Apps on iPhone 5s crashing at twice the rate (2%) as on iPhone 5, iPhone 5c (1%)

“Whenever there is a new operating system, it’s not surprising to see apps crash at a somewhat higher rate, given all the changes,” Ina Fried reports for AllThingsD.

“But one of the interesting things in Apple’s latest iPhone transition is that apps appear to be crashing at a much higher rate on the new iPhone 5s as on either the iPhone 5c or the iPhone 5,” Fried reports. “In its look at hundreds of millions of app launches since the debut of the latest iPhones, Crittercism says that programs crash about two percent on the iPhone 5s, as compared to just under one percent on both the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5.”

Fried reports, “Crittercism CEO Andrew Levy said… that perhaps the reason… [is that] developers were able to check their apps for compatibility with iOS 7 during several months of beta testing, the new hardware [64-bit A7 chip and an M7 co-processor] wasn’t available ahead of time.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Each version of iOS 7 improves the already low crash rates on the 64-bit iPhone 5s. There are a lot of changes with the iPhone 5s and Apple has done and is doing a magnificent job with a transition this big.


      1. MacFreek, were you born an asshole, or have you been practicing assiduously to achieve your current stratospheric level of asshole-ness?
        Just curious, it’s rare to come across someone who goes out of their way to piss off so many people, so much of the time, I wondered if it was congenital.

      1. And that is what some don’t seem to grasp; if you have almost no crashes at all even a tiny amount of crashes represent a large increase (like 100%) but still represents a tiny amount of crashes.
        Kind of like saying by buying two lottery tickets you chance of winning the lottery have increased 100%. They still however, even after doubling, would represent a tiny, tiny fraction of one percent.

  1. iOS 7 obliterates battery life on an iPad even when settings are adjusted to minimize background processes.

    I have seen iPads fully charged, all background processes killed and put to sleep that drop most of their battery capacity in an hour or two. Offline- no display- no apps running, just not powered completely off.

    The same iPads under iOS 6 could stay in the same state all day plus.

    That is not sweating the details.

    1. Haven’t changed any settings on my ipad, no battery issues.

      My iPhone 5 did.. But I think it was the battery itself starting to go.
      I had that “lock button stopped working” hardware issue with it, apple gave me a new iPhone 5. Battery life seems good now.

    2. My iPad, on the contrary, runs just the same as it did with iOS 6, as does my iPhone 5, and my iPhone 4.
      The ONLY app that appears to have an issue is Shazam, which occasionally does a weird flickering thing on starting up, and produces an error message about an audio problem, but still tags the song. I can’t say I’ve had any issues with any other app, although the pad did run out of juice the other night, when it thought it still had >30% or so left! and wouldn’t power up! I had to do a hard re-set, but I couldn’t swear that power hadn’t dropped below 5%, I was watching TV, while browsing stuff as well; I probably wasn’t paying attention.

    3. I do Daily use of a average of 3 hours a day and I charge my ipad 3 about every 3-4 days. I haven’t noticed any difference with ios7. Except more features. Sucks but maybe a restore to new May help? The battery issues seems to happen with every update for a different groups of people it seems. Glad I haven’t been one.. Yet. I do try to let the battery completely drain once a month (give or take) and let it charge up completely.
      On the crashing issue, it’s happened to my 5s a few times so far but it seems to be when I’m listening to iTunes Radio. Usually when I switch to ITR from another app. It’ll crashes to the apple logo.
      One good thing I noticed with the 5s, as soon as the phone boots up past the apple logo, the iPhone is ready 100%. My 5 and every phone under that would take a few extra seconds to find network. Then it would lag until it did. Now as soon as it’s up, I’m unlocking and doing whatever with no lag. Just a simple thing. But I like.

      1. Gonna reply to myself here but I thought app crashes were when the phone reboots. Thinking about it after reading other comments, I can see that they are different and why. Dumb mistake on my end.
        So I’ve gotten a few phone crashes on my 5s. No app crashes like the headline says. My phone goes to the black screen and the apple. It just happened again about a hour ago. Like the ones before, it was when I was multitasking back to iTunes Radio from another app while listening to I tunes radio. Soon as I touch the page and it blows up it goes black.
        Not even close to every time. But maybe 5 times since launch. And I listen to iTunes Radio quite a bit.
        This was the 1st iPhone since the 3GS that I did as a new phone. To get rid of apps I just couldn’t delete. So shouldn’t need a factory restore I’d think.

  2. I have had even native apps, mail for example, crash on every attempt to open a message or send a new message. Has happened multiple times. Had to hard rest the iPhone 5s to get mail to function. Same with other apps.

    Even worse I have had the entire phone reboot spontaneously. In some cases trying to open an app like safari. But this week the phone was sitting on a table next me and I happened to glance at it and saw that it just rebooted, the Apple logo popped up and the phone restarted.

    Looks like I need to go to the local Apple store and talk about a replacement.

    1. Call support! Whatever is happening is not normal, I’m sure they can help. My recent experience with phone support was fantastic. Just guessing but it sounds like you need to backup and restore, I have not experienced any crashes on mail or Safari.

  3. Since the departure of Scott Forstall iOS hasn’t felt the same. It has lost its unique identity among the pantheon of mobile operating systems. It now looks like another generic made-in-Korea OS that attempts to mimic Samsung TouchWiz, albeit unsuccessfully.

    Since loading iOS 7 on my iPad, it feels more sluggish, apps crash more often, and iBooks loses its pagination if you leave it open and switch to another app before switching back again. iOS 7 has this unpolished feel to it that makes it look like a sophomore effort, not a graduate student’s.

    Someone should tell Cook to swallow his pride and bring back Scott Forstall to instil some qualitative standards back to iOS 7. I’ll leave that to Carl Icahn in his monthly meeting with Cook to beat some sense into him. Ive obviously isn’t cutting it as a software designer.

      1. No, it shouldn’t. His opinion is just as valid as yours. In fact, he also states his impressions with accuracy. You, as usual, offer only pathetic personal attacks, and offer no evidence whatsoever that Bull is mistaken in any way. That makes you the loser in this debate.

    1. Stock is up now, only a couple hours later.

      Your comment was outdated the moment it was written and completely useless to anyone. Focusing on the moment-to-moment movements of a stock is pretty stupid to begin with, in my opinion, but if I wanted know this stuff, I would look at a stock ticker that updates in real time.

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