Slavish copier Samsung’s crime against advertising

“Bad enough that Samsung’s new Galaxy Gear smartwatch is being universally panned by reviewers,” Ken Segall writes for Observatory.

“Now the product’s launch commercial is getting the same treatment,” Segall writes. “Mostly because it’s a shameless copy of the very first iPhone commercial.

Segall writes, “No argument here about the blatant nature of this rip-off. However, my problem is a more basic one: The ad is crap.”

Much more in the full article here.


MacDailyNews Note:

Apple’s original 2007 for iPhone:

Samsung’s slavish copy of Apple’s original 2007 for iPhone:

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    1. I know Samsung marketing managers (who may or may not speak English) will insist this is an ‘homage’ to Apple. But I don’t believe it for a second. Samsung obviously has contempt for original thought and design, and of course, its customers.

      1. Samsung mangers do speak some English, even Samsung’s CEO, Ho Sum Sham. That’s the problem; they know enough to copy American innovation without doing anything about their chronic inability to innovate on their own.

    2. I looked at a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone recently at a Verizon store and compared it to the iPhone 5S running iOS 7 and it looked like iOS 7 was copying wholesale from Android and TouchWiz (the Samsung Android skin) with the cheesy skinny fonts and flat retro-look icons.

      It saddens me that Apple after the death of Steve Jobs is now the world’s biggest copying machine. Pot calling the kettle black. I have absolutely no sympathy for the crybabies here whining that Samsung is copying Apple when Apple has turned itself into the world’s largest photocopying machine.

  1. To be fair Apple copied their Ad from someone else. They even asked for permission, was denied and ran it anyway. Or so I’ve heard.

    That said… this is different. This is piggybacking off of a success which wasn’t the case when Apple did it.

    1. You heard WRONG! Bozo. You should rename yourself Grim because you sure can weave a fairy tale.

      “piggybacking off of a success” ?????

      What the fuck does that mean?

      1. @Paul: you epitomize what is wrong with internet discussion in today’s world. It’s fine to disagree with someone, but why yell (all caps); insult and call names (“bozo”) and swear (what the fuck does that mean – when actually the meaning is really obvious).
        What’s wrong with a little civility in a discussion???

        1. Like Pavlova’s dog you are conditioned to think that CAPS is shouting. To me they are a highlight.

          On the Bozo front, I just take a page out of my most influential role model. One that I wholeheartedly adore from his intellect and vision point of view. That man is Steve jobs.

        1. Thanks so much for providing this and providing another side of the story.

          As a huge Apple fan, see my user name, I find this interesting and hope it will shut up some of the rabid dogs you referred to here on this site.

          Steve Jacks excessive use of the the terms ‘beleaguered’ and ‘slavish’, most-likely are a result of him not having a thesaurus.

          This sites research chops are obviously lacking in a huge way as well if they didn’t find this.

          To you boneheads who think the company we love does no wrong, take note.

          This is a company that changed mine, and many others lives, for the better, but they are not
          perfect, and they make mistakes, like this one.

          Note to self…

          1. If you knew ANYTHING about the history of apple and the significance of the word “beleaguered” you would be ashamed of your post.

            Your argument is invalid.

        2. You obviously don’t know the difference between “copying” and “internalizing”, between “being unoriginal” and “innovative”.

          When someone else’s work INSPIRES you to create something new and innovative (such as the Apple Ad) that is what Picaso meant by “Great Artists Steal”. Apple actually had to make the leap from what Christian Marclay devised…as a sort of interesting cacophony….to an actual meaning towards a certain product. That is not trivial until you see it happen. Once you see it done it looks quite trivial. Much like a round object is not a wheel until someone devises an axle. The guy with a round object may only have thought of it as a Table…..until another came along and stuck it on an Axle. Sticking it on an axle is a big leap from “Table” to “Wheel”. That is what Apple did. They made the leap from a random cacophony to a link of that cacophony to a real device. Apple, basically stuck the axle on the wheel. Samsung’s effort on the other hand is merely a COPY of the Apple Ad…..essentially all they have done is take a wheel and put it on a different vehicle. i.e. instead of a Phone they applied it to a watch.

          1. As I said above, You obviously don’t know the difference between “copying” and “internalizing”, between “being unoriginal” and “innovative”.

            You make a “Samsung” kind of BS argument. Kind of like the ones Sammy alway’s make’s to fool judge’s and people who have less than one braincell. Like for example, “standard patents” are same as “design patents”. It took us awhile to get there, but now even Sammy didn’t expect to get veto on that one. But they still tried to muddy the waters by shouting “favouritism” in the press just to screw with minds of people like you. I.e. People who cannot understand how the Apple ad is an innovation while the Sammy ad is a copy. As my last word on this….consider whether Sammy could have made this exact ad if the Apple ad had not existed. If you are honest, you will realize Sammy could not have made the leap from Christian Marclay’s cacophony to stupid-watch advert. Apple DID make that leap….Sammy just copied.

  2. I am not surprised but it still sad and pathetic on Samsung part. They could not copy Apple iWatch because it not out yet and made a POS, so they copy the commercial. Does Samsung have an original thought in their heads?

    1. A commercial like this should’ve been saved for the real Apple iWatch deal. This is a complete waste for a product that just won’t sell except to halfwit Android fans without taste or regard to actual usefulness. Looks like Samsung is trying for a scorched earth marketing approach. If they can’t have it neither can Apple is their thinking.

    2. Apple is so brilliant. Instead of going after Samsung in court, Apple is now allowing “leaks” of “future products” so that Samsung spends time and resources trying to beat Apple to the market, only to produce junk no one wants.

      Then Apple can either enter the market and triumphantly trounce Samsung’s junk, or decide not to enter at all and tell Walt Mossberg at All Things D that a smart watch is a stupid idea dreamed up by the sales guy. Apple can’t lose!

        1. I have evidence of why I boycott Samsung sitting in my livingroom. Their 5 disc changer still plays DVDs and CDs, but darn! The display on it was made so cheaply that it is no longer readable. I’ve also had the misfortune of communicating with their ‘support’ staff and was left with the distinct impression that they don’t give a damn about their customers.

          Therefore, even before they earned their reputation as ScamScum by ripping off Apple, I had zero interest in ever using their crapware again.

          1. I had a Samsung DVD/BluRay player for a year and a half. They kept sending software upgrades until the last one came in and bricked the damn thing.

            Samsung said the only thing they could do was send a form with a $20 discount on a new Samsung product.

            I said some rude remarks about his mother and hung up. As if I’d buy another product with a low shelf life.

  3. Believe it or not. This person tells me he won’t buy an iPhone because it’s made in China. He would rather get a Samsung. Like what? That’s your very reason? Support Samsung because iphone is made in china???

      1. Did you actually read the entire Outsider link? It starts out sounding like an apology piece excusing Samsung, but ends up blasting them in everything about the Galaxy Gear and the ad.

  4. What’s the big deal.
    Smartphones were very dumb until Apple released the iPhone.
    Tablets were more like slates until Apple released the iPad.
    Smartwatches will be useless until Apple releases the iWatch.

    It’s not a problem that others try to go to market first. Apple will release a product when it is ready and the product will will what the public wants (but never knew it needed).

  5. I watched the commercial until the end where it shows the Galaxy Gear device. My first impression was an iPod nano with iOS 7 style black and white icons. This looks to me like more then just a commercial was copied.

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