Samsung Galaxy trade-ins exploded 210% upon launch of Apple’s iPhone 5s

“Apple experienced a record sales weekend for the launch of the iPhone 5s and 5c, so this news probably isn’t surprising,” Steven Sande reports for TUAW.

“Consumer electronics recycler Gazelle saw a lot of action during the same time, with almost four times as many trade-ins on launch day compared to that same time frame during the iPhone 5 launch last year,” Sande reports. “It might be a number of Samsung smartphone owners jumping ship to the new iPhones, as Gazelle reported a 210 percent jump in trade-ins of Samsung phones during the launch weekend.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Gee, that’s too bad. Paint ’em gold boys, paint ’em gold.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

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    1. Exactly. And this amply demonstrates what I’ve been saying for a while. Apple WANTS Android around to be the “other” mobile platform. Android (particularly Samsung) helps expand the customer base for smartphones and tablets much faster than Apple can do by itself. And once those Android customers “know better,” they “do better” and gleefully abandon their platform to get an iPhone and/or iPad.

      That probably accounts for a large portion of the 9 million plus iPhones sold… to smartphone users created by Android.

      1. That is a rather strong statement regarding what Apple “wants,” ken1w, and I don’t entirely agree. Apple does need a foil or two – other platforms that offer plausible competition to stave off the attention of the antitrust crowd. And they also need these vendors to service the cheap end of the market that Apple won’t/can’t deal with right now (maybe later as component prices continue to drop). But I don’t think that Apple wanted Android to be one of those competitors. SJ was thoroughly pissed off about the Google mole and about the handset design copiers and he intended to go “thermonuclear” on them. Apple lcross-licensed with Microsoft, so M$ was an intended competitor. And RIM Blackberry and Nokia Symbian already existed, so they were intended competitors (that failed way too fast). But Android, particularly Samsung, has been grabbing too hard at the high end market, as well as tablets, and I don’t believe Apple is happy about it.

        1. I don’t think SJ would care if it was Android if it was not stolen by his own board member that he trusted. SJ being pissed at Android is more personal than technical IMHO.

          A work associate (and 6 of his “hacker” friends) switched 2 or more weeks ago from iPhone to Samsung saying Apple is too simple and restrictive. Now, two weeks later he is changing his mind because Android is too fragmented and confusing.

        2. Maybe Apple and Steve Jobs wantED Microsoft to be in that position (as the creator of future Apple customers), just like Microsoft is in the Mac versus Windows equation. BUT, Microsoft proved way too incompetent in the mobile world.

          So, in the REAL world to today, Apple and Tim Cook wantS Android to bring up the low end of the smartphone and tablet markets, to more quickly expand the base of smartphone and tablet users, who will eventually become iPhone and iPad users.

          If you noticed Apple’s legal actions, Apple does not attack the overall Android platform as a legal strategy. The targets are the companies that use Android, most recently Samsung, not because they use Android, but because they ABUSE it and try to copy Apple’s hardware products too closely. Apple does NOT want any one Android player to become too large and influential, but Apple DOES want the overall Android platform to continue (and even thrive) as the “other” platform.

          As the default “competition” in mobile, Android is close to perfect. It is a fragmented mess, beset with malware. There is no organized central leadership, so it moves like a blob of goo. And the platform is utterly predictable, so Apple will NEVER be surprised and can ALWAYS stay ahead.

    2. I wonder if they exploded due to uncontainable envy?

      As for ken1w’s comment, how do you know what Apple inc wants? Does suing the heck out of Samsung and anyone else implementing its IP constitute wanting droid to be around?? Was Steve Jobs indignance at Google indicate that he wanted Android all along??? Shut your cake hole whilst you think carefully before talking carelessly.

      Finally at elbo, being what you are, i.e the fulcrum of an arm, I am not surprised you can spot data juggling a mile off!!! 🙂

      1. Seems like most readers here agree with my “cake hole” (and not with yours). 🙂

        Steve Jobs said MANY things to manipulate public opinion and mislead the competition. He obviously wanted to paint Android products as a cheap imitation of Apple products. He was the master chess player, and he apparently played you.

