Google can use your name, photos and comments in ads unless you opt out; policy starts November 11

“Google, following in Facebook’s footsteps, wants to sell users’ endorsements to marketers to help them hawk their wares,” Claire Cain Miller and Vindu Goel report for The New York Times.

“On Friday, Google announced an update to its terms of service that allows the company to include adult users’ names, photos and comments in ads shown across the Web, based on ratings, reviews and posts they have made on Google Plus and other Google services like YouTube,” Miller and Goel report. “When the new ad policy goes live Nov. 11, Google will be able to show what the company calls shared endorsements on Google sites and across the Web, on the more than two million sites in Google’s display advertising network, which are viewed by an estimated one billion people.”

“If a user follows a bakery on Google Plus or gives an album four stars on the Google Play music service, for instance, that person’s name, photo and endorsement could show up in ads for that bakery or album. Google said it would give users the chance to opt out of being included in the new endorsements, and people under the age of 18 will automatically be excluded,” Miller and Goel report. “If a Google Plus user has shared comments with a limited set of people, only people in that circle will see the personalized ads. Ratings and reviews on services like Google Plus Local are automatically public and can be used in ads, unless a user opts out of shared endorsements.”

Miller and Goel report, “Currently, Google does not have an ad unit incorporating more social data ready to be used by advertisers, the company said. Instead, the company wants the ability to create such an ad unit in the future and is notifying users in advance.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Attribution: 9to5Mac. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


    1. What is it with Americans that they have this obsession with blaming every damned thing on the President? America seems to be the home for practically every stupid conspiracy going; is it something in the water, or what?
      It certainly seems to breed an oddly twisted class of troll, like the current little cabal on here, with MacFreek, orangeagent, et al.
      Maybe it’s being forced to live in their mom’s basement, living on a diet of cold pizza, Cheerios, cheese balls and Red Bull.
      And having zero chance of ever, ever, getting a girlfriend.

      1. Pretty keen insight for one living in the other side of the Tharp mid-oceanic ridge. Something in the water? I think yes — the waters of privilege, of entitlement, of historical amnesia, of empire rotting away from self-indulgent ideological games. You would be right, I think.

  1. I think orangeagent has had too many snickers bars. Dude Obama has nothing to do with Google’s policies. Wow you have a serious hate issue. I bet you think this government shut down is a good thing? Do you want to purchase ted cruz’s used shorts for a fix?

  2. Best app I’ve have bought since owning a mac is little snitch. I have totally degoogled my myself. A slight pain to have disable a few rules whenever I want to watch a YouTube video but that’s once a month, if that. The goog.le shorten urls on from twitter don’t work either but combination of startpage, yahoo and bing replace any search requirements. Screw you google

    1. I use “” which keeps all your searching private and ad free. Have used it for a few years and can’t really fault it. It tends to use Google for searching, but Google cannot identify you.

      It has improved in last year or two, whereby in early days very few search pages were available, but now lots of pages. I find success rate even on obscure items to be around 95-98%. If item not found, revert to Google search and outcome is hit or miss.

    1. They’re everywhere already like a f**** disease.
      Some saying this is a good thing!

      How can anyone be that stupid. I keep telling myself they’re just Google bots programmed to comment, not really people, otherwise I’d lose all faith in humanity.

      1. Exactly. You really want the remedy for a sensitive condition. And you’re glad to get a suggestion. But you find out your friend has it, and you can’t help feeling repulsed. So your attitude toward your friend changes. You unfriend her.

        I wonder if Google has thought this through.

  3. If Google pull this marketing-moron (aka disrespectful) atrocity on their customers, meet back here and I’ll provide a list of berzerker strategies to turn this customer victimization campaign into chaos.

    Not acceptable Google. Respect your customers or get out of business.

  4. What’s everybody so upset about? The phone and phonebook publishers have been doing exactly this for decades. Broadcasters don’t sell us programs, and no, they don’t sell programs to advertisers either – they us – you and me – to the advertisers to pay for their airtime. Google’s products are not email, youtube, Google+, etc. and etc., it’s us – we are the product.

    Welcome to the real-world.

    — Uh – what was that!? I thought I just saw something repeat itself.

    — Yellow pill or green pill – Hmmm…

  5. Orangeagent is pathetic and racist. And this country is full of people like him. This is why the world is in the state that its in now. Thats why foreign countries are laughing on how stupid and ignorant Americans are. The Koch brothers must pay you real well to stoop so low as to attack innocent children. Wonder what your kids are like

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