Gadgets stuck in U.S. government shutdown certification pipeline seen as delaying sales

“Device makers may have to delay introductions of new smartphones and other products because the partial U.S. government shutdown halted certifications that the gadgets don’t cause interference,” Todd Shields reports for Bloomberg.

“Every computer, mobile phone, gaming system, TV, wireless medical device and anything that emits radio waves needs to pass a review by the Federal Communications Commission. The FCC clears about 16,000 electronic devices annually, according to figures presented last month to lawmakers by Jessica Rosenworcel, an FCC commissioner,” Shields reports “That output is now at zero, and that “could be something that’s a real drag on the digital economy the longer it goes on,” Rosenworcel, a Democrat, said in an interview.”

Shields reports, “The FCC may become backed up once it resumes operations, creating the potential for delays in introductions of devices from Google, Apple Inc. (AAPL), Samsung Electronics Co., HTC Corp. (2498) and LG Electronics Inc. (066570), law firm Hogan Lovells said in an Oct. 9 note… The FCC furloughed 98 percent of its staff and closed most of its operations Oct. 1 as agencies shut down with Congress unable to agree on spending. Lawmakers [yesterday] discussed a proposal to defuse a parallel disagreement that didn’t include language to reopen the government.”

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  1. As the article has identified the political affiliation of the FCC commissioner, political crap talk arriving in 3, 2, 1. Meanwhile I’m heading elsewhere. No stomach for that stuff; it will ruin my breakfast.

    1. You’re pointing the finger, yet you’re the one who highlighted that particular bit of information. The tunnel-visioned mindset; it must be one party or the other, not decades of both digging this hole.

      “Good government grows from the people; it cannot be handed to them.”

    1. The U.S. citizens voted for the composition of the U.S. House of Representatives. This is the voters’ choice. This is the will of the people.

      Gridlock is not always a bad thing. In fact, it’s usually a good thing. It can usually serve to stop abominations like Obamacare from ruining the country. Taking over 1/6ths of the U.S. economy for centralized control is doomed for failure. It’s also a job killer during a prolonged recession which was prolonged, of course, by Obama’s stupid, failed, meddling Keynesian policies.

      The problems you see today are the direct result of Democrats ramming a statist mess like Obamacare through without working with Republicans to garner some consensus. The mistake was compounded by the Supreme Court making up terms (“tax”) where they did not exist and basically writing a law, which they are not empowered to do. Obamacare received ZERO Republican support.

      Imagine the shoe on the other foot. Imagine Republicans rammed through a law to end Social Security in the same way (the country would be far better off, by the way). Would the opposition fight or just sit there passively and take it?

      This fight will not end. It was caused by the Democrats’ hubris in ramming through something that the majority of voters did not and still do not want. The voters sent people to the House to slam on the brakes. These patriots are following the will of the people.

      1. Obama worked with Republicans on the ACA by using the conservative-bred plan for universal health insurance rather than a single-payer system. It’s not his fault conservatives decided to turn their back on their own plan just because the Democrats were going to be the ones to implement it.

        Also, throwing the word ‘statist’ in there doesn’t make you seem smart.

      1. I agree. For him to want to try to lead a bunch of people like you, he must be insane

        What you need is someone like GW Bush to lead the USA into another war by lying to you.

      1. Yes, and it is more than during the same period last year (because some tax cuts from earlier period had expired).

        As we all know, all sorts of taxes are automatically collected on daily transactions, such as when you buy your morning coffee at Starbucks, or pay your mobile bill with AT&T-Mobile. This tax collection doesn’t really require federal people to be at work.

        The problem is that whatever money is collected cannot be spent by ANYONE unless the the two houses agree on the budget (i.e. the way the money can be spent). The previous agreement has expired, and the new one has not been reached.

        All that tax money is now collecting dust (or perhaps some meagre interest), and people are out of work, until the elected representatives agree on allowing the government to resume spending that tax money.

        So, collecting $56B in nine days is really meaningless. But it is amazing how many independent news sites (literally all conservative-leaning) have re-transmitted this story (verbatim), as if it means that there is something fundamentally wrong with the picture.

    1. Do you really need an explanation for that???

      Let’s see: public airwaves are a common good, which is governed by a government authority (as is the case in literally all of the countries of the world). In order to make sure that no device abuses such airwaves, since they are also used by emergency and first-response agencies, a review and certification process is necessary. Leaving this process to the private sector would be absurd, for reasons everyone here should easily understand.

    1. 3I2c7ro is infantile.

      3I2c7ro is a liar.

      3I2c7ro is an infantile liar.

      1) To say that “conservatives want no government employees” is clearly the lamest of lame straw men.

      2) It is a fact that the vast majority of government employees are still at their jobs.

      3) It is also a fact that the Republicans are not, on the whole, a conservative group of people.

      4) It is furthermore a fact that B.H.O. is the one who has direct control over the specific shutdowns. The National Parks Service rangers have been told to “make things as difficult for people as possible.” That is a direct quote.

      5) B.H.O. is a petulant brat. The most terrific development I can think of would if he were to drop dead any minute now from a brain aneurysm. There would be dancing int the streets and jubilation all around.

  2. It is easy to forget that all these people in WDC work for US!

    We do not bow down to tyrants and dictators of bureaucracies.

    They are supposed to serve the citizens.

    The 2014 elections are going to teach elected officials who is in charge from scuttlebutt on the ground outside the Beltway.

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