom in the iPad sales cycle that reached negative territory in 3Q:FY13 for the first time in the history of the iPad,’ White wrote in his note. He is expecting that Apple will unveil the fifth-generation of the 9.7-inch iPad, and an updated second-generation of the iPad mini. He also believes that Apple will update the MacBook Pro, and give more detail about its desktop operating system, named OS X Mavericks.”

Ciaccia reports, “White believes the fifth-generation iPad will have a slimmer, thinner design, taking its new design from its smaller sibling, the iPad mini. ‘We believe the iPad 5 will be approximately 15% thinner than the iPad 4 and we estimate at least 20-30% lighter,’ White notes. He also believes it will be 7% to 10% smaller than its predecessor, and come in Apple’s new color scheme which it incorporated into the iPhone 5s: space gray, gold and silver.”

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  1. iOS 7 has ruined any excitement I’ve felt over new Apple iPad/iPhone releases. I know I’ll have to put up with buggy shitware no matter what generation iPad/iPhone I choose. If making your life a living hell is Apple after Steve Jobs’s final objective, then under Cook, they have finally realised their dream.

    1. I’ve really grown to like iOS7, there are bugs, but then there are always bugs and you’re even more likely to get them when there is such a dramatic change both visually and in the overall code. My only real day to day annoyance is the date picker which is fiddly at best. Having disposed of the whole skeuomorphic thing I don’t know why they decided to try and keep it looking like a tubular tumbler.

      With pretty much every app I use day in day out having been updated it makes the whole thing much more pleasant.

      1. Well there is a lot to hate in iOS7. I have to agree with some of what this this guy says every time he posts. The way I see it, I’m hoping some Apple people might read these comments and get the message that many of us can’t stand many of the design changes in iOS7 !
        Original poster should submit all complaints to Apple if he’s not just a Samsung shill.

      1. I have experienced more app crashes and unforced system restarts on iOS 7 than I ever did on iOS 6 which is an indictment of its buggy nature but the new Apple is apparently complacent enough to accept buggy software as the finished product, something which Cook tolerates but not Jobs.

        1. And I have experienced nothing untoward since installing iOS7 on two iPads, one iPad2 and one 3rd gen. iPad (retina). Nothing. Just update, restart, and keep working. Functionality is improved and I have to wear reading glasses anyway, so screw the thin letters. They can be adjusted anyway.
          Stop whining and go complain to the people who make your apps. It’s likely their fault. BTW, what’s an “unforced system restart”? If it’s unforced, you don’t have to do it, you know?

          1. An unforced system restart is when the OS restarts by itself without the user forcing it to. When a blank screen comes up when you’re in the middle of using an app or simply browsing the web on the iPad/iPhone and the system reboots unintentionally. Too many of those for comfort.

            Too thin fonts are a necessity because it improves on what exactly, except reduce readability. Going backwards isn’t the same as going forwards.

        2. For me its more reliable than iOS6 and much faster despite my design reservations, so I can only think that a lot of this sort of comment is pure FUD… as usual. Certainly notable that most seem to be from people who have no history of posting on here which probably says all we need to know about their motives.

    2. Your mommy needs her bunyens scraped. Now pull your 400 lb ass out of the chair, climb those basement stairs, and get to work. And if you’re a good boy, there are burritos and cupcakes waiting for you.

    3. I’m totally used to 7. Going back to 6 now would seem like going backwards. I’ve been able to address the font issues through settings.

      Six months from now when we’re all running iOS 7.0.4, and all our apps are
      updated and made 64 bit compatible, all this current griping will be ancient news.

      Pity the Android users who’ll still be stuck running the same lame OS they got a year ago when they bought their new Galaxy phone.

    1. These analysts jump at anything that was done or said in the past and have little imagination to move beyond that. I am surprised that they also didn’t say that iPad Mini would come in colours and have no finger print sensor while the larger iPad would have a finger print sensor (and come in gold). Yeesh.

    2. I’d agree but with the popularity (that I can understand why) of the gold iphone it could be a possibility, but something tells me if this was happening we’d have seen leaked photos by now. My guess is that due to the gold iPhone being popular, the analcysts are making a guess and hoping for the best

  2. I’ve been using iOS 7 since the first beta on an iPhone 5 & iPad mini – the first couple of betas were a little rough on the iPad mini – but ever since to GM version it’s been perfectly wonderful on both devices along with 2 iPhone 5C’s added since then – I simply don’t see the problem with iOS 7!

    1. You have begun to accept the fact that adequate (iOS 7) is a good enough substitute for excellent (iOS 6) which is the beginning of the slippery slope down towards accepting mediocre as the new good.

  3. Guess we’ll have to wait. But we do know it will have the superb iOS7 to show off the devices’ snappiness and ease of use!

    (Christ I hate fucking whiners!)

  4. I am sorry. GOLD?
    There is no gold iPhone and it will be no gold iPad. It is NOT gold coloured… It’s looks more of some kind of alloy. Not gold. So people should stop say GOLD and actually take a look on what gold really looks like…

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