Paging Dr Siri: How your Apple iPhone can diagnose disease

“It has already replaced the need to carry diaries, bus timetables, books and cameras while also allowing users to do their shopping on the move,” Richard Gray reports for The Telegraph. “Now the iPhone could even replace the need to visit the doctor.”

“While Siri – Apple’s intelligent personal assistant – is not yet able to offer medical advice in response to questions, researchers and doctors are finding the iPhone is a powerful tool for diagnosing disease,” Gray reports. “A range of new applications use the iPhone’s suite of sensors to help monitor people’s health.”

Gray reports, “There are hopes that the device could eventually be used to help doctors and other health professionals keep an eye on their patients without expensive and time consuming visits.”

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  1. Well, we know the new Siri can actually cure one rampant malady, SEO poisoning—by hooking up with Bing (by default), bypassing the treacherous Google with its arcane ranking algorithms and deck-stacking fuddle-duddle.

    1. A better question for Siri: why are retards who enjoy fragmented, malware ridden, Trojan horse riddled platforms so eager to come to apple sites and post fallacies and bullsh** ?

  2. And in other news, Wisconsin teen take sexting to a new level. by inserting the new iwatch into the rectum and taking photos these teens are sending pics to their friends in a new medium called ColoRexting!

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