Apple’s revolutionary 64-bit iPhone 5s is world’s fastest smartphone; smokes Samsung’s plastic Galaxy S4

“Apple’s new iPhone 5s is the feastest smartphone yet tested, according to benchmarks,” Sarmistha Acharya reports for International Business Times. “Apple’s sixth generation iPhone uses the new 64-bit A7 system on a chip (SoC), featuring a dual-core processor.”

“New benchmark tests conducted by Which? lab reveal that the iPhone 5s has broken all the records in the processor benchmark and the device is about twice as fast as its predecessor,” Acharya reports. “This matches Apple’s official claims that the iPhone 5s delivers twice the CPU and graphics performance of the previous model.”

Acharya reports, “The new iPhone is also 50% faster than Samsung’s fourth generation Galaxy S smartphone, Galaxy S4.”

Apple A7

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        1. Why is it that naysayers so often:
          – Don’t make specific, concrete points
          – Do make extensive use of obscenity
          – Do make extensive use of insult and name-calling
          – Declare their OPINIONS in bombastic, belligerent, absolutist terms
          – Think their individual OPINION is REALITY, rather than what it actually is — a thought in one person’s head.

          (Sorry for some of the company, Brian.{

        2. Both of your posts are a waste of data and really come down your opinion. iOS7 is the fastest adopted version of iOS in Apples history. No it is not perfect but no first release os is.

        3. Disingenuously stupid post to the max. iOS 6 had the biggest user base so by definition when users upgraded to iOS 7 that would mean it would have the highest adoption rate. But if Apple left the door open to skin iOS 7 or downgrade back to iOS 6 I bet those numbers would look a lot less rosy.

        4. Hey dipsh!t,

          You wrote: “iOS 6 had the biggest user base so by definition when users upgraded to iOS 7 that would mean it would have the highest adoption rate.”

          Does what you suggest really logically and inevitably follow? No, no it does not. I mean Android has a huge user hase, far bigger user base than iOS in total, and sizable chunks are still versions 2x and 3x.

          Second, you can downgrade back to iOS 6 on most present iDevices.

          Speaking of ‘underlying OS being total shiye’ Android is built on Java, and it needs a quad core processor to even stay competitive with the dual-core A6 or A7.

        5. NO POINT – is your mommy calling you – get a slice of reality and grow up a bit – are you proud of being wrong. Lamer than most trolls.

        6. Yours is an ignorant question, bypassing the more pertinent question, that is, “why can’t you UPGRADE any variant of Android, onto older Android handsets, to the latest version”?

          Buy an Android, buy a brick, same thing.

        7. You seem to by doing a good job of stupid already. I was wondering when the Shamscum minions would come whining, slithering and crawling out from their lair of despair. Obsessed over things like CPU speed this can’t be a good thing for them. Once again overlooking quality ecosystem over tech specs anyway. Will they ever learn?

      1. If I wanted a shite OS that looked and felt like Android, I would buy Android. Why pay a premium for a shitty OS that tries to emulate Android but falls short on all counts.

        1. FAKE seamus, anonymous coward. Haha. Caught you out yet-again.

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          Get off the self-destruction cycle dude. It’s all obvious to us. Quit fooling yourself! Get growing instead.

        2. Whew! Derek!

          I’m the real Seamus.
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          It doesn’t work, your hate mongering, does it? It just makes you more miserable. I pointed out the alternative!

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        4. “Seamus” is the fake Seamus. seamusodonnell is my login with full name that I then set up.

          Note my post below about plastic. Does that look like something that Fake Seamus would write — or even has the comprehension TO write.

          Do these sentences, without obscenities, and with good grammar (including comma usage!) look like something that Fake Seamus would write – or could write.

          You’re so off-base, I can’t even begin to comprehend what you THOUGHT I was saying.

        5. Look at the post up near the top that starts, “Why is it that naysayers so often…” Don’t just react again. Go and read it.

          And the one below, “Re plastic case:” where I say some plastics are incredible materials and some are rubbish.

          How you interpret those as trolling is a mystery to me.

          For the record
          – I think iOS 7 is great.
          – I truly cannot comprehend those who rant on about the colors and fonts.
          – I think Apple is a great company
          – I think Samsung is a collection of utter scumbags.

          Is that UN-troll-like enough for you?

    1. … WHAT? Seriously?
      The CPU, while RUNNING the OS, is the fastest (to date). And my wife, the luddite, deals with it just fine. So, I don’t know what you are talking about – and … do you?
      MDN: if you are going to defend the 5C in its plastic case you really ought not condemn the Galaxy S4 for having one. OK?

