The best features of Apple’s revolutionary 64-bit iPhone 5s

“After spending some time with the iPhone 5s, there are a number of features that stand out,” Eric Zeman reports for InformationWeek. “Here’s what we like best.”

Speed. The 64-bit processor inside the 5s has incredible computing power… The 5s is quick to perform every task,” Zeman reports. “Touch ID. Once a print is stored, the reader is quick to recognize it no matter how you touch the scanner. There’s no swiping, and it works the first time. Well done, Apple.

Hardware. The buttons and controls all have an excellent feel to them, and the simplistic industrial design is in a class all its own,” Zeman reports. “Camera. The iPhone doesn’t offer all the fancy features that [other] devices… include, but the results make up for it.”

Zeman reports, “Siri. Apple made improvements to Siri in iOS 7, and they really shine on the iPhone 5s… The improvements, coupled with the faster processor of the iPhone 5s, make for a more rewarding and less frustrating experience.”

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    1. Me too, it’ll be a Gold 32 for me. Still trying to figure out what I want to do since I’m only one year into my iPhone 5 contract. I’m looking into the AT&T Next program. Since I have the 5 running iOS 7, I’m not in as big of a rush as some, so I don’t mind waiting. Patience Patawan.

      1. May I suggest you do what I did? Break your contract with AT&T and go to T-mobile’s simple plan: half the cost and unlimited everything, plus no contract. And you can just do payment plan if you can’t afford the iPhone retail price up front.

      2. Do you qualify for an early upgrade with your AT&T plan? You could do both the early upgrade (which will drop a few hundred dollars off the cost of the phone) for a small fee and trade in your current iPhone 5 handset to further reduce the price. I’m strongly considering doing the same thing, because I’ll have an easier time going 2-3 years on something as advanced as the iPhone 5s than I would on the 5. Such a huge leap between the two, if you ask me.

      3. Don’t do next. It’s a total ripoff. You pay for your phone, but in one year when you want a new phone they ask for your old phone. You pay for it but they get it. You only get to keep the phone you paid for if you hold it for two years.

  1. iPhone is now just getting 64-bits? I had 64-bits back in 1996, with my Nintendo 64! Today’s games have nothing on the 1990s! Don’t dare tell me that Angry Birds is as compelling as, say, Perfect Dark, or Conker’s Bad Fur Day. You kids and teens think you have the best, when we had it years before you were born. And Mac OS 9 will still be better than any garbage that passes off as a computer.

    1. 80s90sidiot, you are a troll of quite spectacular proportions.
      OS9 better than anything that passes off as a computer?
      Son, you were taking far too many drugs, that’s for sure.
      Been there, got the teeshirt. I was using CorelDraw on a 486/66 PC, before I went over to Macs running OS7.5 in 1995. OS9 didn’t even come in until 1999, and OS X in 2001.
      Enough of the bullshit

    2. Did you just say “Perfect Dark”, and “Conker’s Bad Fur Day” were “great 90s games”? I’m pretty sure those games came out in 2000, and 2001 respectively. By your logic, those games should suck, but since you’re to ignorant to look at the copyright dates…

      1. Not that 80s90sFan isn’t a troll, but where did you come up with that?

        The Nintendo 64 had a 64-bit CPU (although only a 32-bit bus and most games only used 32-bits). It had 4MB of RAM, expandable to 8MB. This was shared RAM.

    3. And could those 64 bits be compressed into a chip small enough to fit in a mobile device, with its own internal power supply and a high-definition screen that puts the televisions of the ’90s to shame? With internet access? All small enough to slip in your pocket and take wherever you go?


      Then SHUT UP!

    4. Youngster, some of us wrote our own programs on things like the Apple ][, the Sinclair Spectrum and the Commodore PET.

      Good old days. Don’t want them back.

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