T-Mobile USA stops stocking beleaguered BlackBerry’s phones

“Shares in BlackBerry Ltd fell more than 6 percent on Wednesday on doubts about a $4.7 billion bid to take the smartphone maker private, and after a big U.S. carrier said it would stop stocking BlackBerry smartphones in its stores,” Alastair Sharp and Sinead Carew report for Reuters. “In an announcement that highlighted the faded relevance of the company that pioneered on-the-go email, T-Mobile US Inc said it was no longer efficient to keep BlackBerry devices in its stores.”

“The announcement from T-Mobile, which competes aggressively on price and is better known for consumers than for business customers, followed BlackBerry’s news that it is pulling back from the consumer market, where it has bled market share to Apple Inc’s iPhone and devices using Google Inc’s Android software,” Sharp and Carew report. “BlackBerry, which put itself on the block in August, on Monday accepted a tentative $9 a share offer from a mostly Canadian consortium led by domestic insurer Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd.”

“BlackBerry says its second-quarter results will feature slumping sales, a big operating loss and hefty job cuts. It reports results on Friday, but canceled plans for a conference call with investors because of the Fairfax bid,” Sharp and Carew report. “BlackBerry’s Nasdaq-listed shares ended the day at $8.01, almost a dollar below the Fairfax group’s offer price… Contract electronic manufacturer Jabil Circuit, which counts BlackBerry as its second largest customer, said it is very likely it will part ways with the company, which could take between 28 and 34 cents out of its 2014 earnings per share.”

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MacDailyNews Take: iPhone, killer.

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  1. The Black dingleberry Storm Cloud III. Good riddance to such an ARROGANT company. Stick THAT in your pipe and smoke IT! To all you corporate CrackBerry self rightcious BOZOS!! iSay it is indeed justice. RIMM JOB. How does it feel to be annihilated by a tinker toy computer company? What a joke. Indeed amateur is finally & truly OVER!

    1. I find your comments interesting. Years ago RIM offered free software to allow a BlackBerry to sync with a Mac. Other phone manufacturers didn’t do that. Windows phone certainly didn’t. Lazardis had a good idea, he just didn’t recognize a better one.

  2. “Sinead”? Isn’t it supposed to be “Sinade”? I know it’s a small nitpick, but at least get the reporter’s name right. Sinade may not be a common name though, so it is forgivable.

  3. It was only a matter of time before carriers made such an announcement based on the bad news from BB. Consumers are also weary of buying a product from a company that may not be around by the end of the year. Not to mention any further OS updates as well app makers eventually no longer supporting BB apps.

  4. Who’s going to buy a new Blackberry with a 2 year contract, they’re likely to be out of business before your contract is up. At the moment Blackberry’s market cap is not much more than Samsung Electronics yearly advertising budget. They don’t stand a chance, releasing BBM for iOS and Android removes one of the key platform lock-ins and will only exacerbate their demise.

  5. MDN implies that the iPhone killed Blackberry. No, hubris, arrogance and lack of vision killed Blackberry. These guys could have developed what became the iPhone. Apple has gotten criticized for so called incremental changes in the iPhone. I will argue that Apple has made the iPhone increasingly more relevant with each iteration. Blackberry did little to nothing to make their phones more relevant and thus their demise. While the one trick pony leaders at BB were out trying to buy a hockey team, Apple was preparing something quite relevant along with an infrastructure to support that relevance. BB deserves to pass away into oblivion.

    1. Blackberry, hate to say it, needed a partner with UI experience and a larger ecosystem.

      App-Lack killed the Blackberry. No one wants to build consumer-driven apps for a small subset of fickle users that are using phones with tiny screens.

      If they had adopted Android when they had the chance (and they had the chance) they could have been what Samsung is to North America. That being said, there isn’t as strong a culture of copying in NA.

      They had a strong, loyal, user base of business customers that aren’t quick to change. Unfortunately, Blackberry left the back door open. They didn’t appeal to users’ desires. They thought that as long as they made it super easy for IT admins to control their environment, everything would be fine. The Blackberry Enterprise Server, once setup, gave IT admins a high level of control and excellent security.

      However, slowly, year by year, an offensive was building up. By the time BB realized that they had to make consumer phones it was already too late.

      Remember, there was a time, when iPhone came out, that people were still very anti-Apple. Android proves that. Lots of people were “Anything but Apple”

      Hate to say it, but had Blackberry adopted Android or gone with a dual system (BB for enterprise and Android for consumers) they’d be in a different situation.

      Also, they stuck to a keyboard interface for far too long.

  6. Very sad.
    I am a huge Apple fan but I in now way want Blackberry or Windows Phone to die. I think we need them to succeed for competitions sake. We at least need one more big player like Microsoft to battle Goosung.

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