Champagne gold iPhone 5s: Where to get one

“It’s nearly impossible to get an Apple iPhone 5s in champagne gold anywhere, as that particular model has proven to be Apple’s most popular,” Chris Ciaccia reports for TheStreet. “While consumers may have a tough time getting one in the United States, looking abroad might prove more fruitful.”

“Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Brian White is on a tour of Asia, and recently noted that retailers and resellers in Shenzhen, China, were carrying the champagne gold version of the iPhone 5s,” Ciaccia reports. “‘Surprisingly, the iPhone 5S was frequently available and in many cases the champagne gold was in stock,’ White wrote in a research note. ‘In some cases, the space gray colored iPhone 5S was out of stock but the champagne gold was available, exactly the opposite of what we have discussed in the U.S. market.'”

Ciaccia reports, “A look on Apple’s U.S. Web site shows the gold version of the iPhone 5s is available to ship in October, but does not mention a date. That fact is true for the space gray and silver models of the iPhone 5s as well”

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MacDailyNews Take: So, go to China.

Our 64GB gold iPhones certainly do elicit questions (OMG, is that the gold iPhone 5s?!” “How does that touch thingie work?”) from passersby when brandished in public. It’s been while (since the debut of Siri) since that happened.

In fact, there are so many questions, it’s like going back in time having the first iPhone when everybody else was walking around with flip phones festooned with mechanical buttons.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Got my 32GB Gold iPhone 5s yesterday. ‘Tis a thing of beauty. Actually, I find it a little effeminate. Up to now, I have only had black iPhones, and never had a 5. The form factor is a little effete.

    1. Really… really?
      You think the form factor of the iPhone 5 seems affected and ineffectual??

      …and on the other part, if a gold iPhone seems, or makes you feel effeminate, I think perhaps you are struggling with your sexual identity and should likely seek professional help.

      1. He thinks the gold with white face looks a little feminine and you advise that he seek professional help because he’s struggling with his sexual identity?

        Boy, make damn sure you don’t say anything that anybody could possibly interpret as anti-apple on this website. It’s too feminine for my taste also — Uh, oh! — googling therapists now!

        1. Thanks dtrenton. Actually, I’m a flaming homosexual and have no problem with my sexual identity or my gender identity. I just think the phone is a little effete. A little too petite. Get a life Tessellator.

            1. Wow, Tesselator, I’m not exactly a stranger here, nor am I a troll, or an Apple hater. I simply made an observation on the form factor and color of the gold 5s. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Crawl out of your mother’s basement and see the world.

    2. What color was your last iphone? I only ask because I have a black 5s simply because that’s all the apple store had even for the people getting there a hour early. Should have been there hours before open to get either white phones. I had the white 5, my wife white 4s and the plan was to get another white one. Gold 1st silver 2nd.
      Well we both weren’t leaving without a iPhone. So at least we got the gb we wanted. We’ve been throwing around the idea every once in a while to just return. Her more then me. And today sealed my deal that I’m keeping the space grey. Today at my lil bro 16th BD, my black 5s was laying next to my moms white 5. And her 5 looked small compared to mine. Couldn’t tell where the screen stopped/began on the 5s. Looked like 1 screen vs you could clearly see.
      Now I know none of it matters in the long run cuz it’s all the same. I’m just wondering if you were use to black so the white looked petite to you? I know after today seeing them side by side, the white did look different. Maybe a little petite but definitely smaller. I’ve had white since 4s then 5. So nothing against white or people who like them.
      So I could see SPECIALLY if you were use to black and got white 5s that it could take a lil getting use to. What I think of the black now is totally opposite of what I thought a few days after buying it. Def not going for the white. Back on black like the ip4 days.

  2. I couldn’t even find a white and silver. I still check every once in awhile. I already bought the space grey on launch cuz I wasn’t leaving with out a iPhone. I had sold my 5 a week earlier.
    The “space grey” is cool looking. Kinda like a two tone. But even those it’s was a illusion, the white looked bigger. I think because you couldn’t really see where the phone screen ended specially on a safari page and In the photo section. But just nit pickin. Happy with the black. 1st one since the 4.

  3. I went with Space Grey because it was in stock for pick up on Monday the 23rd… and because I figured that once I put a case on it, the color has little meaning. I’ve seen plenty of iPhone 5 (‘s) where the aluminum was beat up and looked nasty (abuse or wear and tear)

  4. I picked up a grey the day it was released and reserved a gold at the same Best Buy. Low and behold got the gold Sept 30th. When I picked it up the guys at the store didn’t even know they had it. Halve the staff came to look at it. My daughter is still the only one in her high school that has one.

  5. Got my Gold 64GB on Monday. Pain in the ass to crossover activate on AT&T. But a trip to the AT&T store, two new SIMS and juggling three phones, all is well.

    Reminder, buy from Apple Store while attempting crossover upgrade on AT&T = Pissed off family members and a couple of gallons of gas + 4 hours.

      1. Use an upgrade authorized line to upgrade your phone on another line still under contract. Our family plan has four lines. We have two iPhones and 2 feature phones. So we rarely change the feature phones. So these lines are open to upgrades more than our primary lines. Net result we can get the new iPhone every year.

  6. Here in HI – at the Ala Moana store – I was able to walk up to the line outside on launch day and buy 2 64 GB Space Grey 5s’ ones. Then on a lark on the following Monday, I got in line and bought 2 – 64 Gb Champagne 5s’. Easy. Oh, AT&T. Had them unlocked in less than ten minutes each. So, we can use them in the US and “other” places. It appears that Apple in HI has good stock because of all of the visitors from Asia who buy here. (Just checked and the Ala Moana Store has the Gold 64 Gb 5s in stock for pick up).

    Great phone. I might add that the finger sensor on the “Gold” ones are easier to see because of the white front face. Yes, I know that the silver has a white front panel, too. Just like the “snootiness” of the “gold” phone.


    BTW, have had zero problems with the phones.

  7. Why so much excitement over something that will be hidden under a case anyway?

    It’s hard to get too excited about paint. Apple will have plenty in stock when gold goes out of fashion in a year or so. In the meanwhile, Chinese vendors will sell you any color, material, texture, or hue of case you can imagine.

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