Upgrade cycle shorter for iPad than iPhone

“Many iPhone users have a simple incentive to upgrade to the latest model once their two-year contract expires: They can sell the old model for roughly the cost of the new one,” Quentin Fottrell reports for MarketWatch. “Here’s the surprising thing: iPad owners, who aren’t on two-year contracts, and don’t have the same incentives, are upgrading even more often.”

“Apple is launching its latest Tuesday, and many of the people offering their current models up for sale on resale sites only purchased their devices in the past 12 to 18 months, according to new research by resale sites Gazelle and NextWorth,” Fottrell reports. “After Apple sent out invitations to the launch, the most recent two iPad upgrades (from 2012) made up 64% of all iPad trade-ins at Gazelle. The latest iPad models released in November 2012 comprised 34% of the models traded in, while the March 2012 iPad made up less than that (30%).”

Fottrell reports, “Last year’s iPads made up 54% of all trade-ins on NextWorth, more than half of which were the iPad 4 and iPad Mini.”

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  1. I find there’s zero need to upgrade my iPhone. It does what I need it to do which is to make calls. Because of its tiny screen, I don’t make much use of it.

    The iPad is much more useful and cheaper than an iPhone. With the awful iOS 7, the need to buy a new iPhone is totally gone. iOS 7 puts the iPhone back to the Stone Age.

    1. I see Samscum paid trolls are out in force. Samscum is terrified of Apple rolling over it and taking back what is rightfully Apple’s that Samscum tried to copy and steal. Go crawl back under your rock after you get paid for posting the Samscum talking points. Hope you die of cancer.

  2. I don’t know about that: my iPad 1 still does what I want it to do. The battery life is still after 3 1/2 years over 10 hours. My problem is buy a new iPad or a new “Air”. With a 5s and iCloud- speed on the iPad is less important.

    One thing I know: if Apple comes out with a 27 or 30″ 4k monitor that works with an iMac, I’m buying one day one.

  3. I think it’s weather the owned iPad can run the latest iOS or not.

    I have two iPad 1s and 1 iPad 2. I am doing just fine on the iPad 2, and find the iPad 1, only a bit frustrating because it doesn’t run the most current Apps or iOS. But Apple has done us a favor, by allowing app developers offer multiple versions of their apps to download, based on which iOS version we have installed.

    I think though, with the iPad 5, it’s time for an upgrade.

  4. As a newer product the differences between the generations are larger driving more sales. This promises to be a huge update. I’ll bet there was far less interest in upgrading iPad 3 to 4. Down the road this need to upgrade will taper off a bit.

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