Crowds line up around the world for Apple’s iPhone 5s, not iPhone 5c

“Poor iPhone 5C. The flagship iPhone 5S got most of the love from the Apple diehards Friday,” Julianne Pepitone reports for CNNMoney. “CNNMoney interviewed about 15 of the hundreds of people in line outside Apple’s flagship New York store, and all of them were waiting for the glass-and-aluminum 5S, which cost $199 with a contract. None were there for the colorful plastic 5C, which sold for $99 with a contract. While the 5C was the only device available for pre-order a week early, the ability to pre-order hasn’t stopped Apple fanatics from lining up in person for past devices like the iPhone 5.”

Pepitone reports, “Fortune’s Philip Elmer-DeWitt, who counted more than 1,200 people on line at the flagship store a few minutes before the door opened, reported that everyone he asked was also ‘there to buy the iPhone 5S.'”

“This is obviously a small sample size. It also may not be surprising that people willing to camp out for a phone would opt for the high-end model,” Pepitone reports. “But Nicholas Cage, who lined up at the Apple Store in Atlanta’s Lenox Square shopping mall at 3:30 a.m., planned to pick up two 5Cs: one in white, the other in yellow. ‘I got kids,’ he said simply. Still, he said he was also there to buy himself a gold 5S.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Nic Cage. Always living beyond his means. 😉

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    1. Some minor technical points

      1. MDN’s headline is misleading. Data from the article comes from one New York location. It might well be different in China or Puerto Rico.

      2. A hidden bias exists with this type of survey. Location in the queue can be an index of consumers’ intentions. You can be sure those nearer the doors were the most ardent, and the ones likely selected by reporters for an interview.

      1. But, but, but . . . Apple can’t survive if they don’t come out with a cheaper phone, right? It must be true because all the pundits said it was true and they also said their wouldn’t be line ups for the new iPhones and also said that iOS 7 was terrible and . . .

        1. Lengths of queues exceeded last year’s. Based on that, the iPhone 5S looks to become an even bigger hit than the iPhone 5. Also, last year’s second-tier iPhone 4S is replaced by a new device, iPhone 5C. (It’s new with its own selling points, even if its guts are like the iPhone 5’s.) Not only that, the devices are introduced in more countries simultaneously, and the antenna complexes work on many more bands, expanding iPhone’s geofootprint.

          All the FUD failed to put much of a dent in consumer demand last year. It would appear, once again, that Apple’s trump card, excellence, still works better than the ones hidden in the sleeves of double-dealing slaggers and their small army of shills.

        2. What part of “there was no preorder for the 5S” don’t you understand? Think that might have created lines? C’mon, don’t try to ignore the facts. Great PR for Apple. Whether contrived or real, due to low production yields. We will know the numbers early next week. I hope they are great. The lines won’t mean anything then. Never be disingenuous. Just the facts ma’am.

  1. That’s because the iPhone 5c is a sellout move from Apple to get the Bieber/1Direction demographic. Back in the 1990s, computers were for adults, and kids had fun things such as Sega, Nintendo, and Pokemon. The computers were sleek and austere, with the NeXTStation’s avant-garde modernism. I loved using that machine when I wrote essays for class. Now, kids are spoiled, and computers look like something you can find in Toys R Us. The 2000s as an era have no class or style.

      1. That may be true, but it seems like this era we are in has no style. That’s what I miss about the 90s. I loved writing essays on the college’s NeXTStations. I loved the way the computers looked, and I even loved how the OS looked. Sure, OS X may have a little bit of NeXT in it, but it is not the same. I also loved the innocence of the 80s. Everything felt so new. Maybe it’s the youth I’m missing, but you just can’t replicate that “feeling” if you get my drift.

            1. Erm, excuse me, but Star Wars, Jaws, Close Encounters, Star Trek TMP, Bee Gees, ABBA, Grease, Saturday Night fever, Rush 2112, ( 😀 ) Floyd Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here, AC/DC, Zeppelin, Wings, MJ, Layla, Let It Be, Joy to the World, American Woman, Iron Man, The Godfather,
              Superman, Alien, Animal House, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Willy Wonka, Mad Max, Blazing Saddles, Enter the Dragon, Diamonds Are Forever, Dirty Harry, Quadrophenia, The Carpenters, Happy Days, Taxi, Cosby Show, CHiPS, Bewitched……………….
              Get the point?

    1. Back in the 90’s computers were NOT sleek and austere, they were boring beige plastic boxes that sat underneath a desk, getting kicked and gathering dust bunnies in every nook and cranny. Don’t try to re-write history for your own purposes, I was there, using Mac towers, and they were anything but sleek and austere, just boring, ugly, and better kept out of sight.
      Until the Bondi Blue/silver and Anthracite/Silver G3/G4 towers came along, in 99/2000.

      1. So, what you are saying is that you prefer the teeny-bopper colorful, candy, immature 21st century, to the serious, modernist 1990s? You seem like a Justin Bieber teeny bopper to me. Go along and play with your toy iPhone while I use my NeXTStation with NeXTStep 3.3. It may not connect to the “modern” web, but that stuff is overrated anyway.

