U.S. ITC ban on Samsung’s Apple patent-infringing products goes into effect

“Some older Samsung Electronics Co smartphones and tablets could be taken off store shelves in the United States after the U.S. Trade Representative opted not to reverse a ban ordered because the devices infringe Apple Inc patents,” Diane Bartz reports for Reuters.

“Neither the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC), which made the patent ruling, nor the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, which would enforce the ban, has spelled out which of Samsung’s many devices will be affected,” Bartz reports. “The ITC said on Aug. 9 that some smartphone and tablet models made by South Korea’s Samsung infringed on Apple patents, and banned their importation or sale.”

“The ITC ruled that the Samsung devices infringed on portions of two Apple patents on digital mobile devices, related to the detection of headphone jacks and the operation of touchscreens. Samsung has said its newer models incorporate features that work around disputed technology, and that those changes have been approved by the ITC,” Bartz reports. “Implementation of the ban could also be hampered by the federal government shutdown, now in its eighth day, although most customs and border protection personnel remain on the job.”

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MacDailyNews Take: This really about setting precedent, not keeping the Apple patent-infringing Samsung’s older crap off the shelves.

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        1. As opposed to the Senate’s tin gods? They’re alla bunch of lying thieving bastards with little of the public interest at heart besides lining their own wallets and sweetheart health benefits that avoid *shudder* Obamacare, with few exceptions. The country’s rising debt level alone speaks volumes for their contempt of U.S. citizens and our future with their irresponsible bi-partisan leadership. Oh wait this is an Apple related discussion site, my bad.

  1. This is a sad day for tech when companies use patents to shut down competitors rather than selling products based on their desirability. I hope Samsung continues to fight Apple in the courts and continues to give Apple a good fight on the smartphone front. Since falling to a minority share in the smartphone wars, Apple has had to resort to the courts to limit competiton rather than making their products more desirable and more affordable.

    I cite iOS 7 as the result of the lack of internal competition within Apple to come up with that dreck. Imagine if Apple were to be the only company left standing and there was no external competition. The amount of dross the consumer would have to put up with from Cupertino would be overwhelming.

      1. Between paying bloggers, analysts, stock brokers who short massive amounts of AAPL and false Apple reporting, Samsung must budget and spend untold fortunes on FUD instead of R&D.

        What a pathetic company

    1. Where do you live? I want to take your possessions and use them to get ahead in life.

      I don’t care if you have a setback from losing your possessions, it’s more important that I get ahead in this world.

    2. This is a sad day for the internet when companies use paid shills to bash competitors rather than selling products based upon their unique desirability. I hope Samsung continues to lose to Apple in the courts and stops copying Apple on the smartphone front. Since assuming a majority share in the smartphone marketplace, Samsung has had to resort to the courts to limit competition rather than making their products more unique,

      I cite Dreck and Dross as Samsung’s new smartphone lines.

    3. 1) Apple competes based on desirability, as 9 million opening weekend sales of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c and 200 million opening week downloads of iOS 7 prove. I’m sorry, but Apple has no problem competing in the marketplace with fair competitors.

      2) iOS and iPhone may have fallen to a minority share compared to Android (which is on how many different devices at how many different price points from how many different vendors?), but Apple is still one of the leading smartphone vendors and the profit leader in the market.

      3) Apple hasn’t had to “resort to courts to limit competition.” They’ve had to resort to courts because Samsung and others steal their intellectual property or use their own SEPs to unfairly gouge Apple relative to the rest of the market.

      Long story short: you’re a blind fool if you actually believe this drivel, and Samsung is getting exactly what they deserve for their deplorable business practices.

    4. This is a GREAT tech for tech telling cheating copiers to think for themselves and not copy competitors.

      Wow this is not just any troll but a spectacularly lying disingenuous one!! Amazing Fandroid can be so freaking clueless and immoral. Get some objectivity please and stop sucking up to Seoul. iOS 7 is fantastic btw, especially once you remove those Shamscam blinders (copied from Microsoft & Google).

  2. Maybe Apple should just give Sandung the keys to its R&D division. Hell, Apple should just toss all it’s patents in the garbage. Why spend billions upon billions of dollars developing your own tech, just hop on over to Apple and help yourself. That might be how they do things in Asia, but not here in America. Why are the Asians so inept at developing cool technology? Or are they just too cheap to do their own and honestly think stealing is an acceptable practice?

  3. The point about Apple’s decision to sue Samsung in the patent courts is to make it too costly, too time-consuming and too damaging, reputation-wise, for Samsung, and others, to continue down this path. Samsung must now steer clear of Apple’s IP or face continued action in courts around rhe world. While many customers ignore the issue of Samsung’s IP theft, the nasty smell associated with blatant copying has attached itself to Samsung and will be hard to shift.

    Apple have not only won cases against Samsung in various forums, but they have gained a great deal of experience in the process. Apple’s patent filings will be tighter as a result and their prosecution of their patent defence actions will be more effective. In any new disputemover Apple’s patents, Samsung will always start from a position of weakness: their reputation for copying, and losing, is now well established in legal circles everywhere.

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