iPhone 5s, the world’s first and only 64-bit smartphone, leaves 32-bit antique dealers sucking Apple’s fumes

“With the launch of iPhone 5S, Apple has become the first company to introduce 64-bit computing for smartphones,” Manoj Nadkarni reports for Forbes. “This development has long-term implications not only for Apple, but also for other key participants in the smartphones and tablets ecosystem – companies like Google, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Samsung, and Intel.”

“All smartphones, except iPhone 5S, and the majority of tablets at present run on 32-bit operating systems,” Nadkarni reports. “The iPhone 5S sports a new brain, the A7 chip, with a dual-core 64-bit CPU (central processing unit) running at 1.3 GHz, along with 64-bit operating system iOS 7. It is a brilliant move. This is one of the best executions during Tim Cook’s tenure as CEO of Apple. Becoming the first to introduce high-volume 64-bit smartphones helps Apple on multiple fronts. 64-bit computing (along with fingerprint sensor) establishes Apple as the technology leader.”

Apple A7

“Apple develops its own processors and operating systems, and it is levering integration to the fullest. Expect faster adoption of 64-bit to smartphones and even more so to tablets due to this reason, unlike for PCs where it was a seven-year process (2003 – 2010). Apple is expected to launch A7-based 64-bit iPads soon,” Nadkarni reports. “Google has the most at stake. Google will introduce 64-bit capable Android in future. Sooner the better for Google and for Android licensees. Otherwise, they could begin to lose market share and/ or pricing. The same logic applies to Qualcomm and Nvidia for introducing 64-bit processors for smartphones and tablets.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Suck on Apple’s fumes until you asphyxiate, thieving 32-bit antique dealers!

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    1. Which country’s country side? People do not understand this if Apple doesn’t start doing ads about the jump to 64-bit being like a prop plane moving up to a jet. Apple still doing color iPhone ads. Why? Time for a new ad campaign Tim! I hope we are just holding off until the 22nd.

      1. Right now Apple is selling every iPhone 5S that it can make even before it is built. Apple has a *significant* backlog in orders for iPhone 5S models. Backlog of orders is still 2-3 weeks.

        When that gets down to under one week we should expect Apple to start aggressively marketing the iPhone 5S models — including the fact that it is the only 64 bit smartphone and that it is up to twice as fast as any competitor’s phone. Until then Apple’s money if better spent on getting the production line ramped up!!!

      2. Apple don’t mention specs unless they have to.
        Who cares how much ram an iphone has, who even knows?
        Steve jobs wanted these things to be like an appliance, like a tv or fridge, no one ever asks what size motor is in in your fridge?

    2. I say the same thing. But I still find my Narcissist self reading it while thinking, yea I got this phone and It’s a bad mutha. Please keep feeding me these articles. I only have a year to do it. Then the next iPhone will be out.
      And I’ll probably be in line again. Even though every year for the past 4 years I tell myself, I’m keeping this one for 2 years. Pish i don’t even lie to myself anymore. But I really think I’m keeping this one for 2years. It’s all about control. I only go about a hour before apple opens. Not hours(or days) So everything is all good. It’s become pretty fun tho. It’s like a tailgate party in the apple lines. Everyone is happy. Till the 3rd hour. That’s a rough one. Then your group of people gets to move to the entrance by the wall of glass. Everyone is happy again. But then you look inside and see people lined up like they’re about to ride a ride at Universal studios. One of those snack lines. It’s fun but then it sucks.
      Let us gloat on our phones while we can, ok dude. Don’t judge me. Thanks

  1. Because Android uses 32-bit software and chips from several sources, all the sources need to get up to 64-bit to make this happen. Not, days, weeks, or even months. And yet, Google is up 10% today. Didn’t we see this just happen to a Canadian company?

    1. 64bit Apple is deadly to Microsoft.

      Google is up 10% today because they are the most successful sellers of advertising on the net. The mobile division is simply a loss leader/vanity projects.

      Mobile Safari is singlehandedly responsible for Google’s profit increase. Android don’t click on ads, unless they are for free giveaways, so Google’s theory of advertiser supported mobile giveaways (AKA Android business model) makes a lot less sense than Google concentrating on its partnership with Apple.

        1. It shouldn’t take them years.

          The latest version of Winphone is running the NT kernel and that has been 64 bit for years.

          The dev tools and frameworks have long been 64-bit.

          I think the big question is will anyone care when MS releases a 64-bit ARM release?

