Carriers and non-Apple U.S. retailers will have almost no Gold or Silver iPhone 5s units in stores for tomorrow’s launch

“Every carrier source we’ve talked to and every US retail outlet we’ve heard from has told us that they are only getting in Space Grey iPhone 5s devices for sale,” Seth Weintraub reports for 9to5Mac. “That’s not to say some stock might arrive late tonight and throughout the day tomorrow.”

“Further up the line, we’re hearing that a few white/silver and even fewer gold iPhone 5s deliveries are trickling in the warehouses but hardly enough for wide dispersal by retail stores,” Weintraub reports. “Perhaps a few high profile flagship stores will have stock on hand but as we’ve been told by one retailer, ordering online may be the best way to go.”

Full article here.

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      1. I am going for the gold. Husband wants one as well for a change. Going nite nite now and up at 2 to hit AT&T before their site crashes at 3:07 like it did last year. Good luck everyone whatever color you have decided upon.

  1. Tim wanted more sales of phones for the Apple stores, so he is shipping these only to the Apple stores. Screw the other authorized sellers. He used to do this to the Apple dealers and hold back new computers for a month or two.

  2. With the widespread use of white in iOS 7, a white face will “disappear” into the experience much better than a black face. That’s why 2/3 of the offerings have white fronts. Incidentally, that’s why 0/5 of the 5c’s have white fronts…

  3. Maybe I’m being a puss but black gets more smudged. Or I should say it’s easier to see the smudgy finger prints. Going for the gold or silver. Tampa international mall best have a mutha f’n phone tomorrow at 800 butillbethereat7cuzallthecoolpeopledo. If they don’t then life will suck. Sold my 5 right before announcement for $500. Don’t even want to say what I been stuck with.
    Thank the good lord for my iPod touch (and my family of course. Pishh im no monster) and brighthouse hotspots around town, and just
    happens to be one right around my work. But I NEED MY IPHONE.

  4. Gold standard baby. Just glad I haven’t been waiting in line for the past few days only to be told “Sorry, out of that color. Come back next month.”

  5. If you want the best, then get it from the Apple Store. If your town does not have an Apple Store, then I guess you should get an Android, since its the choice of Hee Haw Hillbilles in small, backwater towns of the US!

  6. Apple is the Gold Standard of Technology. 5s on its way to my humble abode. Naysayers come one come all … This TouchID IS THE REAL DEAL. AAPL’s Next disruption is the archaic banking systems. :-}~

  7. So, I ordered online. The Gold 64GB 5S, sold out, within 5 minutes of opening. I recall Apple saying that online sales would begin at 12:30AM PDT. However it began a few minutes after 12:00AM. The website was snappy. The first group snagging units in stock, were given 3 day shipping time frame for an end of the week arrival. Five minutes later the delivery times had stretched out to 3 weeks.

  8. That is very strange….
    The Space Greay was the absolute most beautiful one. Of course, the “gold” one was nice too. But it’s unfair and wrong to call it cold. It does not look like cold. More like some kind of alloy like bronze or copper/gold mix.

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