How soon until Apple’s Touch ID comes to iPad and Mac?

“With the iPhone 5s, Apple has introduced the first, functional, mainstream fingerprint ID sensor – Touch ID. With it, the touch of your finger activates a scanner that reads the living, sub-dermal layer for ridges, arches, and whorls, transfers the data to a secure enclave on the brand new Apple A7 processor, and then returns a simple yes/know response to unlock the phone or authorize an iTunes transaction,” Rene Ritchie writes for iMore. “Once you get used to how easy and utterly transparent it is, you start to want it everywhere, and you don’t stop. How about the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2, rumored to be coming this October? How about the Mac?”

“So far, based on all of our tests with multiple people on multiple devices, Touch ID just works,” Ritchie writes. “It works so well when you try a device without Touch ID, you become instantly annoyed it doesn’t have it. It works so well even Mobile Nations luminaries from other platforms, like Kevin Michaluk want it on all things, immediately.”

“The iPad 5 is the easiest to imagine… The iPad mini is a little tougher to figure out. Last year’s iPad mini didn’t get the Apple A6 processor, instead it got the year-old Apple A5. That was fine, since it was the same chip as the iPad 2 and the iPad mini was essentially a variant of the iPad 2 line. It wasn’t Retina like the iPad 4. If Apple brings Retina to the next iPad mini, would they try and do it with an Apple A6 or A6X, or would they go all out with an Apple A7 series chip?” Ritchie writes. “The Mac is a whole other kettle of fish. Literally. It doesn’t – yet – run on Apple’s A-series processor line, but on Intel’s hardware, and it doesn’t have a Home button. It’s conceivable Apple could create a custom Touch ID chip for Macs that replicates just that functionality from the Apple A7.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Great. More letters for Tim Cook from Senator Smiley.

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  1. I believe it will be in both, as will the A7. The 64 bit advantage with Touch ID will leave the competition far behind. I also think in early 2014 we will see the mini c. A lower cost, formed plastic, no rear camera mini in several colors for $259. It may be retina, however.

  2. “The Mac is a whole other kettle of fish. Literally.”

    Gosh! What will they think of next? “Samsung’s new Galaxy XXX is a literal dog’s dinner” . . . “The iPad mini 2 is literally the cat’s pyjamas”–and the “dog’s bollocks” as well, no doubt!

  3. I’m think the new iPhone paradigms are a good hint at what we’ll see in the new iPad’s debuting in October. We’ll see a high end model of the 10″ and mini models with fingerprint scanners and a lower cost mini in plastic multiple colors without the biometric scanner aimed at kids. The high end models will also have the retina display with the A7 processor while the cheaper models will use the A6 at 1024 x 767 resolution. Seems logical!

  4. TouchID on the iPad is obvious, but on the Mac? Actually, yes, I can see that, especially in an office environment; I can see TouchID allowing multiple users, with different levels of access, pre-determined from Admin level.
    For home use, just for fast iTunes and Store access and authorisation it would be ideal, locking kids out and stopping the little devils from cribbing passwords and running up huge bills.

    1. Back in 2003, Sony made a fingerprint reader called “The Sony Puppy” (I know, what marketing droid thought that name would work?) for OS X. (It required 10.2.) So the capacity has been around for a decade. Literally. (Ritchie needs a dictionary to look up the meaning of literally. And I mean that literally… :lol:)

  5. I am planning to upgrade my iPad 3rd gen to either a 5 or mini. Right now, I’m leaning towards mini retina.
    If the bigger iPad will get more tech on it, I’ll might get that. But if both of them get the same thing, mini it is😁

    Getting the 5S gold as my gift to myself on Christmas LOL

      1. Ha a “hash” that is done with closed software and that is so safe it needs a “secure enclave”. With all the news, people are naive and stupid to think this information won’t be compromised by the nsa. By that time it will be too late to do anything about it. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

  6. You’re not thinking outside the box. The an iMac, Macbook, MacBook Pro, iMac Mini or MacPro don’t have to have the touchID scanner button to work….

    With the installation of that new M7 chip and low level bluetooth, it should be able to pinpoint where you are in proximity to your iPhone. So if you unlock your iPhone with TouchID why couldn’t it recognize you as the person in front of your computer and unlock the computer too?

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