“I’m a reformed professional photographer that has shot just about every kind of camera from film to digital, professional and pocket. Weddings, portraits, landscape, wildlife, sports, industrial, you name it. I’ve processed film and prints by hand and machine and have taught photography as well,” Matthew Panzarino writes for TechCrunch. “I don’t know everything photographic there is to know, far from it, but I’ve been around a bit.”

“Unfortunately, cameras from many other phone companies like Samsung and Motorola simply don’t match up to the quality of images coming out of the iPhone. I’ve tried many, many different Android devices over the years which promised better images but none have delivered,” Panzarino writes. “Over the last few years, the iPhone has really become my go-to camera. The DSLRs have sat on the shelf and even a compact Panasonic 4/3 camera only comes out infrequently. This means that when Apple introduces a new device I’m all ears when it comes to what they say about its camera. The iPhone 5S is no exception, and there is some pretty great stuff here. Obviously, this is not a review of the camera, just an exploration of the specs and what they might mean for other iPhoneographers.”

Apple's all-new iPhone 5s featuring True Tone dual-LED flash

Apple’s all-new iPhone 5s featuring True Tone dual-LED flash

Panzarino writes, “True Tone Flash: This thing is the crown jewel of the new iPhone’s camera capabilities, in my opinion. Yes, many people will probably still avoid using a flash, but the sheer engineering prowess here is insane.”

Tons more in the full article – recommended – here.

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