Sensorgate: RealityCap releases fix for iPhone 5S sensor error

“There’s finally a fix for Apple’s faulty iPhone 5S sensors — provided by a tiny company that develops technology for iPhone developers who need accurate spatial orientation and movement data,” John Koetsier reports for VentureBeat.

“The company is RealityCap, which makes software that helps iOS apps sense their surroundings in three dimensions by using the iPhone’s camera, sensor, and inertial data,” Koetsier reports. “Since it clearly needs accurate data to work, the company carefully investigated the iPhone 5S sensor problems which came to light in early October, finding that Apple’s newest flagship smartphone reported errors of as much as 5-6 degrees.”

Koetsier reports, “Today, RealityCap released a fix for iOS apps that will enable them to adjust their readings for the incorrect iPhone 5S sensor data — essentially fixing hardware in software.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. Finally? Geez, the phone has only been on sale for a few weeks. The author of this article makes it seem like this problem – if, in fact, it is a problem – has plagued humankind for eons.

  2. I keep seeing this report…….doesn’t the recalibrate option in the phone fix this?

    Sounds like all it needs is re-calibrated and haven’t heard of anything of people trying that.

    1. This doesn’t fix the problem. You can set any angle to zero by tapping the screen. This is not calibrating the default zero level. Taping the screen again removes the user set zero degree angle.

      1. Seem to be straight to me. Let’s see if apple does a 180 and puts the bubble back in the center. My level is off and I won’t lie, I’m leaning towards wanting a new iPhone. Hopefully they fix. Even tho not all are off. At least that what is said on here from other MDN commenters.
        When I made a appointment with apple, my genius said they were all off a bit.

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