Even before new iPhones, Apple’s iOS ate away at Android’s U.S. market share this summer

“The latest report from comScore ranking U.S. smartphone subscribers by hardware vendor and OS platform shows that Apple is continuing to advance, with growth outpacing that of its primary rival Samsung,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider.

“During the three month period between May 15 and August 15, Apple gained 1.5 percentage points of market share, narrowly outpacing Samsung’s growth of 1.3 percentage points,” Dilger reports. “No other phone vendors gained market share during that period… The collective losses in share among Android licensees contributed to an overall decline in Google’s smartphone platform by 0.8 percentage points. That’s the same number of subscribers lost by the beleaguered Blackberry.”

Top Smartphone Platforms 3 Month Avg. Ending Aug. 2013 vs. 3 Month Avg. Ending May 2013 Total U.S. Smartphone Subscribers Age 13+ Source: comScore MobiLens

“The firm’s combined app data for iOS and Android also assigns Apple Maps a 27.5 percent penetration compared to 46.1 percent for Google Maps. That means Apple’s Maps, in its first year on the market, achieved 40 percent of Google’s total audience reach, despite only being available on iOS, which comScore says represents 40.7 percent of the U.S. market,” Dilger reports. “That level of popular use of Apple Maps, nearly a year after being launched to intense criticism and eight months after a competing, native Google Maps client app became available, appears to indicate that most users are not actually seeking out alternatives, as had been widely reported to likely be true.”

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  1. Interesting article in the November issue of MacWorld Magazine on “Apple By The Numbers”, giving the stats on their products then and now. I always wonder how it would be now if that lowlife scum Eric Schmidt hadn’t betrayed Apple and created Android behind their back. What the heck would those dishonorable Koreans at Samsung be using right now if not for the Android OS, and in what position would they be in sales?

    1. AAPL would be at $400 per share after having split 3 for 1, with a 70% market share in phones, and they would be pulling in 90% of the phone market profits. If I ever got a chance to meet Schmidt in person he’d be landing on his ass with a sore jaw.

      1. Schmidt, Page and Google are laughing all the way to the bank and Apple is sucking hind-tit. Don’t count on any Apple payback while Tim Cook plays Mr. Nice Guy CEO. Apple’s $105 billion overseas cash hoard will continue to gather cobwebs. It’s worth as a crushing sledgehammer to Google’s head will never materialize.

        Apple could be using that moolah to build a European and Asian search engine to suck out Google’s lifeblood overseas and it would hardly make a tiny dent in that mountain of cash. Google doesn’t have a care in the world because Apple doesn’t have the balls to go up against them with an iOS search engine.

        1. I think you have Apple confused with MS.

          Apple does not make “me too” half assed products and dump billions into them just to crush the competition. That is not their style.

          Apple would only create a search engine if they believed they had a vision that would change the search game.

        2. Wrong-O!

          Apple shares are earning $40+ per year. Google shares, at twice the price are earning $32 per year, and Google isn’t paying a dividend either. Who is it that’s laughing all the way to the bank, and who is it that’s sucking hind tit?

        3. Is that all you got 48?
          With all the incoming rounds you & Samdung are taking the only gratification you are going to get tonight is the 3 hour porno tape.
          Just remember, grandma is sleeping upstairs.

    2. I think you’ve got some facts in error.

      Google started working on Android in support of a “smart phone” long before Schmidt saw Apple iPhone prototypes. Those “smart phones” were much more similar to the BlackBerry and Treo than anything Apple was developing. Thus, even if Schmidt had never been on Apple’s board and he had never lived down to his person belief that Google’s slogan “Don’t Be Evil” was the dumbest business slogan ever (Schmidt is on the record as saying this.) there still would be Android phones out there. They would just have taken two to three more years to copy Apple’s implementation.

      Anyone who thinks the copying would never have happened without Schmidt’s lack of ethics and betrayal of his board position is truly delusional. It would have just taken longer for the copies to show up in shipping products.

      There are enough people who will settle for “just good enough” and those that are whipped into a frenzy by the iHaters that Android would eventually be shipping on par with, or in greater numbers, than Apple’s iPhones. It might not have happened by now, but it would have happened eventually. Unfortunately, the vast majority of consumers think a race to the bottom is good for them. It is not, but they keep buying cheaper and cheaper crap (can anyone say, “Dell econobox”?) until the companies feeding that frenzy are in trouble themselves.

  2. I think that this is also showing that so called smart phones users on the hemroid os are not so smart. I have made some odd observations recently. I wanted to share this with everyone. My last 5 airline flights in the US and abroad 95% IOS phones. Took the New York subway a dozen or so times this year and the ratio was about 50/50. Took about the same amount of bus rides and noticed more flip phones than smart phones. So it’s clear to me there is room to grow smartphones but not if the Apple has to lose money. Let Samdung do that and get market share. Market share without profit means nothing and stealing others tech has an eventual cost. The legal system moves slow but it does move so your stollen prestige and accolades will disappear. Next time you are traveling do some simple demographics. Where you are vs what you see and where. I think you will see who is winning and who is filling landfills with more electro junk.

    1. Laggards always use the el-cheapo “free” phones until they need to or are shamed into getting a ‘real smart phone.’

      Once people see how an iPhone can make common aspects of life easier, it is hard to resist buy an iPhone.

  3. Wall Street isn’t concerned about U.S. market share anymore. Even if the iPhone went ahead of Android in U.S. market share it wouldn’t be enough. What matters most now to Wall Street is BRIC nations because that’s where all the major growth lies. There’s little profits to be gotten from those poorer countries, but so what. No matter what Apple goes after or catches up to, Wall Street’s focus will be on something else that Apple doesn’t have. Investors would then be worried that Windows Phone growth might cause a problem with iPhone sales five years from now. Apple shareholders are never going to win over Wall Street.

    Right now Apple should be financially on a roll but the share price won’t budge. It’s all about Priceline, Amazon and Netflix on afterburners. At least Tesla has been slowed down a bit but who knows they may get five more miles out of a battery to boost the share price another 5%.

  4. Simple explanation: there was no new iOS or new iPhones to cause FUD and overreactions. So at that time, all smart phone buyers had to go on were direct comparisons between iPhone and Android. Obviously, that works better for iPhone than Android.

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