Analyst: Apple poised for gigantic iPad upgrade cycle

Cantor Fitzgerald’s Brian White “theorizes that Apple’s upcoming iPad refresh, expected this quarter, will drive significant demand with a new design for the full-sized device,” John Paczkowski reports for AllThingsD.

“Supply-chain sources tell the analyst the so-called iPad 5 will be lighter and thinner than its predecessors, ‘a major upgrade’ of a form factor that hasn’t much changed in recent years,” Paczkowski reports. “[The next-gen iPad will likely be] enhanced with some powerful innards in Apple’s new 64-bit A7 chip.”

MacDailyNews Take: A7X.

Paczkowski reports, “‘Given our research in Taiwan over the past few days, we believe the iPad 5 has the potential to be a significant iPad upgrade cycle,’ White explains. ‘[Since] Apple did little in the way of changing the look and feel of the past couple of iPad iterations, we believe Apple’s sizable installed base, with 155 million iPads shipped through 3Q:FY13, is ready to purchase a new full-sized iPad.'”

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  1. I read “gigantic iPad” in the title of this and thought for a minute that Apple was going to supply GIGANTIC iPads to CNN to compete with Fox’s gigantic iPad wannabes!

  2. Besides the fact that the iPad has only existed in recent years, I don’t expect it to change externally much at all. Sure there may be a Big Ass Tablet at some point, but the current iPad can’t really change that significantly on the outside… Not as compared to say the iPhone. Sure, it will get thinner and lighter over time and there will be bezel changes, but the product *is* a thin device that is mostly display.

    The significant changes will come internally… A 128GB iPad A7 with a fingerprint sensor, Motion chip, and improved cameras is a pretty killer update, especially coming from an earlier iPad.

  3. I cant wait for a new ipad! I want to upgrade my ipad 2 ASAP. If nothings announced by the end of this month, then I will get the ipad 4 and when the 64 bit chip version comes out, I’ll buy that one.

  4. “gigantic” means something different than White imagines. Just other word that modern english speakers use out of context.

    That being said, it would be nice for a 15″ iPad Pro capable of displaying a full letter-sized sheet at ~ 100% resolution.

    Most people don’t realize how much time they waste pinching and expanding and panning with their dinky screens. Apple would be wise to offer more size options (and yes, a 4.8″ iPhone too).

    1. I’m onboard with the 15″ iPad Pro. I personally like to work at 100% even when a bit of scrolling is necessary. Depends on what I’m doing, of course, but having that option would be great!

      But I still like for my phone to fit in my pocket. iPhablets need not apply.

      1. Well, i agree that i don’t want a megaphone for my pocket. But it’s not just you and me out there. Apple needs to cover the market as well as the competition. There’s a large percentage of the population that still carries purses everywhere, they can afford the best, but their eyesight isn’t necessarily as perfect as the average internet fanboy. These people have voted with their wallets — there are a lot of fat phones out there. Apple would be wise to offer reasonable product diversification to capture those customers.

        … and bring back the 17″ MacBook Pro !!! The huge jump between a 15″ screen and a 21″ iMac is ridiculous.

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