        1. So what was your reaction to the iMac G3 that was released in 1998? Because I view the iPhone 5c lineup as no different: a way to broaden the consumer base while providing a great user experience. Which is what Apple DOES, if you haven’t been paying attention.

          But, seeing as you’re blinded by nostalgia (or just flat-out trolling), I don’t expect you to see the hypocrisy inherent in your baseless assertions. Good day, sir!

    2. Dude – you got to get some new material. This is the 3rd thread that I see you beating this dead horse. J.Eric has a point I think. If you are so unhappy that the 2000’s are not the utopia you had hoped for, perhaps you could just use all the fine equipment you describe and get on with it then.

    3. You had me up to the 2000s have no class or style. I don’t know about this 5c but the iPhones have been very classy and stylish. Simplicity and function is beautiful. You must plate your turquoise Benz with copper!

    4. I happen to (somewhat) agree with 80s90sFan.

      I share his sentiment about the dip-shit 2000s. And even though I don’t know what “1Direction” is (and probably should be proud of that fact), I ‘get’ the “Bieber” reference.

      I disagree with his characterization of Apple’s catering to the dip-shit generation as a “sellout” because the 5c (for “color,” not “cheap”) is still an exceedingly fine phone relative to what Apple’s competitors have.

      Just because Apple now has an ultra-high-end model with 64-bit processor and a fingerprint reader, doesn’t mean that’s all Apple can now offer to its consumers.

      As for why the 15 people waiting in line all wanted the 5s, uhm… it’s because they were waiting in line on opening day. Samsung sent out a video crew to capture the phenomenon so they might fathom what it is about Apple that induces that sort of behavior.

      I’m sure the 5c will sell well.

    5. Nostalgia can be so irrational at times. You should be thankful that we live in a much more progressive era, compared to, say the 1940s, or the 19th century. By the way, I don’t know what “Next Station” is, but if it was so good, how come it (I am assuming) does not exist anymore?

    6. “That’s because the iPhone 5c is a sellout move from Apple”

      Ya, shame on Apple for “selling out” instead of producing millions of iPhones that maybe nobody bought, but were true to Apple’s artistic vision or whatever. Because that’s what real corporations do.

      BTW: You’re comparing phones to computers.

      Here is one of the most popular cell phone in the 1990s:

      Here is one of the most popular PCs in the 1990s:

      Here is one of the most popular PCs today:

  2. Bought my mom an iPhone 5c yesterday. Her first real smartphone. So far, she loves it. And the store we went to for it only had the white 16GB 5c and green and blue models of the 32GB left in stock. I’d say that, even if the bulk of the buyers aspire to have an iPhone 5s, there are still plenty (and by plenty, I mean tens or hundreds of thousands) who either want or are “settling” for the 5c.

    And besides, demand for the iPhone 5c will be lower in-store just because it was available online for preorder and in large enough quantities that Apple should have a fairly decent supply of them.

  3. If the 5s was available for preorder and there were ample supply of them you would not have seen the lines that you saw on Friday. At this point, 6 years into the iOS phenomenon, I have lost the desire to stand on line for hours. If the item I want is available online, then that’s the way I’m going to get it. Besides the 5c is nothing more that a slightly upgraded 5 with a nice color scheme. Why would I waste hours on line to pick it up when it’s very obvious it’s going to be more readily available than the 5s, and if I really wanted it on launch day I would have just ordered it online from Apple. The has line has become more than just buying an iDevice. It’s become a way to get your name in the media like Nicholas Cage from Atlanta did. (Even myself for the launch of the iPad 2.)

    Anyway, the fact that no one is out waiting to get a 5c doesn’t mean that it isn’t going to sell very well. I personally like what they did with the 5c. I think it’s nicer to have a newer design and a few tweaks than just to have a discounted last years model. I also like the attempt of individuality with the colors. “My” iPhone doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s iPhone, just the ones who like the red one best. The 5c, while it is a new phone, it really isn’t a “new” phone. It’s a 5 in hipper clothing. It’s unfair to compare it to what the 5s is doing. I would like to see how many people waited on line last year to purchase an iPhone 4s on the launch day for the 5.

  4. When the sales figures are released in January both models will have exceeded expectations. The 5c is not aimed at the sort of person who would wait in line on launch day for the latest and greatest. They want the new thing, not the rebadged old one.

    However, Christmas is fast approaching. The 5c will fly off the shelves as it gets closer.

    1. That was my theory too. Instead of getting parental hand-me-downs, they can get their own. I’m basing that on nothing but gut feeling (hey, I can be a professional analyst!) so I’m curious to see how it pans out over the next few weeks.

      As for the lines – of course they were waiting for a 5s. 5cs were available on preorder for a week already.

      1. Sure! Too bad the journalist types didn’t get that memo. You know, I think they just pretended not to get it. They’re biased, in favour of paychecks which are calculated as a function of page hit counts.

        Ever since general literacy the press corps has understood that sensationalism and controversy sell well. (They’ve since learnt to intersperse feel-good stories amongst the alarmist screeds, in order to appear fair and balanced.)

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