        If you review what Apple ACTUALLY did… As a legal strategy, Apple did not target Google for creating and maintaining Android. Apple’s targets were (and still are) the companies that used Android in a way that made their hardware visual copies of Apple products. AND, Apple did not really become serious about taking legal actions until AFTER Android had become established as a platform.

        In addition to using Android as the “future Apple customer creator,” Apple also used Android to wipe out Palm (Web OS), Nokia (Symbian), and now RIM. That’s why Apple used the “one wireless carrier” strategy in most markets for so long, because that let Android grow and marginalize the rest of the competition on the other carriers with zero effort from Apple, while Apple took over on its selected carrier.

        Apple WANTED Android to do the dirty work at the low end of the market, and today, Apple essentially has no other competition in mobile except for the utterly predictable fragmented and malware-ridden Android collective. That’s the prefect world for Apple to continue to make most of the available profit. And going forward, Android serves as the low-end “barrier” that prevents new (non-Android) competition from entering and succeeding in the mobile markets.

  1. Have any of their phones physically exploded as well? They’re such junk. I have a couple of friends that have these (female) and in general their taste in quality devices or whatever tends to be questionable. I have physically seen them and played with them they’re Awful!!! Quality is substandard. I can’t even really describe them they’re so bad.

  2. They’ll all be pissed to know a plastic gold version was just announced. Epic fail.

    Flip fopping fickle feature phone chasers should never be trusted to make informed decisions about technology. “Ooh look a shiny nickel!!”

    Be on the lookout for typical ABC/Cnet/Macrumors articles containing:

    “Why I switched from dull iPhone back to Android/Windows.”

    24 hours later:

    Why I switched back to my futuristic iPhone, nonsense.

    Never trust a guy with an Apple device and a PC.
    This person will never know quality if it fell on his head.

  3. One would hope those trade-ins will lead to Apple’s newest iPhone purchases, but I’m sure the news media will spin it another way. Like those trade-ins will result in more Windows Phones or something to that extent. I’d really like a breakdown on which Samsung models are being traded it. It would really be something if a few were S4 models. It would be rather significant if some consumers were trading down in display size. It could dispute the theory that everyone on the planet wants a smartphone with a huge display.

    1. Spot on, while most would think that a huge surge in people dumping their crap ‘roid powered galaxy phones on the iPhone 5s & 5C launch weekend would indicate that many had become fed up with their poorly performing iPhone knock off’s

      But no. Actually that surge was actually people who were at the end of their contracts waiting for Apple to come out with an unobtanium clad, nuclear powered phone for under $300 (free with contract in the us ;-)) and when Apple disappointed everyone (well… except the 9 or so odd million “apple zealots” who bought one) by merely producing what is inarguably the best phone on the world…
      well, at that point they just traded their samdungs in on another ‘roid powered iPhone rip-off.


    1. Real numbers, yes … and maybe watch the percentage maths and prepositions too. From 10:-
      Jumping 210% is jumping /by/ 210% (21) to 31;
      Jumping /to/ 210% would be jumping to 21.
      Consider: jumping 50%, or by half, result is 15; jumping to 50%, result is 5. Media get it wrong too often, governments fall, empires crumble, etc.

  4. Most people have iPhones at my company (US). A few have Samsung large phones. One even traded in his iPhone 4S for a Galaxy phone. Complained that the cost was too high and wanted a cheaper phone. When it breaks on him then we’ll see which is the cheaper to own.

  5. I’d like to know how many iPads were traded in for M$ $urface tablets, both when they announced their beguiling offer with the Gen1 Surfaces, and when they unveiled to a breathless world the irresistible wonders of $on of $urface recently.

    Come on, Microsoft–let’s have some figures! Be still, my beating heart!

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