Apple should offer OS X Mavericks for free

“I’m not sure what Apple will charge for OS X Mavericks,” Dennis Sellers writes for Apple Daily Report. “Probably US$20, but I’d love to see the company offer it for free.

“Offering Mavericks for free could be an impetus to ‘go Mac’ for companies and individuals who may be wavering between Microsoft and Apple computer products.,” Sellers writes. “It would also be an attractive move for developers because suddenly developers can depend more on devices having similar operating systems than ever before.”

Sellers writes, “A free Mavericks might sway any fence sitters to fall on the ‘right’ side of the fence (Macs, of course).”

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      1. I can about support and longevity of the equipment I buy. $20 doesn’t even enter the arena of consideration, given that the first accessory I buy, like an Apple magic mouse is > $50.

        1. Dennis Sellers should buy me a new car.

          If you charge a small amount the purchaser feels it is a very good value for the money.

          If it’s free who needs that stopgap OS, I’ll wait for the real thing.

    1. To someone that has never run a company and has no idea how to generate income this would make perfect sense. Who wouldn’t want free software. Unfortunately, unless something has changed, Apple’s accounting structure prevents distribution of free Mac OS upgrades. The author must have run out of iOS 7 topics so wrote about nothing.

  1. The OS X is free with the new Mac and could be a $5 or $9 upgrade charge for the older Macs to cover royalties that Apple may have to pay. Microsoft will feel the pain no matter how cheep an OS X upgrade is. The Page, Numbers, and Keynote should also have a Microsoft Office crushing FREE or $9 for the upgrade of the set or for older Macs.

    Bye bye Microsoft. Your milking cows and golden goose are terminal now. Remember what you did to Netscape? Karma sucks!

        1. Why, yes. I have milked cows. And taken them apart myself for burger, too. Jersey milk is richer than Guernsey’s and makes much better ice cream. So there — JERSEY’S RULE!

  2. Someone switching to a Mac wouldn’t have to pay anything because it would come bundled. If they bought now they might get a free (or cheaper) upgrade depending on the dates. If $20 is going to be a kicker then they can either wait for it to come out, or alternatively they won’t get a Mac because they’d be too cheap to start with.

  3. The upgrade is basically a nominal fee. It’s not like hundreds of dollars with 8 hobbled version of the same silly OS like Windows Crap. Also with Open Office….I don’t need MS unless I’m forced to access SharePointless from IT/CIO MS controlled minions.

  4. There is no such thing as “free”. If Apple gives it away, or sells it for less than cost then the money (resources) has to come from some other source. Where do people get the idea that products can be developed and distributed for free? There is always some cost/benefit balance, monetary or otherwise.

    I like the model of paying up front for what I get. I do not like the model of getting something for “free” that ends up compromising my privacy, or drives up the costs of hardware or some other services.

    1. Apple ought to be offering AppleCare for free.

      Yes, that’s right. And they should “tax” all of us with $39-79 more in hardware costs to make up for it.

      Sound familiar ? 😉

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