      1. Re plastic case:
        I’d suggest yes and no on that. This is theoretical, since I haven’t handled either. But I have handled plastics in the past that were so high quality they seemed almost more like a high-tech ceramic. On the other hand, I have looked at and handled cheapo Winblows computers they seemed to be made with the cheapest, crappiest plastic that exists on the planet, with a bit of metal that was like a shoddy tin.
        So I could see defending one plastic case while condemning another.

    2. “No point having the fastest processor on earth when the underlying OS is total shite.”

      That must be why Android phones are still running half as fast as iPhones. If you run a crappy, poor imitation OS based on Java you nobody notices that your phone is “half-fast”.

  1. iOS7 is not perfect but it is leagues better then the stolen IP infected Android, also with the inefficient Andriod there is no good balance between low battery use and good performance, high power processor is needed to make andriod work fluently

    1. And pretty much all of the Android phones, especially the Samsung ones, are running code to unrealistically boost benchmark performance.

      Why do people choose to spend their money on products from a shameless, slavish copier who twists/manipulates the patent system and intentionally lies to its customers with benchmark scams? Why do people choose to donate their personal data to a company configured for the sole purpose of cataloging, mining, exploiting, and selling that data to anyone and everyone? These are the true mysteries of the universe.

  2. Now that apple has the most powerful phone on the market: all android and samscum fans declare power is not inortant any more. Prior to the 5 it was. Until the rest …. Finally…. Catch up and make a more powerful device it won’t matter.

  3. At least Apple does not cheat on benchmarking tests like Samsung and nearly every over Android device maker out there. AND the iPhone beats the S4 even when it is probably cheating on the bench marking test. How about them Apples?!

    1. True. The comparison would look even worse for the Android handsets if you reduced their artificially boosted scores by about 20%.

      Just for fun, I computed “adjusted” scores based on that 20% figure from a recent article (second line of data for each handset except, of course, the iPhone 5s and 5c):

      LG G2: 882 (single core score), 2355 (multi core score)
      LG G2: 735 (single core score), 1963 (multi core score) – adjusted

      Samsung Galaxy S4: 687 (single core score), 1939 (multi core score)
      Samsung Galaxy S4: 573 (single core score), 1616 (multi core score) – adjusted

      HTC One: 643 (single core score), 1805 (multi core score)
      HTC One: 536 (single core score), 1504 (multi core score) – adjusted

      Apple iPhone 5c: 711 (single core score), 1281 (multi core score)

      Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini: 649 (single core score), 1135 (multi core score)
      Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini: 541 (single core score), 946 (multi core score) – adjusted

      HTC One Mini: 477 (single core score), 880 (multi core score)
      HTC One Mini: 398 (single core score), 733 (multi core score) – adjusted

  4. The S4 isn’t that bad of a phone. From what I read it’s slower than the flagship iphone, but it works well for me. It’s larger screen size makes it easier for me to view.

    1. As always:

      Don’t need the size to compensate for all the other issues

      (Build quality, screen lag, color issues, speed, viruses fragmentation, performance lies..Eric etc etc etc etc…)

      1. … size DOES compensate for ONE of the issues @Rick feels he has with the iPhone. It is easier to read. This is not a problem inherent with the iPhone so much as with @Rick – and thousands (millions?) of others in the world.
        Except for “build quality”, none of your other “issues” would stop me from buying a ‘droid phone. Totally irrelevant to my usage needs. Your arguments, valid as they are, are mostly wasted on so many low-tech phone users.

    2. The G S4 appears to be a decent phone running a decent OS. If the bigger display is of critical importance to you, then that’s fine. You knew what you were compromising/sacrificing to get the bigger display. Otherwise, I would question why anyone would settle for a device that is “not that bad.”

      At the risk of sounding like a BLN supporter, I have long advocated a two iPhone approach – a combination of the current 4″ display and a larger (4.7″ to 5″ display) to satisfy people who want/need the bigger screen and/or are trying to make a single device work for both telephone and internet activities.

    1. Check out the adjusted scores that I posted above. The single-core score for the iPhone 5c is almost tied for second place, and the multi-core score compares pretty well, too.

      Regardless of the kick-butt iPhone 5s scores from the 64-bit A7 powerhouse CPU, what really matters is the user experience. Apple consistently achieves greater responsiveness and smoothness with less CPU which, in turn, taxes the battery less. And did I mention the M7 coprocessor in the 5s – that little low-power miracle is going to be a very big deal going forward. If Android vendors don’t copy it in a hurry, then they are going to feel the pain. No one is better at power efficiency than Apple.

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