  2. What is significant about this story is that the mainstream press, not just tech bloggers, is slowly starting to ‘get it’ – understanding the potential implications of Apple’s 64-bit CPU transition, and more importantly, understanding the negative implications to Google, Samsung, Microsoft and others. The way this story came across to me, Forbes seems to be ‘jumping ship’ from the traditional anti-Apple bandwagon and ‘switching alliances’ to the Winning Side. That’s a purely subjective interpretation, of course. What will be interesting to see now, is how Google and Samsung will Rush To Market a competing device. If the results are anything like the Samsung watch, it will be painful.

    1. Forbes hasn’t jumped ship when the print something like this: “establishes Apple as the technology leader.” Apple has always been the technology leader and the rest mere followers.

  3. Implications of this are not really being examined in the press to what it means for users.

    Accessing your Mac/PCs at work and home and manipulating applications on those remote systems will become readily possible fast enough to be highly usable. iOS – OSX interoperability is on the rise.

  4. The fandroids on the site are going bonkers. Most keep going on about 64 bit being a gimmick because the 5s does not have 4 GB of RAM. We know that has been proven wrong for a lot of reasons (just scroll down, MDN has lot of posts). They keep going Android will have it next year. Not until Google has a new OS, that will be after the next version. If they do what they did with the tablet, push something out as fast as posable, then it will be 2 years for something that works. By then Apple will be way ahead.

    1. So…it’s a gimmick now but when Android gets it, won’t be a gimmick? That logical jewel seems familiar. Ah, yes: they use a version of it every time “Crappel” comes up with just about anything. That’s middle school playground logic.

  5. Samsung manufacturers Apple’s A7 chip, which means they have the technology in their hands. I have no doubt that Sammy is busy copying Apple’s design and it will show up in their “new” 64-bit chip. This is why Apple needs to cut all ties with them, top to bottom. Unless, of course, Apple likes it when Samsung steals their engineering efforts.

    1. Yea they know how to make them maybe but they don’t know how to make them work. That’s is the key. Let them make it and put it in their phones and we will see a cluster fuck.

  6. “Google will introduce 64-bit capable Android in future. Sooner the better for Google”

    I just KNOW Google is now pouring money into a massive effort to upgrade Android to 64 bit. Otherwise they may soon be giving away – fewer copies – of Android – for free – so companies like Samsung – can make their money – – – why is Google doing this again?

    1. I do agree but I wonder how much of a rush google is really in for the 64 bit. I say this cuz, as reported iphone 5s have a 2% chance of crashing, up from a whopping 1%. And it’s supposedly because a lot of apps aren’t optimized for the 64 bit processor. I say supposedly because that’s what I read. And I never had a crash that I can remember on any iOS device for the past 4 years. I do get the occasional crash now on my 5s. So it makes sense that’s it’s probably the optimized bla bla bla.
      Now the point I’m getting to is Androids are know to crash. If not out the box, then weeks later. (That’s not from my experience but again from what I read. And my mom who was once android user and fan, jumped to iOS because she told me she was tired of her phone crashing. This was a memorable time in my life cuz it was a time I could say “I told you so” to my mother. We had many friendly arguments over who’s phone was better before she jumped ship.)
      If android jumped to 64 bit I’d imagine it would not be a good….. It would be a worse experience then it is now for them. I really don’t have anything out against droid, samsung or others. To me they all serve their purpose. I see many who are take the iOS vs droid thing very seriously. There’s no question to me which one is better so I’m not as passionate as some. Except to people I know personally. Even then I’m not as passionate as some commenters but I do make it a point to let them know their phone experience doesn’t have to be the way they settled with. I sit them down and tell them it can get better. Lol. Everything but the last thing is true. I’m sure I did that with my mom. Had her sit down like I was gonna say something serious and just told her how bad her phone sucks.
      Def off track again. Damn it. Bottom line. As much as google or samsung would love 64 bit, it would be a nightmare for the user. And I would thing Samsung would be more hungry for it that any of them. They are all about specs. Doesn’t matter how optimized everything is for the OS. They know the suckers look at specs. I only lol at specs when iOS devices are better. And On the other hand the nexus 4 didn’t even have LTE. Android is about of packing a ton of features no matter the cost of the user experience. 64 bit is a ways off I would assume for any other OS/device. But then again, I really don’t know jack, other then what I do know. That much I know.

    1. Sure 32bit is ok as long as your files are smaller the 4gb
      And if you don’t need more the 4gb of ram. And you aren’t proccessing video or photos or music or watching hd video
      Or playing 3d games…

  7. Apple CEO Tim Cook’s worst move to date is not hiring John Browett & Angela Rendts or firing John Browett. And, is not unveiling new iMacs last fall with no units to sell and not putting Jony Ive in charge of iOS 7 and also not about firing Scott Forstall……
    The worst for Apple to date is having Tim Cook as the CEO…..
    I guess Steve Jobs never thought about how terrible Apple could become after he died…..

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