What to expect from Apple’s loaded special event this Tuesday

“In the invitation to its Oct. 22 fall event, Apple said it has ‘a lot more to cover’ before the year is out. And indeed it does — more so this year than in recent years past, sources tell AllThingsD,” John Paczkowski reports for AllThingsD.

“As we’ve previously reported, the event will focus on the fifth-generation iPad and the second-generation iPad mini,” Paczkowski reports. “Sources said the former will feature a thinner, lighter design akin to the iPad mini’s, and an improved camera. It will run Apple’s new 64-bit A7 chip. The new iPad mini will be outfitted with a retina display. It, too, is likely to see the A7 incorporated into its innards, as Apple shifts its mobile device lineup to 64-bit.”

Paczkowski reports, “Also expected on Tuesday, the announcement of a street date for OS X Mavericks — which is scheduled to launch before the end of the month — and for the new cylindrical Mac Pro, as well. I’m told both will be given stage time…”

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  1. Who can we expect to see from Apple’s loaded special event? Well… MANIPULATORS, MANIPULATORS, MANIPULATORS, plus the assorted spin doctors, jouranalists, whore street analysts, Apple doomsayers, da FUDsters, Zune Thang, pppeterson, protesters demanding the removal of Tim Cook, stock droppers and much much more.

      1. Heck that was written as a funny post, all but the….oh wait I forgot the country of origin on this site. My apologies I better explain my post as to what makes it funny so that the humorously challenged can understand it.

        Apple produces quality products, those on the list have trouble recognizing this. Some of those on the list (ppeterson and Zune Thang) used to post here at MDN so that makes it kind of an added joke for those who come here on a regular basis.

        I do hope that helps.


          1. Ah that’s a relief. I thought “manipulators manipulators manipulators” would be a give away.

            The slash tag /s as elder norm pointed out might help, and the classic Time machine evoked by spyintheskyukyukyuk makes me think that maybe the one more thing is a humor/tone sensing device.

            Just scan what anyone says online, any post and you’ll be given the tone of intent.

            Apple will sell millions of these units, which will be copied of course…

    1. Although Road Warrior didn’t get many 5 star votes (except mine so far), I think he hit the nail on the head when outlining what we will all see following the presentation and the conference call. When you have the same losers covering these events year in and year out, they ALWAYS have the same thing to say, why expect anything different? AAPL will do good on the run-up and then get raped after all is said and done.

      1. Thanks for your post and your support, looks like you got the idea behind my post, and frankly I find it funny to see the same losers covering these events and saying the same thing, hoping that it will change. It fits Einstein’s idea of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.


        1. I suspect that unless they announce World Peace, a solution to the energy crisis and the end of poverty along with a ‘one last thing’ Time Machine there is bound to be a negative reaction. In fact even then some would still be calling for Cooks head.

        2. To Road Warrior and others.

          Yes the “/s” does help because there are those that post here that just hate Apple. And sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference…. especially on a monday morning before coffee. LOL

  2. The other night I awoke from a dead sleep with a sudden realization… The invitations had leaves all over them! And leaves work by converting sunlight to energy! And the text says “cover!” MUST BE PHOTOVOLTAIC SMART COVERS WHICH INDUCTIVELY CHARGE THE IPad!!

    Then I woke up.

    1. The other night I woke up from a dream that I was charging my iPhone with hydroelectric energy from the Hoover Dam. Then I realized I just had to pee really bad.

    2. Apple will announce the production of the iBlanket, which uses body heat to charge devices overnight. The iBlanket will be available initially in the U.S., where much of the population is increasingly overweight, requiring “a lot more to cover.” Pundits will laud the move as another shrewd entry by Apple into an expanding market.

  3. Besides the cool and awesome stuff from Apple. I expect more angry Frustrated Android, Google, Samsung iHaters getting all worked up in a massive collective coordinated frenzy of jealousy and dismissal of Apple first or achievements. The feeding frenzy of hate from salivating, mouth frothing zombie like behavior Gangroids will fester into one pile of steaming putrid blowhard after blowhard spamming the internet in the hopes of destroying any Apple momentum.

  4. i predict the 5th Generation iPad will be as big a hit as the revolutionary iPhone 5s if it has touch sensor id and 64 bit architecture. i want space grey please!

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